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    We Visited ModCloth's NYC FitShop, And Here's What It's Like

    Sometimes having a stylist help you get out of your fashion comfort zone is a good thing.

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    I, like most people, enjoy online shopping. There’s just something great about having everything you’re looking for at your fingertips and clicking "Add To Cart," knowing it will show up at your doorstep in a matter of days.

    But that doesn’t mean that everything about online shopping is great. For instance, shopping for clothes online is kinda the WOOOORST.

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    ^ This doesn't even need the words to get the point, right?

    Since we still do not have a universal sizing system yet (which is another whole tangent I could go on, but that’s not what we’re here for), trying to figure out what size you should order is almost as hard as deciding what flavor to get at an ice cream shop. And in both situations, I sometimes end up ordering two because, well, ice cream is delicious, and I like to have options. But unlike just eating both scoops of ice cream, with clothes, I end up with something that I have to find the strength to return.

    So, when I heard that one of my fave online shops ModCloth opened an IRL ~FitShop~ nearby, I knew I had to check it out. So I grabbed a friend (and coworker), and we headed to SoHo.

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    The storefront is gorgeous TBH, and I recognized a lot of stuff I had seen on the site earlier in the week for a story I was working on.

    When you walk in, you basically feel like you've stepped into the ModCloth website – there's colorful wallpaper, super cute clothes, and mannequins of all shapes and sizes.

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    The "fun-ness" of the clothes really come alive in the store and makes it a great place for anyone to shop (and – FYI – they offer clothing in sizes XXS-4X).

    It feels like a normal store, but upon further investigation, you see that there's only one of each item on the shelves.

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    That's because the FitShop isn't a typical shop. They only have one of every size. This means that you can try on all the clothes you want, but you don't end up leaving with them. Instead, you can place an order at the store, and the clothes will be delivered to you.

    Plus, the FitShop has stylists on hand to help you find what you're looking for.

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    TBH, I was a little apprehensive about working with a stylist: I take shopping very seriously (it is my job, lol) and really don't like people helping me while I'm in the store...but I decided to give it a chance.

    Our stylist, Cherry, asked us to pick out a few pieces we liked and also asked us a few questions about our style.

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    I told him I liked to have a little fun with fashion and wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I've been dying to try the wide-leg pant trend, so I grabbed a pair because this was my chance. I grabbed a couple of other items and passed them along to Cherry. A few minutes later, he led me into my dressing room where a selection of clothes was waiting.

    He explained that a few of the items I selected weren't available in my size, so he grabbed some similar ones and things in a few sizes. I decided to give his choices a try.

    I started with a pair of wide leg pants and a stretch tank top (left). There was also another polka-dot top that coordinated with the pants as well (right).

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    I had two different sizes of the pants, but the ones I tried on first fit. And when I got of the dressing room, Cherry retied the pants and tucked the shirt into them, really transforming the style for me.

    I liked being able to try on a new style that I wasn't sure would look good on me if I'd just shopped online.

    You can get the top (left) for $29 (available in sizes XS-3X) top (right) for $45 (available in UK sizes 8-22) and the pants for $69 (available in sizes 00-28).

    I also told Cherry I wanted to experiment with mixing prints a bit, so he grabbed the outfit on the right for me. The top was in European sizes, and I couldn't even get the first one he brought over my head, but thankfully they had the next size up.

    Abby Kass / Via BuzzFeed

    I liked having a little help with mixing prints because sometimes that feels super hard. The key here is to stick to similar colors. I liked the outfit a lot, but the shirt itself was a little thick and had a weird, almost plastic-like feeling to it.

    You can get the jumpsuit (left) for $89 (available in sizes XS-4X) and the top (right) for $45 (available in UK sizes 8-18) and skirt for $69 (available in sizes XXS-4X).

    Here's what my friend Ciera had to say:

    Ciera Velarde / Via BuzzFeed

    “One is my least favorite things about shopping in brick and mortar stores is that I’ll see something online that I love, and then there will only be an XS left in stock. As a size 14 (the average size of women mind you!!!!), its very rare that I can just see something in the window, walk into a store, and buy it. But with the FitShop, you knew that everything you saw, they had in your size. Or you could try on three different sizes to see which ones was the best."

    You can get the skirt (left) for $69 (available in sizes XXS-4X) and the dress (right) for $69 (available in sizes XS-4X).

    "It did feel a little weird to walk out of the store empty handed after falling in love with a yellow vintage-style dress with rainbows on it."

    Ciera Velarde / Via BuzzFeed

    "But when I received my pick in the mail a few days later, I was extra giddy because of the anticipation. I also liked how I discovered new styles that I didn’t think I would like with the help of the stylist in the store. I think it’s easy to gravitate toward the same styles you already wear while shopping online, but when you get to physically try things on, knowing that you’ll be able to find your true size, it helps you be more confident in your clothes and experiment a little.” —Ciera Velarde

    Overall, I was pleased with my visit to the store. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try on styles I'd been eyeing online, but didn't know how they'd fit IRL.

    Everyone at the store was super nice, but I was a little disappointed that a few of the styles I picked from the store weren't available in my size. That being said, I ended up ordering the first outfit because I thought it was super cute and different from everything I already had in my closet.

    Would I shop at the FitShop all the time? Probably not. But it was fun and it would be great to go with friends, especially if you're looking for something specific.

    Also, if you're like, "I don't live in New York!!!", ModCloth has other pop-up FitShops in Austin, DC, and San Francisco, and they have plans to open more across the country soon.

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