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    38 Lavish Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Totally Worth Their Price Tag

    A towel warmer, deep-tissue massager, acrylic Squatty Potty, and more luxury items they'll actually use (and love).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A small saddle bag here to be their go-to bag because it not only is a timeless style, but the size is perfect for holding all their essentials without being too heavy. Get ready to see them using your thoughtful gift for years to come.

    Model with the black crossbody bag across their shoulder with a front flap and small gold logo in the middle
    Kate Spade

    Promising review: "This is a perfect purse. I purchased it to make shopping easier and hands-free! I am a side pocket kinda gal to place my phone where it's easy to grab. This is perfect with plenty of room inside for essentials! And I get TONS of compliments on it!!! I'm very happy!" —michelle gs

    Get it from Kate Spade for $198 (available in black and blue).

    2. A Barefoot Dreams throw blanket with a cult following that includes Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashians. Plus, not only is this is a great gift for your boo, but you'll get to reap the benefits of its greatness as you snuggle under it together during your next Netflix binge.

    The fuzzy blanket in cream with a dark stone leopard print
    Barefoot Dreams / Via

    The blanket is made from 100% polyester microfiber blend that makes it SUPER soft. It can be washed on cold and tumbled dry on low.

    Promising review: "I'm obsessed with this blanket! It’s as beautiful and lovely as described. It is truly worth every penny, and it feels like a dream. I sleep with it every night. I love it so much that I came back and placed a second order for two more as Valentine’s Day gifts for my kids. They are super jealous of mine. It really is a stand-alone luxury that’s like no other." —Deivan

    Get it from Amazon for $194.99 or Nordstrom for $180 (available in seven colors).

    3. An Always pan designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, and look good while doing it. This means they can have a decluttered cabinet and still make all the different kinds of food they want. (And maybe even a nice dinner for you, too!)

    Closeup of the pot and lid in red with the spatula attached to the handle and the lid on top surrounded by food
    Our Place

    I got this pan (from a WOC-founded company) for Christmas, and it is def a great gift because it can do SO much. You can braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, and more. I've used it a few times already and am super impressed. I've made jambalaya and stir-fry in it, and everything cooked really well. Plus, it was super easy to clean after and nothing really stuck to it. I've also used the included steamer basket to steam some broccoli, and it was super easy to use. The pan itself does the same job as a fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. The spatula is designed with an integrated spoon rest. The pan is dishwasher-safe and only weighs 3 lbs. Plus, there's a new bright red color, which is perfectly on theme for the holiday.

    Promising review: "My Always pan is going to be my new favorite cooking ware. It's super versatile and absolutely beautiful. I love the functionality that it possesses and the versatility range, someone really thought about all the best way to cook with this! Safe, easy to clean, and beautiful to look at! Makes you want to cook more delicious meals all day long!" —Celyn V.

    Get it from Our Place for $145+ (available in six colors). Note: check each color to see if it's in stock now or when it's expected to ship. Some colors may not ship until mid-February.

    4. A smart wallet with a quick card access mechanism, RFID blocking, and a tracker to keep the valuables they take with them safe and protected, even if they'll be a bit peeved if they accidentally leave their wallet in an Uber...again.

    The rectangle-shaped wallet in light brown leather in a model's hand with cards coming out of the top and the card-shaped tracker in the other hand
    Ekster Wallets / Via

    The wallet fans out cards with a click of a button — making it super easy to grab the card they want in seconds. Plus, the RFID blocking helps protect against skimming, and the tracker makes sure it's never lost for long.

    Promising review: "This is truly a unique and extremely high-quality wallet that takes into account how we really use this everyday necessity. The push-button reveal of credit cards not only makes access easy but keeping the cards fanned till you return them to your wallet makes it almost impossible to forget your card and with the tracker, you won't leave your Ekster behind either. I’m a wallet freak who’s not easy to please… and I’m in heaven." —Sam Egan

    Get it from Ekster for $71 (originally $89; available in six colors).

    5. A cashmere crewneck your other half will love because it's a simple yet classic style that ~packs a punch~ with its warmth. Bonus: you'll enjoy this gift too when you give them a hug and are wrapped in the super-soft fabric.

    Model wearing the crewneck sweater in navy blue

    Promising review: "This sweater is made from high-quality cashmere, so it is supremely soft and comfortable. I love the bright, modern style. It's beautifully made too and great value for money. I highly recommended it." —Mintcake

    Get it from Boden for $198 (available in men's sizes S-XXL and in six colors).

    6. Bala Bangles ankle weights for your workout-loving babe who wants to give their workout some ~weight~. These'll help them increase their resistance while staying comfortable and looking so good while doing it. This may be a nice gift that's been on their wish list for a while now, and they'll totally appreciate the thoughtfulness.

    The black weights around a pair of ankles raised in the sky

    Promising review: "Bala Bangles have truly reinvented wrist/ankle weights. I am actually not embarrassed to wear these in public. In fact, I people ask me all the time where I purchased these from. Bala is comfortable throughout the workout and actually intensifies it as well — I thought, 1 lb, no way will I truly be able to tell the difference... WRONG. I often have to take these off halfway into my class because it's that much more challenging. I also travel a ton for work and these are easily packable and great to utilize in my hotel room/gym if I can't make it to a workout class. This is now the second color I have purchased and could not be happier with the product. How someone did not think of this sooner I will never know... But I am glad because Bala Bangles did it right. They are worth every penny. I highly recommend this product to any and everyone." —Jules Lee

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $49 (available in seven colors).

    7. A Slip silk pillowcase here to make sleep feel even more like a ~dream~, especially when they wake up with their hair frizz-free. (Not to mention their skin looking great too!)

    Model hugging a pillow with the silk pillowcase on it in black

    The pillowcase is made from 100% silk, which is less absorbent than other fibers. This means that all those products you put on your skin and in your hair stay where they belong. Plus, silk reduces friction, causing less pulling on both your hair and skin — leaving both looking and feeling better when you wake up in the morning.

    Promising review: "This is an investment, and it is so worth it. I have curly frizzy hair, and this has been a lifesaver. I actually wake up with my curls looking okay. The pillowcase is soft and no doubt good for my skin. You do have to hand wash it, which isn't too difficult and it dries super quick too." —Peanut13

    Get it from Nordstrom for $89+ (available in two sizes and in eight colors) or from Amazon for $89 (available in two sizes and 12 colors).

    8. A Vitruvi diffuser that'll look so chic sitting in their home — while also releasing steam and essential oils to help them destress after a long day.

    The oval-shaped diffuser with steam coming out of the top in dark grey

    Promising review: "This is such a beautiful addition to our home. The diffuser is sturdy and well-made. I love the porcelain cover, which makes it look like a piece of art on our side table. It's such a great alternative to burning candles. I highly recommend it; it's worth the investment!" —Jenni

    Get it from Amazon for $99.22+ (available in four colors).

    9. Sleek Bose noise-cancelling headphones with more than 25,000 5-star reviews raving about their sound quality and noise cancellation. If you've spent a good chunk of the last year together in a (smaller-than-you-realized) apartment or house, you know that sometimes you need some peace and quiet that these headphones will bring. (And that does not mean you love them any less.)

    Model wearing the over-ear headphones in black

    Promising review: "These sound SO GOOD, work so well, and feel so good that you should be begging me to stop buying them so I can leave some for everyone else. I bought two pairs — one for myself and one for my father. These things can save marriages and relationships by the droves. The sound is superb, and the software works excellent and is easy to use. These things tune themselves in a sense, and they sound fantastic. Anything sounds wonderful in these, and they have excellent bass and clarity all mixed into one. I'm telling you they are worth every penny, durable as all get out and I have been using them nonstop since I got them. I am listening to music through them right now while writing this review." —pTsDaD Workshop

    Get them from Amazon for $299 (available in black and silver).

    P.S. This was our top-tier winner for best noise-cancelling headphones on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    10. A Bearaby knit weighted blanket constructed from organic cotton, so it's an eco-friendly (and beautiful) way for your partner to help reduce anxiety and get deeper sleep. Because face it, when you sleep better, you're better to be around.

    Model using the blue blanket

    Bearaby is a woman-founded business creating beautiful weighted blankets made from sustainable materials. This blanket is made from organic cotton. The weight on the body stimulates the productions of serotonin (which makes you happy), reduces cortisol (which makes you stressed), and increases melatonin (which helps you get to sleep).

