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    37 Fitness Products To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts

    Equipment, accessories, and services to help you reach whatever fitness goals you've set for yourself in 2022.

    1. A foldable mini trampoline you'll ~spring~ out of bed to use in the morning because it's a super-easy way to get a good cardio workout in while feeling like a kid bouncing away.

    Reviewer pic of the circular trampoline in black with a silver cover around the outside

    2. Quiet Punch — a smart punching bag designed to fit into any doorway in your home, giving you an easy, convenient, and quiet way to release your stress without needing a whole punching bag in your home.

    3. Or an adjustable punching bag set that will be a ~knockout~ addition to your home because it comes with a pair of gloves, so you can ~one-two-punch~ your way to an intense workout and get out some frustration at the same time.

    4. A dumbbell set, a must-have for anyone who is trying to increase their strength because it comes with a set of 2-, 3-, and 5-pound weights so you can easily grab the next weight up when you realize that you're ready for more of a challenge.

    a set of two, three, and five-pound weights sitting on a black stand

    5. Or just a dumbbell rack if you already own multiple sets of dumbbells but don't have a good way to store them. The tiered design ensures that the weights are easy to grab when you're in the middle of a workout and suddenly realize that your 5-pound weights are too light for you. Look at you go!

    Reviewer image of the tiered stand in blue with five sets of weights stored on it

    6. A yoga strap you can use to help carry your yoga mat to class and then to keep a better stretch while you're in class. We love a multipurpose product.

    7. Push-up bars you'll have ~a-round~ for a long time because they'll make doing push-ups on the floor more comfortable and also an even better workout. The handles let you get a good grip and then rotate as you go down, so you don't slip or slide at all. These are also great for anyone who's still working on their push-up game (it's okay, I am too) because they work just as well if you're on your knees.

    8. An illustrated yoga mat made from eco-friendly material with extra cushioning for a comfy mat that won't slip while you're in downward dog. Plus, it has an extra-long length, which is great for anyone 6 feet and taller.

    Yoga mat with an illustration of a woman standing on yoga blocks with her head full of curly hair on the ground in front of her

    9. An Obé fitness subscription to turn your living room (or bedroom or kitchen) into a group fitness class with live and on-demand classes that really ~pack a punch~.

    10. A Stealth core trainer perfect for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to get a workout in. This genius tool is a video game balancing board where you use your abs to get high scores. How cool is that?!?

    model on the triangular-shaped yellow board with black mats for arms and a phone in the middle

    11. Or Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, if you prefer to play video games. In this game, you explore a fantasy world and battle enemies, all while never leaving your living room.

    12. A door anchor made to fit in any closed door to increase the possibilities of the exercises you can complete with a long resistance band. It's the perfect way to do lat pull-downs, seated rows, tricep push-downs, and more exercises without using a bulky weight.

    13. A pair of Powerbeats wireless headphones to tune out any noise around you so you can focus on those weighted squats and not the neighbor's barking dog or your partner's latest TV obsession.

    BuzzFeed Editor Emma McAnaw holding a pair of white Powerbeats headphones in her hand

    14. Or some bone conduction headphones if you have trouble keeping earbuds in your ears while you work out. These are specifically designed to sit in front of your ears so you can hear your music *and* the surrounding noise while out on your morning run or hike.

    model wears blue bone conduction headphones while running outdoors

    15. A Kettle Gryp great for anyone who wants to try a kettlebell workout without having to commit to buying another piece of heavy equipment. This genius device wraps around a dumbbell to transform it into a kettlebell and make it super easy to hold onto.

    16. A Booty Kicker because if you've been doing virtual barre classes for a while now, it's time to invest in some equipment to help you balance instead of your kitchen chair. Plus, it folds flat so you can keep it out of sight (and out of mind) when you're not in class.

    17. Bala Bangles ankle weights to give your workout some ~weight~ and help you increase your resistance while staying comfortable and looking so good while doing it.

    The black weights around a pair of ankles raised in the sky

    18. An ab roller wheel for when you're on a ~roll~ and want to strengthen your core even more. The wheel will increase your stability, allowing you to move and use your ab muscles even more.

    19. A Ubarre weight cleverly made to not look like a weight but super easy to grab and add some resistance to your workout. Plus, when you're done, you can disguise it as a piece of decor on a shelf. Genius!

    20. A stationary exercise bike with the power to transport you to a spin class without actually going anywhere. It has a small design, adjustable padded seat, nonslip handles, adjustable resistance, multi-functional display, *and* doesn't cost a fortune. This may just be the perfect fitness accessory to bring into your home this year.

    21. Treadly 2 Pro so you can get your steps in, no matter what the weather is like outside. The handrail on the machine can be raised or lowered, meaning you can walk, jog, or even run while staying in the same place. And when you're done, just slide it under your bed.

    22. A mat towel big enough to fit over your whole mat so your hands won't slip (knocking you out of concentration) while your hold downward dog during a yoga class.

    23. A P.Volve equipment starter kit that not only comes with a three-month digital membership but also all the equipment you'll need to complete the low-impact functional workouts made to target your muscles.

    24. A running belt that'll hold your necessities so you can focus on breaking your personal record instead of keeping track of whether you've lost your keys.

    25. An adjustable dumbbells set perfect for anyone who's working on building strength. With this, you'll only need one set of dumbbells, as you work your way up from 2 pounds to 20 pounds.

    26. Core sliders to give your planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, and more a little extra ~oomph~. You'll be feeling the burn while using these, trust me.

    27. A Crossrope jump rope set specifically designed with an interchangeable handle and ropes of different weights to take jump roping to ~new heights~. You can use the 1/2-lb and 1/4-lb ropes to target different exercises, including cardio and strength training.

    28. Or just a simple jump rope with a digital counter that's great for beginners who are looking for ways to ~switch~ up your cardio routine while also feeling like you're back in grade school having fun with your friends during recess.

    29. A mini Pilates ball here to help you engage your muscles more while doing "simple" exercises. Calf raises seem like no big deal until you have to hold this ball between your legs while you do it. This small tool will help you take your pilates and barre workouts that ~extra mile~.

    30. An adjustable weight bench designed with seven back positions and three seat positions, so you can find the perfect position to help you target all areas of your body.

    31. A set of resistance bands made out of fabric that's designed not to roll or snap so you can ~stretch~ your workout and get more out of your squats, lunges, and other exercises.

    32. Or a set of resistance exercise bands that are each different weights, so you can mix and match them to customize your workout and maximize your results.

    33. A handstand trainer bench meant to help you learn how to do a headstand on your own — while also building strength, flexibility, and balance in other yoga poses.

    model using the wood bench with white cushion on top in a headstand, side plank, seated position, and over their shoulders

    34. A TRX suspension training system designed to help you create an intense full-body workout anywhere. All you need to do is anchor the straps to a beam or wall, and you'll be able to get more out of push-ups, planks, and even more bodyweight moves.

    Model using the black straps with handles and loops at the end with their feet through the loops and hands on the ground

    35. A yoga mat with alignment lines on it to help you check and make sure that your body is actually in the proper place for the most benefits during your practice.

    Model in child's pose on top of a purple mat with markings on it

    36. A yoga wheel to help you increase your mobility and strengthen inversion as your flow through your practice. It works to not only stretch your back but also release tension along your spine.

    37. And The Mirror you can seamlessly add to your wall to bring interactive classes right into your apartment while giving you the ability to check your form as you go.

    The rectangle-shaped mirror on a wall with a model on a yoga mat mirroring what the trainer is doing on the screen