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    36 Stylish Things To Help Your Wardrobe Transition From Summer To Fall

    *screams in layers*

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    1. A mock neck tank in one of those darker color tones you know and love for fall *but* without sleeves, so you can wear it on a September day when it's still 80 degrees but you just can't wear bright colors anymore because you're just so over summer.

    2. A long sleeve cold-shoulder top that'll be perfect for your annual apple picking trip. Just think about how cute you'll look in this while holding an apple on Instagram. It's the content that the people want.

    3. A simple cardigan to keep on hand at all times because the weather is still unpredictable and you can't risk being without layers.

    4. A pair of booties with a side cut-out detail that not only adds an interesting element, but also gives your ankles a chance to breathe.

    5. A ruffled tunic dress designed to look just as good with sandals as it does with boots. It's all about versatility.

    6. A faux leather jacket – you'll feel about 100% cooler the moment you put this on. This is not a scientific fact, but I can promise you, it's true.

    7. A pair of Sorel wedge zip boots that are so incredibly comfortable that you'll (probably) never want to take them off. You'll be able to walk 500 miles in these and then 500 more.

    8. A leopard tee to help you get a little ~wild~ and switch up your basic white t-shirt situation.

    9. A velvet tank top you'll feel so ~smooth~ in as you casually drape your leather jacket over it (you'll also be so thankful that you're not fully sweating while standing outside).

    10. A splurge-worthy jacket – I can personally attest that you will for sure get compliments on it every time you wear it. The first time I wore it, I got seven compliments in the first hour.

    11. A cozy knit cardigan you can throw on in the morning when it's a bit chilly outside...but like the good kind of chilly, where the air is crisp, and you feel like you can breathe again.

    12. A cami jumper to layer (at first) with a tank, then a t-shirt, and finally a long-sleeve shirt, because you're never going to get tired of this, no matter what the temperature outside is.

    13. A plaid flannel hooded shirt to combine two of the greatest fall trends: a flannel shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. *chef's kiss*

    14. A tunic you'll look and feel so great in, you'll probably start dancing immediately.

    15. A short-sleeve jumpsuit for when you want to ~jump~ on the fashion trends ASAP and show all your friends that you've got a style game that can't be matched.

    16. A pair of striped jeans because you've ~earned your stripes~ making it through another summer full of heat, and you deserve a unique pair of jeans to celebrate this feat.

    17. A high-neck chiffon blouse made of lightweight fabric so it will still breathe when you go outside and realize that the weather has not decided that it's fall yet, even though it's October.

    18. A rain jacket so you can look extra chic the next time a thunderstorm hits and hopefully (🤞) brings cooler weather with it.

    19. A tie-die sweatshirt you can wear on the weekend when you finally want to run those errands you've been putting off because – previously – it's been too hot to even consider leaving your house.

    20. A peasant top to pair perfectly with jeans or shorts.

    21. A denim jacket that's so much of a staple you'll wonder how you lived your life before owning this. It goes with everything and makes you look good. What's not to love?

    22. Cheetah-print crew socks – you'll feel like a total influencer when you wear these with chunky sneakers.

    23. A maxi to wear to that fall wedding you've had on your calendar for a bit, but totally forgot was coming up fast.

    24. A pair of chukkas that are basically a cross between a fancy sneaker and a boot, so they're something different to add to your wardrobe.

    25. A crop top you'll find so many outfits to wear with that you'll grab it as soon as it gets out of the laundry to wear again.

    26. A textured houndstooth coat you'll be ~plaid~ you got because you'll look so darn chic in it.

    27. A pair of Chelsea Boots that are basically a closet staple. They're worth the investment because they'll pair well with everything you have in your closet.

    28. A sweatshirt you can wear to cheer on your favorite team if you're a big sports fan *or* if you're the kind of person who enjoys the tailgating more than the actual game.

    29. A 3/4 sleeve dress – when people compliment you on how cute it is, you'll probably say, "Thanks! It has pockets." And proceed to show them.

    30. A pair of slides you can ~slither~ on in to quickly in the morning as you head out the door because you overslept a bit cause it's still dark outside.

    31. An a-line pinafore you'll be ~feeling~ yourself in every single time you wear it.

    32. A bomber jacket you'll look the ~bomb~ dot com in from now until November when it's time to pull out your winter jacket. (But don't think about that too much yet.)

    33. Wide-leg jeans because the 1970s are back, baby, and you'll never be ~over~ that fact.

    34. A lightweight wrap to help you feel polished and put together in, no matter if you wear it with jeans, dress pants, or a skirt.

    35. A notched pelmet mini skirt that's a bit of an updated take on the classic Cher Horowitz look you've known and loved for years.

    36. And a button-down shirt you might as well buy in both long and short sleeve versions, because they're so comfy, you're going to want to wear them at least twice a week.

    I don't care if it's still 90 degrees in New York currently. I. Want. Fall.

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