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    Just 61 Fantastic Things To Treat Yourself To Over Black Friday Weekend

    Because you can’t forget about *yourself* during the biggest shopping event of the year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Cyber Week, the week when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an entire lifetime), is *here*.

    We're wading through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. A plush blanket for 20% off reviewers swear by as the ultimate Barefoot Dreams dupe, matching the quality, ridiculous softness, and durability without the big ole yikes of a price tag.

    2. Olaplex No. 3 hair perfector for 20% off, which is worth the investment (especially for anyone with broken, damaged hair) because it works to strengthen your hair from within by repairing the bonds.

    3. A La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine for 29% off that's such an investment in your future happiness that you'll be blowing kisses to thank your past self for YEARS. This espresso machine comes with different temperature settings, a milk frother, a literal commercial-style WAND to make LATTE ART (!!), and even has a dispenser for taller cups so you can enjoy your drink any which way you please.

    4. The new AirPods Pro for 20% off (their best price all year!) to treat yourself to the ultimate in comfy, ridiculously effective noise-proof headphones. Once these toggle into "noise-canceling" mode, it's basically all the irritating background noise in the world just *POOFS* away.

    reviewer holding the AirPods

    5. Plus a set of affordable, highly popular wireless Bluetooth earbuds for 53% off that make *excellent* AirPod dupes, except with a perk — these are completely waterproof (like, you can fully take them in the shower) and come with several silicone earbuds to get the best fit possible.

    6. An Always pan for 34% off that's designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, and look good while doing it. This means you can have a decluttered cabinet and yet still make all the different kinds of food you want.

    the pan in lilac

    7. A portable car vacuum for 46% off so the next time you explore the great outdoors or enjoy a particularly messy snack you don't have to coexist with the evidence of until the next time you do a deep car clean. With this easy peasy gadget, you can scoop it all up and leave your interiors looking brand spanking new.

    reviewer holding small black handled vacuum

    8. A pair of high-waisted crossover leggings for 44% off that TikTok caused to sell out once, so you might want to ~run~ to grab a pair before it happens again. Not only are these leggings extremely comfortable and stylish, but the crossover style of the waistband ensures they stay in place no matter if you're working out, or just lounging about — whatever is more your vibe.

    model wearing the leggings in black

    9. An electric scooter for 25% off because you're an adult with adult money so you can buy yourself a super-fun mode of transportation that you would have loved as a child. Plus, it has a 31-mile range and can get up to 20 mph, so it can take you where you want to go.

    A reviewer's scooter

    10. A dual hair dryer and brush for 37% off to dry your hair as you style it and give your do an incredible amount of volume and shine, without the cost of a pricey blowout.

    11. A Wild One walking kit for 30% off because your pup deserves a treat, too. The kit comes with a color-coordinating harness, leash, and poop bag carrier. They'll be the most stylish dog on the block when you take them for your daily walk.

    the walk kit in blue

    12. A Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker for 30% off so you can make rich and delicious espresso *and* full-size coffees at lit'rally the push of a button. And it's surprisingly slim to save you counter space!

    A reviewer's black nespresso making frothy coffee

    13. Youthforia BYO Blush Oil for 25% off, which is a TikTok fave because it's designed to react to the pH levels of your skin, giving you the perfect rosy touch that's specific to you. How cool is that?

    14. A Beast Blender for 20% off — a narrow, single-human-size blender that's powerful, easy to use, and works in every size kitchen (including New York apartment-size ones).

    The circular, tall light grey blender in my kitchen

    15. A pair of wireless sleep headphones for 50% off (plus an extra 10% off) that will play white noise or the music of your choice in a comfy headband, so you can enjoy the calm of it all night long (and block out the unrepentant snoring of certain people and/or pets).

    A model sleeping with the headphone band around her ears

    Promising review: "I saw these on TikTok and since I have so much trouble finding quality headphones I decided to try it. I’m very happy with the sound quality and comfort of these. I’m able to fall asleep to my music or podcast without having to limit myself to sleeping on my back or losing an ear bud in my bed in the middle of the night. It makes working out easier as well. The value is worth the quality. I would recommend." —Thunder Muffin

    Get it from Amazon for $18 (originally $39.99; available in 13 colors). 

    16. A Victrola Bluetooth-enabled vinyl turntable for up to 38% off so you can get all of that retro feel *plus* all the modern convenience of being able to use updated control panels.

    Reviewer photo of the blue record player with Norah Jones playing

    17. A pair of squiggle earrings for 20% off perfect for days that call for some statement-making accessorizing.

    squiggle earrings with gem detail at bottom

    18. A Dagne Dover duffle bag for 25% off that's made out of neoprene and mesh, meaning it's a super soft bag you'll be able to fit SO much stuff in that you'll never travel without it again.

    19. A smart-toaster for 38% off that'll make you feel like you're living in the year 3000. Sure, you might not be living underwater, but you will have more than 60 settings on the touchscreen to choose from to toast your bread, English muffins, Pop-Tarts, and more to the exact level you desire.

