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    24 Wearable Things To Help You Survive (And Thrive In) The Rest Of Winter

    Jackets and gloves and sweaters, oh my!

    1. A cable-knit beanie lined with ultra-soft fleece you can just go ahead and thank me for now because you'll get so much use out of this baby.

    2. A fuzzy pullover sweatshirt that will look just as cute with jeans as with leggings when it's so cold you can't even imagine putting together a more elaborate outfit.

    3. A fleece pullover with more than 1,000 reviews raving about how comfy and cozy it is. I mean, I'd wear this every day if I could.

    4. A pair of fleece-lined leggings that'll make you feel like you're wearing a blanket wrapped around you all day. Now if only there were a way to bring your bed with you too...

    5. A pack of cozy patterned socks to keep your feet warm whether you spend all weekend on the couch binging the new season of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or out and about partaking in fun cold-weather activities.

    6. A fringe knit poncho to wear as an extra layer when it's so cold out you can see (and feel) your breath.

    7. A super-warm pair of lined mittens you may be so smitten with, you may never wear another pair of gloves again.

    8. A scarf that will take your winter wardrobe to ~infinity and beyond~. It's so cute and cheap, you might as well add a bunch to your cart to match everything you own.

    9. A pair of sneaker boots to keep your feet warm when it's snowing outside but you're not in the mood to compromise your style.

    10. An oversized V-neck sweater that will quickly become a winter-wear staple because it combines the two most important things: comfort and cuteness.

    11. A two-piece lounge set for when it is entirely too cold to even think about venturing outside.

    12. A plush robe that may make you late for work every morning because you won't want to take this off and venture into the elements.

    13. A down jacket with more than 3,000 five-star reviews raving about how lightweight yet warm this is.

    14. A chunky fisherman sweater you can layer and wear when the building you work in can't quite figure out what an appropriate temperature is. Why is it always too hot or too cold, but never just right??

    15. A cashmere crewneck sweater at an unbeatable price, because you deserve to treat yourself to nice warm things. (Just be sure to learn from my mistake and listen to the dry-clean-only instructions. 😬)

    16. An oversized turtleneck sweaterdress you can wear all alone or with a belt, so it's basically two outfits in one.

    17. A pair of tech gloves so you can text your friends that you're on your way, even if you've just stepped out the door into a tundra.

    18. A knitted headband that will still keep your ears and head warm when you don't want to mess your hair up by wearing a hat.

    19. A pair of high-rise skinny jeans made with toasty Thermolite fibers — so you don't have to try to squeeze a pair of leggings under your jeans when it's too damn cold out.

    20. A sweatshirt dress you can wake up and throw on five minutes before you have to leave the house and you'll still look put together.

    21. A chic, yet functional neckwarmer for when you hit the slopes or just want some extra protection when you head outside.

    22. A pullover sweatshirt with a bit of a dressier feel because when the temperature drops to below zero, there's really no point in trying to wear anything else.

    23. A pair of faux-fur memory-foam slippers because having cold feet (especially in your own home) in the winter is THE WORST.

    24. And a funnel-neck coat made with 40% wool so it will totally keep you warm and stylish no matter the weather.

    Preparing to not leave my house all winter like:

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