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    27 Fashion Items That Are Totally Worth The Splurge

    These pieces are worth investing in.

    1. A midi dress that'll add some ~flare~ to your wardrobe and be your go-to dress for any nice event.

    2. A printed blouse designed to look just as good with a pair of jeans as it does with a black pencil skirt – meaning you'll be able to wear this for sooo many different occasions.

    3. A pair of shoes with removable heels, essentially solving the age-old dilemma of wanting to wear heels for a night out, but knowing your feet might kill you if you do. With these, you can turn them into flats whenever your feet start to hurt. Problem solved!

    4. A pair of skinny jeans you honestly will never go wrong with. These babies are classics and favorites for a reason—they are THAT good.

    5. A quilted moto jacket – I guarantee you will feel approximately 100x cooler every time you slip it on.

    6. A linen shirt that'll look just as good at the office as it does during your next vacation.

    7. An oversized blazer – you'll find so many outfits to wear with it, you won't even know what to do with yourself.

    8. A pair of Chelsea boots designed so you can walk 500 miles (and 500 more).

    9. A snake-print midi skirt that'll slowly ~slither~ to the front of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

    10. A pair of Allbirds runners made of a breathable wool to keep you feet comfortable all day long as you wear them.

    11. High-rise black jeans so versatile and comfortable, you may end up saying, "Leggings? I don't know them."

    12. A cashmere sweater that'll make you feel like you're wearing a blanket...and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    13. A jumpsuit to have on hand for occasions when you need to look nice, but still want to be comfortable.

    14. A chic digital watch so you don't even have to pretend like you can read an old school clock. Your secret is safe with me!

    15. A stripped shirtdress you can throw on in the morning when you're in a ~cinch~ and have absolutely no idea what to wear — you'll know that this number will look good and make you feel great.

    16. A pair of leggings hundreds of reviewers swear are the comfiest ones they've ever worn, meaning you'll never want to take them off.

    17. A classic jean jacket you'll find yourself reaching for no matter what season it is. This is as great to wear during summer nights as it is during cool fall days, or even layered with a sweater for spring.

    18. A belt bag – you'll use it once and realize that fanny packs never should have gone out of style. They're just too practical.

    19. An a-line skirt so beautiful, it probably deserves a spot in the MET. Everyone will be crowding around this to get a glimpse (and maybe a selfie).

    20. An a-line dress that'll make you feel like the true boss you are and help you crush any interview you wear it to.

    21. A tote bag you'll use every single day to carry your life around.

    22. A trench coat with a detachable liner and hood so you're able to customize it for whatever weather situation is going on outside your window.

    23. A handkerchief hem dress – you'll be in tiers over how good you look in it.

    24. A crossbody bag you can fit the essentials in: your phone, wallet, keys (okay, and maybe lip gloss, too).

    25. A tank dress that'll be your go-to for every vacation (whether you'll be sitting on a beach or exploring Roman ruins or anything in between).

    26. A shirt dress designed in a classic silhouette you know will never go out of style.

    27. And classic pair of Jimmy Choo pumps Carrie Bradshaw would be so proud of you for adding to your closet.

    You celebrating investing in quality pieces that'll last for years:

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