    Promising review: "Worth every penny! I have the hardest time falling asleep especially with everything going on — so I got this blanket to try and help calm my anxiety. Within two nights I was able to fall asleep and best of all stay asleep all night. I haven’t been able to do that...ever. I was worried about the investment, but I wish I would’ve bought this blanket a long time ago — you can’t put a price on good sleep and relaxation!" —Char G.

    Get it from Bearaby for $249 (available in three weights and nine colors).

    11. A Sunday Riley breakout set filled with cult-favorite products made to target blemishes and blackheads and make your partner say "OHHHH" when they open the gift and then again when they use the luxe products to make their skin feel great.

    The five bottles of skincare products included in the set

    The set includes:

    -Ceramic Slip Cleanser

    -Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

    -U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

    - A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum

    -Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask

    Promising review: "This set is filled with great products. I've been using it for a week or two and I am enjoying all the products. My pores look smaller and my skin looks smoother with fewer breakouts. Nice value as well, these will likely last a while." —katd15

    Get it from Sephora for $95 ($163 value). You can also check your local store to see if this set is available for pickup.

    12. An acrylic Squatty Potty you SO might think is a slightly strange Valentine's gift until they put it to use and realize that this thing ~clearly~ helps them go number two. And you'll be the ~number one~ person in their life for helping them achieve that.

    The clear step stool with a rounded side against a toilet

    Promising review: "This thing is SLEEK! I bought this for my new home's main floor guest bath. We wanted to provide guests with the convenience of 'squat pot' without the eyesore of the white 7-inch one. I feel like if Kim and Kanye had a Squatty Potty, it would be this one. I find it's shaped SLIGHTLY different than my white 7-inch one, and I like that. I also find no squeaking noise as I pull or push it from the basin of the toilet, unlike my white one. My guests didn't notice it was there until I pointed it out. Go with the ghost acrylic, you won't regret it!" —Durga D

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    13. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition — a book filled with scratch-off date items to ~spice~ things up in your relationship. Plus, you get an instant camera with the book so you can snap a pic of you two after you've completed each adventure together.

    The book with a photo of a happy couple
    The Adventure Challenge

    The book is filled with 50 date ideas that are only revealed once you scratch it off. Some of the dates included are to cook an apple pie blindfolded, recreate your grandparents' first date, or even paint a masterpiece on a unique canvas. And you can use the camera to capture the fun along the way. This gives a whole new meaning to date night.

    Promising review: "I got the Couples Edition/camera set for my boyfriend and me, and we’ve had so much fun completing the challenges. While they’re super fun for adults, some of them also make you feel like a kid again which is a feeling we really enjoy! The Polaroid works fantastic, and the pictures look so cute in the book — it’s like a scrapbook but without all the work. I'm super happy I found this product cause it’s added more excitement to our days." —Alessandra M.

    Get it from The Adventure Challenge for $147.99 (originally $184.99).

    14. A Cuisinart compact bread maker great if your boo spent a good chunk of 2020 trying to master a sourdough recipe. With this sleek machine, they'll be able to easily make bread by just selecting what kind they want to make, putting the dough in, and walking away. Plus, you'll get to try their tasty creations. Now that's a win-win.,

    The machine is fully automatic with 12 preprogrammed options and three crust shades. It can bake up to a two-pound loaf. Plus, it has a 13-hour delayed start so you can have freshly baked bread ready whenever you want.

    Promising review: "This machine really is awesome. I plugged it in within a couple of minutes of it being delivered and was able to make French bread right away! It comes with a handy recipe book and I can't wait to try the other variations. I'm vegan and oil-free so this was a perfect gift to me and my family so we can have fresh plant-based oil-free bread anytime we want! So easy to clean and looks sleek as well!" —RB

    Get it from Amazon for $108.

    15. A dual zone comforter ready to solve the ongoing debate on what temperature to keep your bedroom. No more fighting to turn the air up or down at night when one of you is always hot and the other cold. This comforter will keep you both happy and help you sleep better.

    The duvet showing one half is warm and the other is cool

    One side of the comforter is warm while the other is cold — and the tie duvet tabs on either side tell you exactly which is which.

