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    35 Tech Products And Accessories For Anyone Who Works From Home

    Because hiring an assistant may not be in the budget, but Alexa is a closet second.

    1. A third-generation Echo Dot or, in other words, your new assistant because this little device can basically do it all. Yes, it can *takes deep breath* play music, make calls, send and receive text messages, answer your questions, read the news, remind you of things, and so much more.

    The small round white EchoDot speaker in white

    2. And a smart plug designed to work with your Amazon device (including the Echo Dot) so you can simply say, "Alexa, lights on" when you realize that you've been working so long that your natural-light-filled office has turned into a dark dungeon. You won't have to break your productivity streak to get up and turn those lights on.

    reviewer image of the rectangle-shaped smart plug in white

    3. A mirror LED clock you can not only keep on your desk to help you keep track of time during during your long meetings but you can also use as a secret subtle mirror to make sure you don't have any everything seasoning stuck in your teeth after scarfing down a bagel right before the meeting started.

    Promising review: "I LOVE THIS CLOCK!!! The only improvement would be to have the date on there too. But other than that it’s going on my favorite Amazon purchases list. Such a good looking, sleek design, I keep it on the lower brightness which is perfect and if you need a BRIGHT view of time this clock is bright on that setting. Like the USB plug, I have it next to my desk computer set up for when I’m on Zoom and now can keep better awareness of time. I’m ordering another one for my office so just hope the clock will work for the long haul." —ANAGEV

    Get it from Amazon for $23.95 (available in eight colors). 

    4. A Wi-Fi extender capable of widening your coverage in all areas of your home so you'll stop cutting out during your video meetings.

    Reviewer holding their phone up to the rectangular-shaped router that's plugged into the wall

    5. A webcam cover because working from home can be a lot, and sometimes you just need the privacy (and security) so your coworkers won't see you gobbling down your lunch during that meeting that def should have been an email.

    6. A hand warmer mouse pad for those days when it's just a tad bit chilly in your home and you don't have total control of the heat. Sure, you can put on more layers to keep the rest of you warm, but it's really hard to work while wearing gloves. Your hand will stay toasty inside this mouse pad, and the cute little cat will keep you company throughout the day (and maybe be more affectionate than your actual cat). 

    Promising review: "My wife works from home next to a north-facing window and even without the heating element on, she has been enjoying a warm hand. On extremely cold days, the heating element keeps her hand toasty. —Dan

    Get it from Amazon for $21.98.

    7. A silicone charging stand to ensure that your AirPods case can charge while you work. Easily place them in the stand and know you won't hear that sad "doot-doot" sound of dead headphones when you have an hour to finish a task and need that 'Disney Power Hour' playlist on Spotify to help you focus and ~get down to business~.

    8. Or a 3-in-1 charging station for anyone who has the whole Apple lineup that needs to be charged. This fits an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at once — and is compact enough to not take up much space on your desk.

    9. A shortcut keyboard cover here to make it super easy for you to remember all the shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, and more so you don't have to have 50 Post-it Notes with every shortcut cluttering up your space.

    A plastic keyboard cover with Adobe shortcuts on it
    A plastic keyboard cover with Final Cut Pro shortcuts on it
    Chic Geeks

    Chic Geeks is a Black woman–owned business that designs luxury tech accessories to add personality and color to people's workspace.

    Promising review: "I bought this keyboard cover as a gift for my niece who uses Final Cut Pro often. She absolutely loves it and discovered new shortcuts for editing. It’s totally worth the money." —Staci Rutherford

    Get it from Chic Geeks: $20 (for the Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts cover) and $20 (for Final Cut Pro X Shortcuts cover; both are available in most MacBook models and sizes).

    10. A laptop stand to take your productivity to ~new heights~. JK, we can't guarantee it will do that, but it will help improve your posture and put less strain on your eyes as you go about your workday.

    Reviewer pic of the silver laptop stand on a desk with a laptop raised on it

    11. Or a bamboo two-tier monitor stand that will not only add height, but also has convenient storage space to organize the random things on your desk.

    Reviewer pic of the bamboo monitor stand on a desk with the lower shelf, five compartments, and a groove for a cellphone and pen filled with office supplies

    12. And an Apple Magic wireless keyboard to make typing while using a laptop stand a breeze. The keyboard seamlessly connects to your MacBook, is easy to type on, and is worth the investment.

    reviewer image of the white wireless keyboard in front of a laptop stand with a laptop on it

    13. Or a colorful wireless keyboard and mouse set for a less expensive option that will also bring some color (and life) to your work setup and also make it a little easier to actually get your work done because your hands don't have to feel so cramped typing on your small laptop keyboard. 

    a reviewer photo of their desk set up with the green keyboard and matching mouse
    a reviewer photo of the purple keyboard and matching mouse

    The set includes a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse with a USB receiver. Pick up some AA batteries — both will need them!

    Promising review: "So, I just transitioned to work from home and wanted a cool keyboard for my new workspace. I tried two others, and they worked but I wasn’t 100% happy with the style, shape, nor color. A friend showed me her keyboard, and I fell in love with it. Her’s was the pink/colorful option. I immediately went on Amazon and found the purple/lilac colorful and ordered. I received it today, and I’m so pleased. I’m one of those who love hearing the click-clack sound of keys being hit with my nails and the weight of the keyboard is nice and heavy — it feels well made. I’m still getting use to the mouse it’s a wider shape then I’m use to, but it works and matches my keyboard. Now if only I could find a purple monitor, LOL. I highly recommend this keyboard. Happy typing!" —Kimberly Renee

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in 12 colors).

