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    27 Pieces Of Furniture That Are Worth The Splurge

    Quality pieces for every room of your home that'll last for years.

    1. An oversized cushion accent chair actually comfy enough for you to want to sit in it for hours on end, because it has plywood-reinforced sides and back for added support.

    Oversized cushion and back chair in grey with low-slung arms and stainless steel base

    2. A resin and iron vintage-inspired floor-length mirror you've probably been ~eyeing~ for years now, but this is the sign from the universe that this beauty deserves its chance to shine in your home.

    Wide floor-length mirror with a rounded top and gold frame with jeweled adornments on the top middle and bottom side edges.

    3. A four-in-one folding ottoman sleeper that easily changes from an ottoman to a lounger to a twin bed, which is especially great for anyone with limited space who may have guests stopping by every once and a while.

    4. A shallow bookshelf so absolutely beautiful that it will transform your home *and* give you a place to display your favorite trinkets and all those painted vases you tried after seeing that hack on TikTok.

    The abstract bookcase with six differently-sized rounded-edge cubbies with assorted trinkets and books inside them.

    5. A glass-top side table you ~clearly~ need to add to your living room to give it a funky, modern look without going overboard.

    Reviewer pic of the side table with a white teardrop-style base and clear glass top

    6. A velvet L-shaped sectional for a stylish yet soft touch to your living room, perfect to sit and lounge on all day because it really is that comfortable.

    A blue velvet sectional couch with an l-like shape in a living room

    7. A round pedestal coffee table made with a wood top and iron bottom for a quality piece you can display in your home for years to come.

    Oval black wood-top coffee table with gold iron pedestal base in a living room.

    8. A drop-leaf wood-top steel-leg dining table that folds up small so you can use it as a console table and then when you have dinner guests, simply pull it out, lift the side leaves and pull the legs to reveal a table big enough to seat four.

    9. A metal frame trundle bed to make the most out of the space in your spare room and give you a place (or two) where guests can crash.

    The steel trundle bed with rounded edges and side rails with two mattress on it.

    10. A hand-woven printed stool with boho-inspired flair you can use as a place to rest your feet while you sit on your couch or even an extra seat.

    The circular stool in grey with wood legs and a orange, red, and tan triangle and diamond pattern all over it.

    11. A four-door mirror console table designed to be thin so it can fit basically anywhere in your home — from your entry way to even behind your couch.

    Reviewer pic of the thin wood-top table with four doors in the front with mirrors and a design on top of them.

    12. An industrial heavy duty clothing rack you *could* use as a place to store any extra clothes and shoes that don't fit in your closet or just as a place to display your favorite pieces as part of your decor.

    The garment rack with clothes on it and two wood shelves at the bottom with shoes and accessories and a shelf at the top with other accessories on it.

    13. A gold metal bar cart with tempered glass shelves that have a silk-screen geometric pattern for a fun added detail, plus wheels on the bottom that lock into place so you can easily rearrange it in the room until you find the exact perfect spot.

    Reviewer pic of the bar cart with two glass-top shelves with a geometric pattern to them  and assorted alcohol bottles and glasses on each one.

    14. A handmade wood bed frame so simple yet absolutely breathtaking that even if you decide to change your bedroom decor over the years, it will match whatever style you choose.

    Wood bed frame with slots in the headboard in a bedroom.

    15. A velvet green accent chair to add a luxe touch to the room and make you feel like royalty anytime you sit in it.

    Green velvet chair with back pillow and black metal frame in a living room.

    16. A handmade oak bench made from recycled wood you can set at the end of your bed or even by the door as a nice place to put your shoes on before you head out.

    The wood bench with wood legs and a beam across the bottom middle in front of a bed.

    17. A solid wood five-tier bookshelf great for helping you ~maximize~ your space because with the minimalist design. Even if you fill it with books, pictures, and other trinkets, it won't look like a cluttered mess that makes the room feel smaller.

    Reviewer pic of the five-shelf bookcase with books, pictures, and other trinkets on each shelf.

    18. A customizable sideboard so cool and unique, it will add a bit of personality and fun to the room and be a topic of conversation with every guest who stops by.

    Three-door sideboard with wood legs and a geometric multi-colored pattern on the front.

    19. A three-drawer mirrored bedside table for a sleek addition to your bedroom that you'll quickly ~see~ will stand the test of time.

    Silver mirrored bedside table with three drawers, a crystal border around the front, and crystal knobs.

    20. A TV stand with two shelves and two sliding doors, meaning you can display what you want and hide away anything else you don't need to see every day.

    Dark brown wood tv stand with peg legs and two shelves and two doors on either side with a tv sitting on top of it.

    21. A round wood-top pedestal table for a sleek yet sophisticated piece you can easily fit four people around without taking up your whole kitchen.

    Reviewer pic of the round-top table in white with four chairs around it.

    22. A walnut wood dresser to give yourself an easy place to organize and store your ever-growing clothing collection while also adding a sleek look to your bedroom.

    The wood five-drawer dresser with leather pull tabs and white frame with dark brown legs in a room.

    23. An upholstered headboard to elevate your bedroom so it basically shouts to everyone, "AN ADULT LIVES HERE."

    Reviewer pic of the tufted headboard with thick border behind a bed in a room.

    24. A wood cabinet that's compact enough to keep in any room where you need more storage, because your place will look cleaner (and in turn feel bigger) when your belongings are tucked inside.

    Wood cabinet with two doors and black metal base in a living room.

    25. A triple-wide cabinet wide enough to fit a sound bar as well as other smart designs to hide cables and TV accessories that might otherwise be an eyesore in the room.

    The triple-wide cabinet with wood slotted front and black metal legs under a TV in a living room.

    26. A rattan cocoon chair with a cushion perfect for curling up with a blanket in to finish that book you've been reading.

    The cocoon chair made out of wood with a curved back design and a cushion and pillow inside

    27. And a breathtakingly beautiful curved velvet sofa you may think belongs in a modern art museum instead of your own home.

    Curved sofa with velvet teal fabric and wood legs in a room.

    My actual reaction when I saw that curved sofa:

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