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    Sparkling Water Fans Rejoice: The SodaStream Fizzi (That I Love) Is 40% Off Right Now

    I use mine every day to make delicious sparkling water in seconds — all while saving time, plastic waste, and money.

    I'm a huge fan of sparkling water. I've been drinking it for years. At one point, my roommate and I were each buying a six-pack every week so we'd never run out in our apartment.

    But then, I was introduced to SodaStream, and my life was forever changed. And now yours can be too because the Fizzi maker is more than 40% OFF FOR CYBER MONDAY!!!

    The black machine with a water bottle inside and bubbles, showing that it's carbonating the water with a glass of sparkling water with fruit next to it

    This is not only a great thing to treat yourself to, but it also makes a great gift for anyone you know who's a sparkling water fan. You get everything you need to create delicious sparkling water that's usually $89.99 for ONLY $49.99.

    But don't wait — this deal only lasts through Saturday!

    And since I'm a self-proclaimed SodaStream expert (I use mine every day), here's a deeper dive into why it's so great:

    Instead of having to buy cans or bottles of seltzer all the time, I can make it in seconds in my apartment and never run out.

    I also love how much better for the environment it is — I've reduced my plastic and aluminum consumption by a lot.

    And I can personally attest that it's a great gift because after telling my mom about mine, she was intrigued, so I got her one for Christmas last year — and she has used it almost every day over the past year!

    It has made both of our lives a bit easier because we don't have to get cases of water from the grocery store, which saves us money and strength because we don't have to carry them home.

    Each C02 canister makes around 60 bottles. We replace ours about every six weeks. And according to the SodaStream website, 1 CO2 bottle equals 2,070 disposable bottles.

    There is a bit of a learning curve to it though, and many reviewers talk about how it can make a mess. And that has happened to me when I first started using the machine, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.

    But I'm going to walk you through it in case you need some help:

    After you fill the bottle up with water to the line on the outside, you put it on the machine. Then you press slowly down for two seconds over and over again, until you hear a releasing sound.

    Plus, when you're done, you can add a few drops of the fruit flavoring to it to make it taste like sparkling water you picked up at the store.

    Six small bottles in a variety of different flavors

    Not only do I feel great about the less waste I'm creating, but I do feel like I'm actually saving money. And other reviewers agree:

    "This is one of the best things I've ever bought. I like fizzy water and I like soda, but I don't like the cost, or carrying it home from the store, or the recycling aspect. So I thought I'd try it for 30 days and have used it every day since. It saves you time and money! I make a liter, then mix up whatever flavor I like. I get the fruity water flavoring drops. I liked this so much, I'm a walking-talking spokesperson. I bought one for my brother-in-law for a way early Christmas gift — and they use it every day as well!!" —RedDoorTreasures

    "I love my SodaStream! The soda water flavor is perfect after just two pumps with the SodaStream Fizzi. I found it simple and easy to use. I'm a little baffled that so many people have screwed it up. My advice would be to push down on the button and hold for 2 seconds. There is literally a sticker next to the button telling you to do this. I pour mine out into smaller reusable water bottles and the bubbles last for days. This saves me money and makes me feel more resourceful since I no longer fail at recycling my aluminum cans!

    One 60ml canister gives me approximately 2000 ounces of soda water. At 12oz in a can, that's 166 cans of soda water, which is 13.8 12packs. A typical 12 pack is $4 and a canister is $30. And 30/13.8 = 2.17, so it cuts my cost nearly in half and would pay for itself after the second canister!" —Carolyn Leduc

    When the CO2 bottle runs out, you can exchange it and get a new one for half-price.

    You can do this on their website or by visiting stores that sell the products, including Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

    If you're exchanging it in the store though, I would suggest calling ahead to make sure they have them in stock. If they do, you can just bring it to the customer service desk, and they'll exchange it no problem.

    Get the SodaStream bundle from Amazon for $49.99 (originally $89.99; available in black and blue on sale).

    Me drinking sparkling water like it's my job:

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