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    22 Simple Product Switches That'll Help You Reduce Waste

    Easy things to help you get a bit more green and feel like a better person without even really trying.

    1. A pack of metal straws you can carry with you to help save the turtles once and for all. They deserve it.

    2. A pack of beeswax food wraps that'll replace your need for plastic wrap. All you have to do is use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap over a bowl, container, or food item, and as it cools, it will create a seal to protect it.

    3. A set of cotton produce bags to take to the grocery store with you so you can keep your produce fresh and stop using all those plastic bags.

    4. A set of silicone reusable tea infusers so you can get your caffeine (or just tea) fix without constantly throwing out tea bag after tea bag.

    5. A reusable cover for your sweeper you can just throw in the wash when you're done wet or dry moping your floor.

    6. A portable silverware set so you can tell every take out restaurant you don't need any silverware.

    7. Some silicone stretch lid covers that fit over bowls, cups, glassware, jars, and even fruits and vegetables to keep freshness in and plastic wrap out.

    8. Biodegradable cotton swabs because we h-ear these are better for the environment, plus you'll know exactly what you're using.

    9. A French press that'll make you feel so fancy and down-right Parisian as you make coffee sans paper filter.

    10. Some foldable reusable tote bags you should probably just have with you at all times because you never know when you're going to want to put stuff in 'em. Grocery shopping? Check! Clothes shopping? Check! Sweater you brought is too warm? Check!

    11. A compostable sponge that works just as hard (or harder) than the sponge you currently use to give your dishes the deep clean they deserve.

    12. A set of collapsible containers you can use for leftovers both at home or at a restaurant. Just keep them collapsed and in your bag till you're done eating!

    13. Or an 18-piece set of glass storage containers you'll feel so much better about microwaving food in. Plus, these may save you from the avalanche that is your Tupperware cabinet.

    14. Some compostable poop bags because your furry friend can also do their part to help the environment!

    15. Some cactus dryer balls that'll eliminate you need for dryer sheets *and* make your laundry dry faster. Now that's a win-win.

    16. A coffee tumbler so you can – once and for all – stop getting disposable coffee cups every time you decide to stop in the morning. Plus, this baby keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

    17. A menstrual cup as the only product you'll use during your period every month. Just think about how much money this will save you in the long run.

    18. Or if that's not your style, period-proof underwear to eliminate your need to use pads and tampons altogether.

    19. A popcorn popper you just fill with kernels, ~pop~ in the microwave, and end up with healthy (and delicious) popcorn in minutes. Say goodbye forever to those three packs that never last very long anyway.

    20. A pack of natural sponge cloths you'll feel so much better wiping down your counter and cleaning your kitchen with. Plus, three of these replaces about 45 rolls of paper towels.😱

    21. Compostable trash bags because if you have to have trash, you might as well not add even more trash to this earth with the bag that it's in.

    22. And some reusable diapers to help inspire the next generation to produce less waste. We're doing this for them after all!

    Your friends when they see you making an effort to go green:

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