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    24 Things To Make Your WFH Wardrobe A Little Bit Better

    "We Can Work From Home" —me singing whilst wearing the same sweatshirt for the fifth day in a row

    1. A t-shirt for anyone who's been practing social distancing for more than the past couple weeks and knows a thing or two about not leaving their home at all during the weekend.

    2. A sweatshirt and sweatpant set for a chic look that'll still impress your coworkers when you call in to your next meeting.

    3. A sweatshirt that's ~simply the best~ way to pretend that you now live in Schitt's Creek and your biggest problem is figuring out what's in Twyla's Meadow Harvest Smoothie.

    4. A pair of tie-dye leggings for when you want something a little brighter. It is spring after all.

    5. A tee to remind you that if you're feeling a bit lonely, you can turn to the Real Housewives to keep you company while you finish that report your boss wants.

    6. A sweatshirt because it's essential to remember that (sing it with me): ~We're All In This Together~ and will get through this.

    7. A pair of pants to ~widen~ your selection so you can mix it up and not wear leggings every single day.

    8. A quarter zip I can't ~lie-lac~ about — I will happily wear this every day for the foreseeable future and be perfectly happy.

    9. Or a professional-looking top that's still super comfortable if you don't want to be in sweats during a video conference.

    10. A sweat bundle made with such a super soft French terry material, you'll feel like you're wearing a blanket all day long.

    11. A basic tee with a simple reminder that you can tackle anything your boss sends your way right now, even a massive team Zoom meeting.

    12. Some joggers you won't have to worry about being caught ~red~ handed in when you wear them three days in a row, because your coworkers can't see below your chest. Although these are so cute, you should definitely show them off.

    13. A jumpsuit that actually looks super professional to help make you feel like the boss you already are.

    14. A half-zip for when you're feeling a little ~wild~ — and by wild I mean you're gearing up for your after work FaceTime happy hour with your friends.

    15. A pair of splurge-worthy leggings I own, love, and recommend to everyone because they're oh-so buttery soft. You'll never want to take them off.

    16. A confetti sweatshirt because sometimes just getting up in the morning right now deserves the celebration that this brings.

    17. A pair of bike shorts you'll ~wheely~ like to wear with a sweatshirt, T-shirt, or whatever is the cleanest thing you have near you.

    18. A striped cardigan perfect to throw on when you're not sure what the temperature is going to be in your house and want to be comfortable all day.

    19. A cozy T-shirt dress that'll be a nice break from leggings and sweatpants while still keeping your comfort level the same.

    20. A babydoll sweatshirt for a nice updated look you can pair with your favorite leggings or sweats.

    21. Some linen overalls you can wear with a long-sleeved shirt and then without when it finally warms up.

    22. A sweatshirt with an ultra-cool dip-dye effect. Your sweatshirt will look different than someone else that orders it, and that's pretty cool.

    23. A long-sleeved dress you can throw on after you've snoozed your alarm a few too many times...and then realize you need to be in a video meeting with an important client in a matter of minutes.

    24. A reverse tie-die sweatshirt everyone will be messaging you about on Instagram after you post a cute selfie just to find out where you got it. You style star, you.

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