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    37 Things That’ll Take Your Summer Style To The Next Level

    The sun isn't the only thing that's coming in hot this summer.

    1. A romper you can throw on and not have to worry about having a Marilyn Monroe moment as you walk down the street.

    2. A pair of paperbag shorts that'll be your new go-to picks because they're cute, lightweight, and will make you feel oh-so good.

    3. A bodycon midi that's anything but basic. Throw this on with some heels or sneakers and a jean jacket, and you'll feel so put together.

    4. A pair of floral pants you'l truly ~bloom~ in.

    5. A tie-front dress – you could tell your friend where you got it when she asks, or you could simply say, "Sorry, my hands are ~tied~".

    6. A pair of chambray shorts for when you want to wear comfy shorts but *should* wear something that'll make you look more put together. These shorts are the best of both worlds.

    7. Some Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals that'll make you feel like you're walking on a cushy yoga mat all day long...because, well, you are.

    8. A flounce halter top you can totally rock on your next summer date night.

    9. An off-the-shoulder shirt that'll keep you cool and collected even if it feels like you've stepped into a pot of soup when you step outside.

    10. A patterned skater dress that basically requires you have an epic adventure while wearing it.

    11. A straw bag designed to be a great beach bag...but you can totally still rock this as an everyday tote, too.

    12. A pleated midi skirt that'll really ~maximize~ your style. Pair this with a striped top to ~mix~ things up.

    13. A pair of comfy cotton linen shorts perfect for a day full of running errands that you totally have *not* been putting off for the last month.

    14. A maxi to make you feel like the summer boho goddess you have always wanted to be.

    15. An off-the-shoulder maxi designed to make you feel like you're walking a runway when you're really just walking down the street. Just imagine it blowing in the breeze as you strut, not walk.

    16. A floral maxi that even a summer shower won't stop you from rocking.

    17. A sheer kimono designed to look just as good with jean shorts and a tank top as it does over a swimsuit.

    18. A deep-v maxi dress with a tie back so you can customize it to make it fit perfectly.

    19. A pair of sandals designed to match basically everything you already have in your closet. You can slip these on and be good to go.

    20. A pair of jeans you won't have to tell a ~white lie~ about – you'll want to tell to everyone you know about how great these pants are.

    21. A striped buttondown you can wear with the sleeves rolled up all summer and then transition it into the fall as well. We love a shirt that can do both.

    22. A pair of cat eye sunnies that'll make you look so chic, you'll say, "You've got to be ~kitten~ me right now" every time you wear them.

    23. A blazer designed to make you feel like you're on fire as you head into work and show everyone who's the boss.

    24. A silk cami you can just as easily pair with a skirt for a night out with your girls as with a blazer to look super professional for your big presentation at work.

    25. A skirt that'll put a ~wrap~ on anyone who says you don't need more clothes in your life. You don't need that kind of negativity.

    26. A pair of cotton trousers to wear when you can't even *think* about wearing jeans because it's just too damn hot.

    27. A boho-inspired maxi skirt – you'll wonder how you ever lived through a summer without it.

    28. A boxy tee with a pattern that gives you the chance to show a little skin without feeling like you're showing off everything.

    29. A halter mini just begging you to take it on a tropical vacation (or a local beach or pool if a tropical vacay just isn't in your budget right now).

    30. A straw hat – once you wear it to the beach, you'll realize how great it is and end up wearing it all the time, even when you're just out and about.

    31. A tee to show the world exactly what you've been spending your Sunday night doing (i.e. waiting for Reese to *finally* throw that ice cream at Meryl).

    32. A v-neck jumpsuit you can have on hand for the next nice event you have to go to when you just don't feel like wearing a dress.

    33. A romper that'll make you say, "den-umm, I need this immediately".

    34. A deep-v crop top you'll be ~V~ excited to add to your summer wardrobe rotation.

    35. Biker shorts to throw on with an oversized t-shirt and feel extra cool in. 😎

    36. A pair of slip flowy pants just begging for you to take them on your next vacation. These will look great exploring a new city *or* on a beach. The versatility is amazing.

    37. And a t-shirt that looks almost as cozy as you will be snuggled under a blanket during a bonfire that ends a magical summer day.

    Me when someone asks me to do something in July or August:

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