    Promising review: "This comforter is what we’ve always needed. My husband and I are always tangled in blankets because I need more but yet they always end up on his side. This comforter provides an all-in-one solution that keeps me warm and him cool and our bedroom looking calm and zen." —Hannah

    Get it from Amazon for $119.99+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    16. A small diamond necklace guaranteed to get an "OMG, really?!?" out of your love, as it's a simple yet beautiful necklace they can wear every day and remember how much you care about them. And isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?!?

    Small round diamond on a gold chain around a model's neck

    Promising review: "This is the perfect dainty everyday necklace. I haven't taken it off since I got it about a month ago as it adds something to every outfit and looks great on its own or stacked with other necklaces." —Sophie

    Get it from Mejuri for $300 (available in three colors).

    17. A pair of truffle-based sauces, or in other words the only two sauces that'll they need in their life to add flavor to any kind of food they eat — from french fries to pizza (yes, pizza) and more. If their love language is sauces (like mine is), they'll def appreciate this super nice set.

    The bottle of sriracha and ranch in a black gift box

    The set comes with a bottle of Sriracha and ranch in a matte black and gold gift box. Trufflin is a Black woman-owned small business founded by a French woman with a family in the truffle business and an Atlanta-based chef.

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99 or Trufflin for $59.99.

    18. A Madewell large leather transport tote that's a super practical gift because it's perfect for everyday use because the simple style holds a lot while still looking professional. Your love will ~love~ this so much. Plus, you can add their monogram to it as an extra sweet detail.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed Shopping writer Rachel Dunkel says, "Random canvas totes may come and go, but nothing beats having a permanent, go-to bag. I've had this since college when I used it to carry my heavy load of books, my laptop, and other English major paraphernalia, but it's transitioned flawlessly into my adult life where — OK — I still use it to carry books and my computer. The leather is getting a lovely patina and the structure of the bag is as strong as the day I got it. It has one zippered interior pocket which is perfect for keys, cards, or any other tiny necessities. I received this as a gift, so I can confirm that it makes a good one! My bag is even monogrammed, which made the gift all the more special. (You can add monogramming to almost any Madewell leather or denim item for $10 or for free if you're a Madewell Insider!)"

    Get it from Madewell for $168 (available in three colors)

    19. A Coravin wine preservation system perfect if your SO loves wine as much (or even more, sorry) than you. With this device, they'll be able to drink their favorite wine without feeling obligated to finish the bottle in one sitting. The system goes through the cork (without removing it) to pour a 5-ounce glass while keeping the rest of the bottle fresh.

    The system on top of a wine bottle showing how it pours wine into a wine glass

    The system comes with the preserver with metallic accents and a rubber grip and two capsules that allow you to pour up to 15 5-ounce glasses of wine.

    Promising review: "So, I was so excited to be able to finally get this. It's pricey but was able to get everyone to get me gift cards for my birthday so I could afford it and so far I love it. I love to drink wine, but I end up drinking more than I really want to because I don't want to waste a bottle, so now with this, I can have a glass without having to drink it within the next couple of days. I haven't really found any negative things about this so far the only thing I could say was that the directions in the package are vague and basically just show pictures so I had to go to YouTube, and there I found the best way to learn how to use it." —Shani

    Get it from Amazon for $209.97.

    20. A heavyweight overshirt so versatile, it can be worn as a shirt, light jacket, or even an extra layer under a winter coat while still making your boo feel so fly and put together.

    Model wearing the button-down shirt with buttoned pockets on each side in dark grey

    Promising review: "The shirt is soft but the material feels remarkably rugged. It is THICK. Clearly well-made. The color and fit around the shoulders are really is what sets it apart, though. It's a three-season shirt/jacket for sure." — jackSjack

    Get it from Everlane for $78 (available in men's sizes XS-XXL and in five colors).

    21. An Ember temperature control ceramic mug that'll keep your SO's coffee (or tea) warm for hours so they don't take a sip of a cold beverage when they get distracted and forget about the cup they made. It's the little things in life that make it more luxurious.

    Model holding the black matte mug

    You remotely adjust the temperature to get it just right, and you can also select a personalized LED color.

    Promising review: "I don’t often post reviews, but every so often there comes along a product like this. I truly wish I would have gotten this sooner. It brings a smile to my face every time I go to sip my cup of hot coffee. It also looks fantastic and feels amazing. Great job Ember. I’m a customer for life." —Tyler

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99 (available in black and white).

