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    21 Things From Kate Spade That Reviewers Truly Love

    Handbags, wallets, home goods, and more to ~spark~ joy in your life.

    1. A straw camera-shaped cross-body bag that's the perfect addition to any outfit because it will complete the ~picture~.

    Model wearing the bag, crossbody-style

    2. An iPhone 7 and 8 case with the cutest design of Minnie and Mickey that'll have everyone saying, "~Oh Boy~, that's cute!" when they see it.

    Closeup of back of the phone case showing a comic-strip design of Minnie and Mickey Mouse

    3. A Margaux medium satchel designed with two pockets and a zipper compartment perfect to keep everything organized and exactly where you need it.

    Model holding the bag in the crux of their arm

    4. A set of two polka-dot storage containers made of glass so you can stick your leftovers right in the microwave without having to get another dish dirty.

    5. A zip cardholder designed with a large pocket perfect to keep any cash or change and three slots for cards — plus a keychain so you can hook it right on your keys and always know where it is.

    6. A pair of reading glasses in a classic style you won't mind showing off to everyone you know.

    Model wearing the reading glasses

    7. A pair of pave heart stud earrings filled with rhinestones to add a little bit of ~sparkle~ and ~shine~ to any outfit.

    8. A mug set with the phrases 'love you' and 'love you more' for a sweet way to enjoy your coffee together in the morning.

    9. A silver and gold bracelet watch worth the investment, because it's a classic color and style that's ~timeless~ and will be around forever.

    The watch on model's wrist

    10. A Molly large tote designed to be super lightweight so you can put your wallet, e-reader, water bottle, and whatever else you need inside and not feel like you're carring around 100 pounds.

    Model holding red tote bag in the crux of her arm

    11. A square scarf with a map of NYC on it. You can wear it around your neck, wrist, or even your purse for an added touch of chicness.

    12. A double sticker pocket designed to fit perfectly on your phone and keep your ID and credit card close when you just don't want to carry a purse or wallet around.

    13. A pair of sunglasses that are a bit oversized and topped with gold, so you may just feel like a celeb dodging the paparazzi when you put them on.

    Model wearing the sunglasses

    14. A phone cross-body bag with a super adorable image of Minnie Mouse on it for when you only need to carry around the essentials (phone, keys, wallet, lip balm).

    15. An Eat Cake three-piece set to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your kitchen and maybe inspire what you're going to eat for breakfast from now on.

    Flatlay of the dishtowel and oven mitt with illustrated sweets on them and a potholder that reads "Eat Cake For Breakfast"

    16. A medium cross-body bag that'll be the perfect ~pop~ of color to any outfit, even if it's just leggings and a t-shirt.

    Closeup of the bag as a crossbody bag over model's shoulder

    17. A Miss to Mrs Bridal Planner perfect for anyone who's planning a wedding and wants an easy way to stay organized and on top of everything.

    18. A small card holder I can't ~lie-lac~ about, the color is so dreamy and the size is just perfect for important cards.

    19. A metal rhinestone bangle anyone would think is a super sweet gift, even if you give it to yourself.

    20. A vintage-inspired teapot that's covered in cherries and polka dots for an added accent that'll be the ~cherry on top~ of your kitchen decor.

    21. And a wallet adorned with a colorful version of the NYC skyline to show off just how much you love the Big Apple.

    Closeup of the wallet with the colorful skyline, Statue of Liberty, apple, and two hearts

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