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    27 Subscriptions To Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

    These will help you spend less time running errands and more time enjoying your life.

    1. Hello Fresh to send you all the ingredients to make a delicious home-cooked meal without spending 30 minutes wondering around the store looking for sesame oil because the recipe you want to make calls for a teaspoon.

    2. Birchbox for samples of beauty products, which are not only a really fun surprise to get in the mail every month, but you'll also be able to try new products without committing to buying the full size for a lot of money, only to realize that the hair gel just isn't right for you.

    3. The Beard Club so you can take care of your facial hair and not look like a caveman. It also ensures that if you ever run into Jonathan Van Ness on the street, he'll exclaim, "Can you believe?!?" at how amazing your face looks.

    4. Care/of Vitamins that'll curate and send you the vitamins you want in your life so you don't have to spend 30 minutes staring at the hundreds of options at the store, wondering which one may help you *finally* sleep better at night.

    5. SnackNation to send you a variety of nutritious snacks because the hardest part about eating conscientiously sometimes is whatever is just staring at you in the pantry when you're hungry.

    6. TheraBox, which looks like a box only meant to #treatyoself, but is actually curated by professionals to help give you the self care you truly need in your life.

    7. ButcherBox so you can have delicious and high-quality meat delivered right to your door because a trip to the butcher shop does *not* fit in your busy schedule.

    8. Comma Vintage for the person who wants the vintage style without having to spend hours and hours and hours searching through thrift store racks.

    9. NomNomNow because your pet is a member of your family and deserves delicious food, even if you can barely make food for yourself, let alone someone else.

    10. Trunk Club to send you curated clothes from brands you love (they're owned by Nordstrom) so you next #OOTD will be on point.

    11. Kidbox so you can focus on hanging out and raising your child instead of trying to find clothes that fit them because it seems like they've decided to grow a foot overnight.

    12. Honest Essentials Bundle to you get five natural products (such as baby wipes, detergent, or shampoo and conditioner) sent to your door every month for 35% off.

    13. Prose, which will craft a specific blend of ingredients to make shampoo and conditioner that'll ensure your luscious locks are always loved and that you never run out of either and end up going a little toooo long without washing your hair. (We've all been there.)

    14. Gainful for a customized bag of protein powder, so if you've set a fitness or nutrition goal for yourself and don't know where to start (or are a self-appointed fitness expert), you'll get exactly what you need to reach those goals.

    15. The Herb Box that'll send you a fresh herb pot so you can add some flavor when you cook (without being forced to buy approximately *100x more of a fresh herb than you actually need from the store).

    16. Driftaway Coffee that not only gives you the chance to try different coffee flavors from around the world, but also ensures that you never run out...because a morning without coffee is not a fun morning.

    17. Billie to send you a useful (not to mention beautiful) razor along with replacement heads so you never have to shave with a dull razor again (ow!).

    18. Dollar Shave Club – it'll ~shave~ you some time and thought about what you really need to take care of yourself in the morning. Just use the products they send you, and you'll be out the door in no time, looking and feeling your best.

    19. Dia & Co, which was specifically designed to deliver you beautiful plus-size clothing that you can try on in your own home.

    20. Hawthorne, which delivers personal care essentials right when you need them, so you can get high-quality products without spending hours doing research.

    21. Book of the Month to send you a new release hardcover book so you always have something to read on your nightside table *and* can stay on top the hottest new reads, so *you* can be the one your friends go to when they need a book suggestion.

    22. Basic MAN, which sends a t-shirt, boxer briefs, and socks – because if you have to stop and think about the last time you bought any of those items, it's been too long.

    23. Curology that'll formulate the perfect cream (with the help of a dermatologist) to help tackle whatever skin issues you have so you don't have to play a guessing game at the drugstore to figure out if the product is apt to really work for you.

    24. Whisk Takers so even the worst baker can make something delicious from scratch and impress all their friends and family instead of just showing up at the next party with a box of cookies from the grocery store.

    25. Quip to actually make brushing your teeth cool and cost-effective with a sleek and minimalist electric toothbrush and refill brushes for only $5. Yeah, you heard that right, $5.

    26. Bitsbox, which your kids will think is a present they get in the mail every month, when really it's a box filled with STEM learning opportunities, so not only will they have no excuse to tell you that they're "bored," but they'll also be playing games that teach them important concepts.

    27. Lola—for people with periods who are so over not being prepared when that time of the month sneaks up on them again. Period.

    You relaxing knowing that everything you need is going to show up in a subscription box soon:

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