    22. A Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (with high-velocity airflow to dry hair faster and prevent heat damage) they may have been dropping hints about recently, and if so, this is the sign that you should purchase it and make sure they have a good hair day every day.

    Dyson Hair / Via, Nordstrom

    The hair dryer comes with a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser, non-slip mat, and a storage hanger. It is said to increase smoothness by up to 75%, shine up to 132%, and decrease frizz and flyaways up to 61%.

    Promising review: "I bought this last year for Christmas, so I have been using it for 11 months. It's lightweight, powerful, and it dries my hair in half the time. It takes less than ten minutes. The motor is in the handle, so it is easy to maneuver and use. I take it on trips when I travel. It's that good." —LDK3

    Get it from Nordstrom for $399 (available in black and silver).

    P.S. This is one of our picks for best high-end hair dryer on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    23. The Cozee, a battery-powered heated blanket great for your adventure partner to take anywhere from a camping trip to an outdoor soccer game (game changer) and stay toasty warm — no cords required.

    Model wrapped in the blue blanket with a quilted pattern in it
    Life Giving Warmth / Via

    The blanket comes with cables to charge it in either a car or home, plus two USB ports.

    Promising review: "This product is AMAZING!!!! It not only keeps you warm, but it is water-resistant, so when you are sitting at your kid's soccer game in the freezing rain you are warm AND dry! It stays charged for A LONG time, and I love that I can charge my phone using the battery pack! I work from home and my office is in the basement, so I am cold year-round. This is perfect to wrap up in on super cold days or just drape over my legs if I’m just a little chilly. If I get up, my dog immediately steals it lol! Where have you been all my life Cozee?!?! I could say a million great things about it! Just buy one and find out for yourself." —RKey

    Get it from Amazon for $249.99.

    24. A Le Creuset Dutch oven that provides great heat distribution and retention to making cooking so much easier. Dinner has never tasted (and looked) so good.

    The circular pot with a lid and handles on either side in red

    Promising review: "What can I say, I've had my pot a little over a week, and I have used it almost daily. The 5.5 quart is the perfect size for my family of five. It's an adventure finding recipes to fix and am confident that this will become a family heirloom. I made the best spaghetti and meatballs with very little, effortless cleanup which never happened with my old, cheap Dutch oven. It's well worth the cost for this beautiful pot." —Helenj

    Get it from Amazon for $349.95 (available in nine styles and 10 colors) or get the heart-shaped one also from Amazon for $199.95.

    25. A Nespresso Vertuo so you can ~espresso~ your feelings through delicious coffee (and espresso) your partner can make at home in the morning. And if you live together, this is a gift you'll both enjoy.

    Reviewer pic of the machine, plus the aeroccino milk frother next to it and a drawer of pods under it

    Plus, it comes with a milk frother, so you can make your own lattes and cappuccinos.

    Promising review: "Nespresso machine is the best investment I have made in my kitchen. Since I tasted delicious coffee, I will never drink any other brand. I use to drink Starbucks daily, for which I would spend $6 a day, but now I ONLY spend a dollar or two (think of a long-term saving). I would definitely recommend this coffee maker. Thank you, Nespresso for making such a delicious coffee, I am in heaven each morning." —senada

    Get it from Amazon for $117.99+ (available in five colors, plus bundle options with the aeroccino (Nespresso's milk frother) and/or sets of coffee pods).

    26. A silver charm bracelet that looks beautiful but is actually SUPER helpful, because there's a hidden button on the back they can press if they're ever in danger. If pressed, it will send a text and GPS location to up to five family members (and even 9-1-1) so your loved one always stays safe.

    The silver bracelet with a circular charm with a loopy design on it on a wrist

    The bracelet battery lasts at least one year but can make it to two, based on usage. After that, you can get a replacement charm for $99. It comes with an app that you can also program to play an alarm to deter an attacker or notify anyone nearby.

    Promising review: "I'm OBSESSED with this bracelet! I’ve been looking for something to make me feel a little safer especially when I go somewhere after work. I feel so much more secure being able to have this on me at all times! I pray I never have to use it, but if I do, I know I’ll be safe, and that’s all that matters to me!" —Callie S.

