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    28 Things On Etsy That Reviewers Absolutely Love

    A linen wrap dress, library stamp, camper birdhouse, and more items that people can't get enough of.

    1. A small yet beautiful wildflower necklace you'll ~pick~ out to wear every single day because it will add a touch of glam without overpowering your outfit.

    model wearing the gold chain necklace with a small circle charm with an etching of a flower bouquet on it

    2. A small diffuser you can hang from your rearview mirror and bring a nice scent back to your car after all the adventures you've taken it on that have brought many unwanted smells.

    person holding the diffuser which hangs off the mirror like an air freshener

    3. A flutter-sleeve wrap dress made from linen, so it's perfect for the summer months when it's so hot outside you'd rather be wearing nothing. You'll look (and feel) calm, cool, and collected in this number.

    model wearing the short-sleeved wrap dress in light blue

    4. A eucalyptus bundle you can hang from your shower head to add a touch of greenery and life to the room. The steam from the shower helps release natural oils said to clear sinuses, relax the body and mind, *and* fills the room with a heavenly scent. I'm feeling calmer just thinking about that...

    The bundle of eucalyptus hanging from a shower

    5. A pair of colorful huarache sandals that'll be your go-to shoes this summer because the colors will add some color and fun to any outfit you pair them with.

    model wearing the tan shoes with shite sole and colorful flower on the top as well as colorful weaving between the sole and the top

    6. A book tracker bookmark made with spaces you can color in and then add the title of the book you finish, so you can look back and see all the reading you've accomplished. And since you can keep it in your current read, you won't have to do the dreaded dog ears anymore.

    a person holding the bookmark

    7. A set of state pint glasses that'll be a ~pitcher~ perfect addition to your cabinet because it'll be a sweet reminder of your hometown or even your favorite state.

    clear pint glasses with illustration of texas, michigan, florida, and washington on them

    8. A Double Dipper dip clip you can clip to the air vent in your car to hold your favorite sauces for your fries and chicken tenders in the car, no prob. Road trips will NEVER be the same.

    the red dip clip with two slots and ketchup in each attached to the air vent in a car

    9. A floral frame library stamp to add a personalized touch to all your books. Plus, when you loan one of your fave books out to a friend, you can 100% prove that it's yours when you politely (or not so politely, depending on how long they've kept it) ask for it back.

    a light brown wood stamp with a rectangle floral stamp on a book page with the words "from the library of claire paige" on it

    10. A constellation map personalized with what the night sky looked like on a specific date. You can select an anniversary, birth date, or any other special occasion you'd like to remember forever.

    constellation map with text underneath that reads "under the stars, with a date, and a location"

    11. A pair of confetti earrings to bring the party to any outfit. Plus, since these are made of resin, they're light and comfortable to wear all day long.

    the confetti earrings in different shaped with round gold studs at the top

    12. A vintage-style camper bird house everyone will be ~flocking~ to see. (And by everyone, I mean all the birds, of course.)

    Wood birdhouse that looks like an old camper that's half teal and half white with an awning on the front and side

    13. A 'Please Leave By Nine' cross stitch kit for anyone who has wanted to try this art form but doesn't know where to start. This kit includes everything you need to create this fun piece of wall decor that will also tell your guests exactly how you feel about having them there.

    round cross-stitch with the words 'please leave by nine' embroidered in the middle with flowers embroidered around the edge

    14. Floral nail tattoo stickers you'll ~stick~ to because they're super easy to apply and take your at-home mani the extra mile, making it look like it was done by a professional.

    pail pink nail stickers with different flowers all over them

    15. A '70s-style bomber jacket with a retro-chic vibe you'll be ~rocking~ for years and years to come.

    model wearing the blue bomber jacket  with orange and yellow sun design on the back and orange stripes around the hems

    16. A brightly colored gradient planter to give your plant's home a makeover worthy of a huge reveal on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. "One, two, three, MOVE THAT BUS!!!"

    five gradient planter in different rainbow shades with succulents in them

    17. A pillow you can customize with a picture of your pet so you can have a piece of them in your home (and heart) forever.

    assorted pet pillows

    18. A spicy margarita cocktail kit containing a packet filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs to infuse enough alcohol to make eight to 10 cocktails. You'll get an incredibly unique flavor everyone can enjoy.

    19. An eco-friendly washable sponge with mesh on one side to help you scrub any caked-on food residue off your dishes.

    Model holding the sponge with the mesh side up under a faucet with water coming out of it

    20. A personalized ceramic mug that'll make you most definitely exclaim, "Are you ~kitten~ me?!?" when you open the box, because it will be hand-painted to look exactly like your cat. How presh!!

    two mugs with small ears and face painted to look like cats with names in the middle bottom

    21. A lace triangle bralette reviewers say is super comfy, and supportive, and cute, which is the undergarment trifecta, if you ask me.

    triangle lace bralettes in peach, white, tan, mint, and grey

    22. A customizable handwriting bracelet so you can keep your loved ones with you at all times with a small reminder of how much they care — in their own handwriting.

    The silver bracelet with the words "Love always, Grandma" in cursive

    23. A set of glitter car coasters if your car deserves a bit of ✨sparkle✨. Not only will these look great in your car, they'll also protect the cup holders and make them super easy to clean when you accidentally spill some sticky soda...again...

    eight sets of resin coasters in different glitter coasters

    24. A soap dish handcrafted with a drainage spout to eliminate the water and soap scum that usually ends up sitting in the bottom of the dish.

    a selection of soap dishes in different colors with a soap bar sitting in one of them

    25. Some reusable face wipes that'll make taking off your makeup at night super easy. Plus, when you're done, just throw them in the wash, and you can use them again and again and again.

    four-packs of resuable face pads in white, blue, black, and teal fabric with bees on them

    26. A beautiful art print that'll add a touch of personality to your bedroom wall and also *probably* remind you to water your plants.

    An illustrated art print of a woman watering her plants

    27. A zodiac ring for a dainty yet beautiful addition to your hand you can wear every single day.

    Model's hands with assorted zodiac sign rings in gold in silver on each finger

    28. And a Magic Castle suncatcher you can stick on your window to add some magic to your home as it reflects rainbow lights all over the room. Plus, keep an eye out for the hidden Mickey ears!!!

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.