    14. An Ember temperature control ceramic mug designed to keep your coffee (or tea) warm for hours so you don't take a sip of a cold beverage when you get distracted by the barrage of emails flooding your inbox and forget about the cup you made. It's the little things that help you get through the workday.

    Model holding the black matte mug

    15. Or just a cup warmer you can use with any mug you already own. Just set it on the pad, and it will automatically turn on to keep your drink at the perfect temperature.

    reviewer image of the rectangle white coffee cup warmer

    16. A Rocketbook smart reusable notebook that takes your hand-written notes and makes them digital so when your boss asks for a recap of that meeting in your one-on-one, you can send it as an attachment and look super on top of everything.

    Reviewer pic of the notebook open on a desk with notes neatly written on either side and two pens sitting next to it

    17. An Oxo double-ended laptop cleaning brush with a microfiber pad on one side to clean the dirty screen you've been staring at all day. Plus, it has a retractable brush on the other side to get in the keys to remove the dust and crumbs from your 3 p.m. snack that somehow found its way into your keyboard. Your computer will basically feel brand-new after this deep clean.

    18. A pair of Beats Powerbeats headphones to tune out any noise around you (whether you're at home or outside) so you can focus on your to-do list and not the barking dog.

    19. A portable monitor here to ~expand~ your working area and give you more space than your one tiny screen. It comes with a case that can act as a stand, but that also means you can take this with you if your WFH life also has you working from other places every once and a while.

    Promising review: "I was hesitant to buy this monitor because I had never heard of the brand and am always a skeptic. I wanted a portable monitor for when I work from home. I also utilize this as a third monitor with my laptop and second monitor. I've had this product for almost a year and can only say great things. It works perfectly. It comes with a foldable case, which can double as a stand. It also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, and a power adapter (with a USB-A to USB-C cable). I couldn't have asked for a better portable monitor! Don't hesitate!" —A. C. Pham

    Get it from Amazon for $219.99.

    20. Or a slide version designed to actually attach to your laptop and slide out whenever (and wherever) you need double the space to spread out your work. Plus, you can easily move it from room to room (or even from bed, to couch, to desk, back to bed) depending on how you spend your day.

    reviewer image of the dual monitor attached to their laptop on a desk

    21. Leather cord keepers perfect for keeping your chargers and cords from getting tangled in a big knot so you can grab your headphones right as you're about to jump on that big call where so don't need to have your phone to your ear the whole time.

    Two leather cord keepers with a button stud closure with spots of color on them

    22. A USB-powered cooling pad for anyone whose laptop starts to sounds like a plane is taking off after working for, oh, approximately five minutes. This gadget has three fans in it to keep your computer calm, cool, and collected, so you can get your work done without much of a hassle.

    reviewer photo of the cooling pad emitting blue light
    laptop resting on thing cooling pad

    Promising review: "Best purchase I have made in years. Only had it two days, but the first words out of my mouth to my wife were, 'I can work for hours like this.' If you work from home and like to work on the couch, recliner, breakfast nook, patio, etc, and you have your computer in your lap, this is an absolute must-have. Not only does it keep your legs and lap cool, but it also keeps your computer cool and able to process much more efficiently." —Trent Thiel

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99+ (available in three colors).

    23. A sunlamp designed to mimic the benefits of sunlight to improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm, if you work off-hours or just can't seem to find time to be outside.

    The rectangle-shaped light sitting on the counter with a pour-over coffee next to it

    24. A wall charger with six outlets *and* two USB fast-charging ports to keep all your devices and accessories at 100% so they won't die in the middle of that team meeting.

    Reviewer pic of the six chargers and two USB chargers with things plugged in to all of them in the lit outlet

    25. A multi-port adapter that includes an HDMI, ethernet, USB-C, micro-card reader, and three USB-ports so you can attach all the accessories to your MacBook at the same time and *crosses fingers* not run into any tech issues.

    reviewer image of a long rectangle device with three different cords attached to it

    26. A selfie ring light for anyone who has found themselves working in less-than-ideal lighting during a marathon of Zoom calls. This small device will make a big difference so everyone can see your beautiful face.

    27. Or a clip-on style if you want something a little smaller you can easily take off your monitor after the meeting is over. It's designed with an anti-scratch metal clamp so it won't ruin your company computer you care SO much about. 

    A reviewer photo of an unlit ring light with an attached clamp sitting on a desk
    a reviewer photo of the illuminated light clipped on the top of a laptop screen

    The light is powered via USB and has three light colors and 10 brightness levels.

    Promising review: "I don't have the best light in my living room. Working from home, I have had my fair share of Zoom and Skype meetings and without this light, my face was shaded no matter how hard I tried to get light. Now with the different shades of light as the day passes, I can change the light brightness and not look like I'm in a dungeon." —David and Paige

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    28. Some cable clips so you can organize all the cords you have and not spend 10 minutes fishing out your computer charging cord that fell behind your desk...again.

    Small black circles with a slit down the center that stick to a surface to keep cords in place on a desk