    Get it from Invisawear for $119.20 (originally $149; also available in gold).

    27. A RoboVac, because vacuuming is a chore and sometimes you just don't want to do it (or fight about who has to do it). This little guy will roam around every room and leave it spotless while you both kick back and relax., Amazon

    Promising reviews: "This thing has changed my life. I know that sounds weird but honestly of all my Amazon purchases, and there have been many, this is one of the very best. Every day when I get home from work I open it up, and it's loaded. 1,200 square feet, half-tile, half-new carpet. Still loaded." —Nick Carraway

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (available in black and white).

    28. A cozy fleece-lined hoodie made with a satin lining inside the hood to be gentle and protect their hair while also making them feel stylish as hell.

    KINApparel / Via, KINApparel / Via

    BTW — KIN Apparel is a Black woman-owned business!

    Promising review: "First off, this is a think hoodie. The inside feels like a blanket, and it’s so warm. I’ve been natural all my life, and I’m so happy about the hood because I fall asleep in hoodies often so at least my hair will be protected!" —Analise G.

    Get them from KIN Apparel's latest fall collection for $79.99 (available in 19 styles and sizes S-4XL) OR the thinner hoodies for $54.99 (available in eight styles and sizes S-4XL).

    29. A Bkr glass water bottle gorgeously made to make drinking water even better than it is. Yes, I know it's good for you, but sometimes it's so hard. This beauty will be a nice-looking reminder for them to up their intake in the best way possible.

    Model holding the glass water bottle with a silicon pink cover on it and a lid by their face
    bkr / Via

    Promising review: "Who knew you could love a water bottle? This thing is great. When my other bottle started to get a funny smell even with regular deep cleaning, I finally decided to switch to glass. I find I drink more water because this bottle is so easy to carry around everywhere. It runs through the dishwasher nicely and I also bought a small brush to clean it that works well. Yes, it was not cheap but it is so worth it. Consider it an investment in your health!" —GG

    Get it from Amazon for $38+ (available in four sizes and 20 colors).

    30. A Theragun specifically designed with an extra quiet motor so your partner can give themselves a great deep-muscle treatment that is said to increase blood flow to support the body's recovery process without disturbing you. Plus, you can use this to give each other a spa-worthy back massage.

    model holding the Theragun machine with a handle and ball at the end on their shoulder with another model asleep in bed next to them

    The device is made to reach 60% deeper into the muscles than other massagers and at 40 times a second. It comes with a standard ball (for overall use), dampener (for tender areas or near bones) and a power adapter and travel pouch.

    Promising review, "I LOVE IT!!! I used to use a baseball and simply lie on it to work out sore muscles, but the TheraGun is SO much more effective. The replacement heads work beautifully to hit specific spots that need extra TLC. Have always seen ads, but I didn't think it was worth the investment, BUT I was so wrong... Try it out." —Jeffrey J.

    Get it from Theragun for $299.

    31. A leather weekender bag with so many pockets and features to keep their stuff organized and neat, they'll wonder how they ever lived without it (and you, in turn).

    The oval-shaped brown leather bag with a long shoulder strap over a model's shoulder
    The Leather Expert / Etsy

    This small San Francisco-based family business creates timeless leather bags and accessories. The bag has a two-way zipper, detachable adjustable shoulder straps with a shoulder pad, three pockets and a key ring on the inside, and on the outside, a zippered waterproof pocket for shoes and a zipper pocket for a phone. Plus, it comes with a zipper wallet with waterproof lining.

    Promising review: "I purchased the weekender bag and a toiletry bag as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Lisa was more than helpful and prompt with any questions I had. I was so impressed with the quality of this bag I purchased one for myself!" —Shaudi

    Get it from The Leather Expert on Etsy for $205.20+ (originally $228+; available in three colors and a personalized option).

    32. A Gilded Body Marble Body Brush made for dry brushing and exfoliating dead skin cells, making their skin feel so soft, smooth, and better than after a day at the spa.

    Gilded Body

    Gilded Body is a Black woman-founded brand. Each brush is handmade with authentic marble and natural bristles. The brush was also named a Best of Beauty by Allure magazine in 2020.

    Promising review: "I purchased the Nero Marquina marble body brush and I have used it daily. This brush is truly crafted to perfection and the perfect piece to add to your bathroom vanity collection. So chic, luxe, and classy and highly recommended!" —Denise

    Get it from Gilded Body for $88 (available in six colors).

