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    Hundreds Of People Swear By These Earplugs For Concerts, Workout Classes, And Just Loud Surroundings

    Reviewers say they're also great for people with hearing loss, PTSD, and autism.

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    Raise your hand if you enjoy going to concerts, rocking out, seeing your favorite bands live in person, BUT also not having your ears ring the next day.

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    Isn't that the dream? Concerts are LOUD. So loud in fact that it sometimes it seems like you can actually feel your hearing deteriorate.

    Thankfully, Vibes earplugs ($24) were designed to help combat that loudness. These babies lower decibel levels by up to 22db WITHOUT reducing the sound quality.

    Vibes / Via, Amazon

    Yes, you ~heard~ that right. These small things go into your ears and protect your hearing without compromising the sound, so you can still experience everything the concert has to offer without worrying that you'll need hearing aids sooner rather than later.

    Plus, the ear plugs come with three different sizes and a case to help you keep track of them, so you're sure to find the ones that fit you best .

    Seeing that hundreds of people seem love them, (I mean they have a 4.3-star rating on Amazon!) I decided to check them out for myself. I took them to two concerts this past month and saw first-hand how nice they are.

    Amazon, Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    I'm originally from Wisconsin, Milwaukee specifically, and every summer we have this great music festival called Summerfest. This year I caught The Roots and I was sitting pretty close (the second row to be exact), so it was pretty loud. I popped these ear plugs in and was immediately impressed at how small they were. Other people around me (including the security guards) were also wearing earplugs, but they were the foam kind, which I could clearly see. The Vibes, on the other hand, were small and clear, so nobody could tell that I was wearing them. I liked how stealth they were.

    And during the show, I could still hear the music perfectly. I did the test that a lot of other reviewers write about and took them out once or twice to see the difference. I thought the sound quality was even better with the plug in, because it really cut down the bass, lower tones, and the extra noise you don't really need.

    I even gave my mom a pair to try since she was seeing J.Lo, and she told me basically the exact same thing. Then, two nights later when we went to see Ariana Grande perform, my mom realized she forgot hers and basically forced me to give her mine. That's how much she liked them! Thankfully, she did give mine back, but I think both she and I will remember to pack them for any other concert we go to in the future.

    And we're not the only two fans of using Vibes at concerts! As I mentioned earlier, these have a great rating and over 1,100 positive reviews.

    VIibes / Via

    "I used these for the first time last night at a Paul Simon concert. I had an ear infection, which caused tinnitus, and I am trying to protect my ears. At first, I just put it in the affected ear. But then I realized that the applause and screaming after the songs was so loud, it was driving me crazy. So I put the other one in. At first the sound seemed muffled. But, honestly, I would pull them in and out to check the sound, and I really think the music sound was better with these earplugs. There is so much residual noise at a concert and these helped filter that out. I was also able to differentiate the lyrics better than I normally do. I highly recommend these and I'm buying some for my husband." —lori l wheeler

    "These are the BEST. I bought them because I'm getting to my late twenties and hearing loss runs in my family, so I felt that, as a responsible adult, I should probably start protecting my ears during concerts. I wore them to a MUSE concert where we were in the first seated section from the stage, in the area where your ribs are rattling from the bass. The earplugs worked fantastically — I could perfectly hear every note and every word in great sound quality, and at the end of the night, I didn't have a frantic headache or any ringing in my ears. I love them. I thought I just didn't enjoy concerts anymore but these earplugs have reignited my love!" —Kacie Brinner

    Even musicians swear by them to protect their ears while they're on stage.

    Vibes / Via

    "We have a family full of musicians and are always going to concerts, so we love these filtered ear plugs. Before we discovered Vibes, my son (an avid drummer) had filtered earplugs that were custom-made and fitted by an audiologist. He feels that the filtering of Vibes is equal to that pair (which cost $130), and he actually prefers the fit of Vibes since he feels that they 'move"'with the changes in the shape of your ear as you smile, etc. while the custom fit ear plugs are stiffer, and they suddenly feel like they don't fit well every time you smile or have a facial expression that affects your ear shape.

    "I love these earplugs! I play in a band with several brass instruments and a drum set. They let me hear everyone talking between songs and counting off timing to start the songs, but protects my ears while the band is playing. Amazing sound quality. These are a must if you're around any loud music. These are NOT like the cheap foam ones that you have to let expand in your ear and adjust frequently. You put them in and they immediately fit. I highly recommend!" —AnnMarie

    Plus, reviews show that they can be great for people with autism, PTSD, and other sensory issues who could potentially want or need to wear them all day long.

    Vibes / Via Facebook: discovervibes

    "I'm autistic with noise sensitivities and have tried other earplugs but they always muffled conversations. I have tried earmuffs but I really don't like standing out as 'that developmentally disabled guy' when I'm in public. This was a really serious issue for me because my sound sensitivities make it very difficult to walk alongside busy roads or sit in loud rooms like restaurants without having a shutdown or meltdown.

    I was debating saving up for electronic earplugs, but I came across this and decided to give them a chance. I am SO glad I did! Not only is it discreet and comfortable, but it works great. I can actually sit in my living room, watch TV with my family, and talk to my dad without having to grin and bear the volume. My dad's going deaf, and he tends to yell-speak, which is horrible when combined with my sensory issues. Either I have to reminded him to quiet every few minutes or I have to pretend that I don't want to take several steps back and cover my ears (because that would be rude, obviously). No one wins in the situation, but with these earplugs it's not an issue anymore. I can talk to my dad and honestly fully enjoy the conversation for the first time since his hearing started to go. It really is amazing." —Brendon McNabb

    "I am autistic and without these, I would be wearing earmuffs everyday. I have extreme sound sensitivity and mild touch sensitivity so I struggle to wear regular ear plugs. These are so comfortable that I can wear them all day. They allow me to hear other people speaking and just lower all the volume of everything, which is exactly what I need. I lost a pair and had to rebuy them immediately because I have a hard time without them. A+" —Sparrow Russell

    "I am glad and grateful for this product!! It helps with PTSD and sensory issues after a brain injury. I am able to work while there's construction going on, have a peaceful, safe commute with them in my ears, and it helps me to be super focused and feel a deep calm. It makes a big difference, so I have my Vibes ear plugs wherever I go. Thank you so much!! Without them, I would have a very difficult time going to work." —Rawda Aljawhary

    "AHHHHHHMAZING!! I got these for my sensory issues when noises are just too much for me to handle. They muffle just enough of the background noise, but I can still hear my toddler if he’s talking to me or needs help etc. PERFECT. I wore them today to carpet shampoo my room, and it muffled the machine so well that I didn’t get a headache at all. :) Earplugs and earbuds usually hurt my ears and these don’t at all even with extended use." —Josh Brookley

    Get a pair for yourself from Amazon for $23.98.

    You being a responsible adult and heading into a concert with your earplugs, ready to rock:

    Broadway Video

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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