    20. An Orolay jacket, aka *the* Amazon coat for 41% off, complete with Sherpa-lined hood and a snug warmth that is truly UNPARALLELED when it comes to facing the elements. You may have noticed a lot of people wearing over the past few years, and it truly lives up to its cozy hype.

    21. A Calpak clear cosmetics case for 20% off for an upgraded look to whatever stained and old toiletry bag you've been using for a few years too long. This one is basically the Mercedes of cosmetic bags — it's durable, water-resistant, lightweight, has dual carrying handles, and two zippered compartments. Plus, you'll be able to easily check and make sure you packed your contacts.

    22. A wireless, Bluetooth-enabled karaoke mic for 56% off you can sync with preeeeetty much anything, including speakers, players, or singing apps on your phone. Now you can live out your Ariana Grande fan fiction in the comfort of your own home.

    Reviewer holding blue karaoke mic with buttons

    23. A Courant catchall with a built-in charger for 25% off to streamline the look of a side table and give you a place to hold trinkets *and* charge your phone at the same time. It will add a sophisticated and fancy feel to your living room.

    photo of the catch all sitting on a living room end table with a phone charging and random items in the catch all tray

    24. The newest version of the glare-free Kindle Paperwhite for 32% off that not only can hold thousands of books, but will let you read them the *chef's kiss* way you like best — you can customize it with all your favorite fonts and layouts, and organize your virtual shelves to your precise standards. Bonus — its charge lasts weeks (plural!!), and it's waterproof, so they can take this bb in the bathtub 🍷.

    25. Girlfriend Collective high-rise compression leggings for 40% off made from recycled water bottles, so you can look good *and* feel great about the activewear you put on your body.

    26. A Brandon Blackwood faux-croc bag for 40% off from the *highly* covetable brand that'll get you all sorts of Ooooohs and Aaaahs while you're just trying to run a dang errand.

    close up of faux croc bad

    27. A rotating, heated back and neck massager because you still haven't used the massage gift certificate your BFF gave you three years ago. This gizmo works out all sorts of knots from the comfort of one's couch. 

    Promising review: "Can I give this thing 10 stars?!? Since the pandemic hit, I've had to forgo my monthly massage. I've also had a ton more stress than normal. I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck, and I've found it difficult to sleep due to neck/shoulder pain. I live alone and no amount of stretching or self-massage was working. Enter this massager — OH MY GOD! Amazing! I got it out of the box, plugged it in and put it to work. My neck cracked/popped multiple times from my muscles releasing. I feel SO much better. Highly recommend!!" —CLester

    Get it from Amazon for $29.59+ (originally $42.99; available in two colors).

    28. A mini projector for 31% off to transform your living room (or even bedroom) into a whole theater experience. Friday night sounds like a perfect night to build a blanket fort and snuggle in for a movie marathon using this projector. Those happy hour plans? Consider them canceled.

    29. A Madewell large leather transport tote for 50% off perfect for everyday use because the simple style holds a lot while still looking professional.

    30. A HyperChiller for 30% off designed to chill freshly brewed coffee — or other liquids, such as wine (!!) — in a minute without watering it down.

    The black cylinder HyperChiller with a circular hole in the top with a carafe of coffee being poured into it

    31. A Stakt fitness mat for 20% off about to change your whole fitness game — it's designed to fold in fourths so you don't have to deal with rolling your mat at all, either during your workout or after when it's time to put it away.

    models using the green mat unfolded and folded, showing how it works

    32. A Renpho percussion massager for 72% off you won't even know how badly you need until you're using it — this gizmo is great for releasing knots, aches, and muscle tension, whether you got it from working at a desk too long or an intense workout.

    A person holding the handle of a black massage gun

    33. A Dyson V8 vacuum for 35% off because you deserve to know the luxury that is cleaning with this device. It's designed to be lightweight and super easy to use — plus it has up to a 40-minute run time so you can get through the whole house without having to stop for a recharge.

    34. A Skylight Frame digital frame for 20% off guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as it rotates through all the pictures. Plus, you can give your family the email address to send photos directly to the frame so you can see updates on how much those cute nieces and nephews are growing every day (dogs count too!).

    The frame with a white and black frame around the digital screen in the author's parent's home with a picture of her and her father at a tennis match

    35. A rose gold rechargeable electric lighter for 33% off you can use to replace all your old gas ones. This one is not only chic as heck, but completely flameless, and made with a long stem so you can use it to light gas burners and larger candles without dealing with an open flame.

    36. A cold brew coffee maker for 20% off so gloriously easy to use that all you have to do is stick your favorite ground coffee in the filter, seal the airtight lid on top, and pop it in the fridge overnight. Boom – four cups of icy caffeinated (or decaffeinated) goodness at your fingertips.

    reviewer photo of a cold brew coffee pitcher next to an iced coffee drink

    37. A pair of Adidas Cloudfoam Pure running shoes for up to 43% off, aptly named for their lightweight, breathable, and ultra comfy design (via their memory foam sock liner and stretchy mesh silhouette). Walking on sunshine? No, you're walking on cumulus clouds, my friend.