    33. A Samsung art frame smart TV with built-in motion sensors that display one of their favorite art pieces when they walk into the room, so there's not an ugly black rectangle hanging on the wall. Plus, it has 4K ultra HD, works with Alexa, and has amazing picture and sound quality.

    Amazon / Via, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "We are also shocked by the sound quality of the TV and the bass response in particular. The best feature of the TV, however, is the fact the electronics are remote, and the thing truly looks like a piece of art, albeit with a modern-looking frame. We opted to add the white bezel, and the TV blends in very well with the wall and surrounding furniture." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $947+ (available in four sizes).

    34. A bicycle basket handwoven in Ghana from locally sourced straw, so it will be a beautiful addition to the front of their bike *and* also give them a place to store any treats they pick up while on a ride.

    The woven tan basket with black stripes and pattern attached to the front of a bike

    This Black-owned marketplace curates products from a variety of different brands. They select brands with a focus on transparent sourcing, upcycling, and ethical treatment of employees. This basket has adjustable leather straps and is hand-woven and hand-dyed, so there might be slight variations in color.

    Promising review: "The best of all worlds: beautiful, durable, and handmade! It's made me smile with every ride. Thanks, Goodee!" —Diane R.

    Get it from Goodee for $85 (available in three colors).

    35. A Bose portable speaker easy to move from room to room so the ~party won't stop when they walk in~. Friday night dance party, here you come!

    The circular-shaped speaker in black with a handle at the top

    Promising review: "You wouldn't ever think you needed a 'portable' speaker in you home, but once you try it, you'll love it. This speaker is one of three Bose speakers that we use for a great music experience, and the great thing about this speaker is you grab the handle, unplug it, and bring it to wherever you want. Additionally, I love Alexa on the Bose speakers. It's very easy to set up and use and I'm happy with the functionality of it." —theAKDeezy

    Get it from Amazon for $349 (available in black and silver).

    36. A bathtub caddy because you know that even in a relationship, both parties need some "me" time. This handy tool will help them keep all their essentials (i.e. a candle, tea, phone, etc.) close to them during a bath without fear of anything getting wet.

    Reviewer image of a wooden bath caddy holding an iPad, washcoth, plant, candle, wine glass, bath salts

    Not only is it size-adjustable to accommodate different tubs, it comes equipped with a wineglass holder, edges that safely prop up a book or tablet, a candle holder, and extra space for whatever else their cozy heart desires.

    Promising review: "When I placed my order for this tray I looked at the pics but did not realize how really cool this piece is. The ability to change the size is great, but I just love the different trays that are removable as well as the ability to put my phone and a Kindle in 'safe' areas of the tray. I found a perfect place for my TV remote should I want to watch TV and not read. I just got it and used it last night but it appears to be well-made, balanced, and offers versatility for the things you may want at your fingertips when taking a luxurious bath!" —SindiMcG

    Get it from Amazon for $49.97+ (available in seven colors).

    37. A pair of Spanx faux leather leggings enabling them to look super fancy while staying super comfortable because, well, they're leggings that look good. And who doesn't want that?

    Model wearing the full-length leggings with a leather-look to them
    Spanx / Via

    Promising review: "I have these faux leather leggings in every color offered — they are THE BEST and a staple for my fall and winter closet. I'm currently pregnant and sized up for the fall to be able to continue to wear! I 100% recommend everyone get a pair. They make you look and feel amazing." —aadams10

    Get them from Nordstrom, Spanx, or from Amazon for $98+ (available in women's sizes XS-3X and XS-XL Petite).

    38. And a spinning heart messenger perfect for anyone in a long-distance relationship. You can send notes through an app to the box and your love will see the heart spinning and open it up to read the sweet message, which is just sweeter than a simple text message.

    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "This product is absolutely perfect for my situation. The messages are sent through an app on your phone and are instantly sent to the box, and you can also schedule a time when you want a message to be delivered. One of the cool aspects is that there are stickers and gifs that you can also send through the app. Overall, it was an amazing gift and definitely worth the money."—GC

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $100+ (available in two styles).

    Your SO opening your luxe gift like:

    Walt Disney

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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