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    PSA: If You Ever Go Out To Dinner With A Group Of People You Need The Plates App

    Split the bill with ease and save your friendships at the same time.

    Going out to dinner with friends is great! You get to catch up, eat some great food, and probably laugh a lot. But then the bill comes and suddenly the table looks like this:

    You all look around wondering how you're going to split it all up so you don't end up paying for food and drinks you didn't have, all while thinking there has to be a better way!

    Well, there is. A few years ago, I was in the same situation, until one of my friends said, "I know how to do this." and she introduced us to an app called Plates.

    Everyone else at the table was mesmerized. Using the app, she was able to break up what people ate/drank (including split items) and tell each of us exactly how much we owed, including tip. It was life-changing.

    Since then, I've used it many times, and every time I'm with a new group people, they're shocked. So, I've decided that everyone should have it on their phone.

    Not sure how it works? It's pretty simple, but I'll quickly walk you through it. Here's an example of a bill from a dinner I had with four friends:

    picture of a receipt with a total of $10.61

    All you have to do is open the app and add the number of people at the table.

    Then you add the bill before tax and tip and then the tax.

    From there, you can either split everything evenly or break it up individually by who ate/drank what.

    And in the end, you'll get to see exactly what everyone owes with tip included.

    screenshot of the app with a different total at each of the four plates including tip as well as the final amount

    And just to give you another example, here's one I had saved on my phone from a brunch with nine people.

    screenshot of the app, showing nine different plates and different totals for each one with a grand total of $375.34

    You can download Plates for free in the Apple app store.

    You thinking about how you paid for food you didn't eat: