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Just 44 Products To Give Your Home An End-Of-Year Upgrade

Door draft stoppers, a velvet ottoman, blackout curtains, and more products to help make your home even better in 2022.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A super-sleek velvet ottoman designed so the top pops off (and you can flip to make a small table) to reveal some sneaky storage. You can fill this with basically anything, even an ever-growing candle collection, as one BuzzFeed editor does.

2. Sticky Stake insect traps you place in your plants to attract flies, gnats, midges, and other insects and keep them from flying around your house and annoying you so very much.

3. A super-cool wall-art holder with slots to hold your favorite lipsticks. Not only will it be a piece of art on your wall, but it will be super convenient when you are looking for the specific lipstick that matches your outfit. Now you know exactly where it is.

lip-shaped wall art with circle cut-outs that fit lipstick and lip gloss containers

4. A soundproofing strip to help block out all the surrounding noise so you don't have to hear the music that your upstairs neighbor decides to put on at 2 a.m. Some of us like to sleep!!!

5. A sofa table skinny enough to not take up a ton of space but still give you a place to add chic decor pieces and organized storage — from the entryway or even behind the couch.

6. A super sleek wood-burning fireplace to bring warmth to your outdoor space. Get ready to entertain by the fire in style and don't forget the marshmallows!

Wood-burning fireplace

7. Some Shoe Slotz designed so you can store your shoes on top of each other instead of side by side, meaning not only will your closet look so neat, but you'll also have room to store more shoes. Always a win in my world.

A before and after photo of a organized shoe collection and an organized one

8. An adjustable standing desk because if you knew you were going to be working from home this long, you probably would have invested in this the first week. But if working from home looks like it's going to be your future now, this baby is well worth it. Not only can you customize the height, but it can hold up to 275 pounds, is water and scratch resistant, and has an included cable tray to keep your desk free and clear of cords.

the bamboo desk top with white legs

9. A door draft stopper reviewers swear is a great way to stop cold air from getting into your home during the winter months. Not only will you save money on your energy bill, but you'll also stop tiny critters from crawling their way into your home. And now that's a win-win.

10. An Aerogarden so you can grow your own herbs (and even veggies) at home, no matter if you live in an apartment without any outdoor space. You'll feel like a real chef when you add your homegrown basil to your recipe.

the white slim machine with different plants growing from it

11. A Rifle Paper Co. printed rug because if you've been eyeing this beauty for a while now, this is your sign that you need it in your life. It's beautiful, will add some warmth to the room, and make you extremely happy when you look at it. OK, maybe this is just me convincing myself to finally hit "add to cart."

the rectangle blue rug with white and blue flower pattern all over it

12. A set of blackout curtains because I'm sure you loved all the natural light that came with your home, that is, until it woke you up at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning. These curtains will make sure that you get your much needed beauty rest no matter how bright it is outside.

13. A beautiful full-length mirror with a curved edge for an added bit of elegance in your home that will also make the room feel bigger.

full-length mirror with rounded top and black trim

14. A silverware tray because just letting your utensils sit in a pile really shouldn't ~slide~. This will let you keep them all together and looking oh so nice.

Long rectangular tray in grey with four different sections with silverware in each

15. An acrylic plant hanger made to fit in your windowsill so you have a place to not only store your ~growing~ collection of plants, but also display them.

The three-tiered shelf holding nine plants

16. Bed bands that'll work super hard to keep the corners of your fitted sheet in place so they don't pop off and try to escape every chance they get. Plus, this means you won't have to fight to get the sheet on all four corners as often — that itself is a chore.

17. Or a vertical shoe tower if your space is smaller but you still want a place to put your shoes as soon as you walk in the door.

The tiered tower holding seven pairs of shoes

18. The Pink Stuff, which is an all-purpose paste that works to clean basically everything in your house. This means you can go from scrubbing a pan to making your muddy rain boots look brand new in one swoop — no changing of cleaning products required.

19. Some shelf dividers providing you the chance to stack clothing and linens in the whole shelf without them toppling over, creating an even bigger mess. And when you want to grab that specific shirt at the bottom of the pile, you'll be super grateful to have these.

reviewer photo showing shelf dividers used to separate stacks of towels in their linen closet

20. The Always Pan because it will *always* be there for all your cooking needs. Reviewers are raving about this simple-to-clean pan that also packs the flavor!

21. A FURemover Broom that works to remove pet *and* human hair from deep in your carpet that your vacuum can't reach. Plus, it has a squeegee edge so you can also use it to clean your shower, windows, and even car windshield. We love a multipurpose product!

22. A peace vase, or in other words, the new focal point of whatever room it's in. This beauty will bring you so much joy every time you look at it.

gold vase with a peace-sign design in the middle

23. A Bio Bidet so you can treat your bum to some serious luxury. Not only will you leave the potty feeling squeaky clean, but your porcelain throne will now have a *heated seat*, a three-in-one nozzle with posterior, feminine, and vortex washes, and adjustable wash settings (including massage, pulse, and wide angle wash modes).

The bidet seat

24. A floating shelf to transform all your favorite novels and cookbooks into works of art you can enjoy every single day because, let's be honest, are you really ever going to get around to reading every single one of them?

reviewer image of three of the shelves on the wall holding up three different stacks of books

25. A flat outlet plug to help you eliminate the clutter and eyesore of the mess of cords around your plugs and give your space a sleek and clean look.

reviewer showing a before and after of a plug coming out from behind a dresser and then being hidden with the flat outlet plug

26. An overflow drain cover here to solve the bath problem where you just can't seem to get the water deep enough for you to fully relax and enjoy after a long day. This cover allows you to add a couple of extra inches of water, something that reviewers say makes ALLLL the difference.

reviewer in tub filled up high with water and bubbles

27. An O-Sheet! specifically designed to hold one complete set of sheets because no one (and I mean no one) enjoys trying to fold their extra fitted sheets to make them look nice in the linen closet. Instead, all you have to do is put the sheets into the fleece, and use the drawstring to close it. Plus, it has an indicator strap so you always know what size sheets are in it. How genius is that?

28. A vacuum hose attachment you actually attach to your vacuum to suck out all the dust, lint, and other debris that's hiding in your dryer. This 2.5-foot kit will get in there deep and remove so much stuff you'll be shocked how your dryer has even worked up till this point.

29. A dresser mirror actually made so the bottom is flat, meaning it will fit on top of your dresser perfectly and give the room the pop that it deserves.

The round mirror with a flat bottom and black frame sitting on a dresser

30. A cord organizer to help you hid any messes that accumulate from plugging in all your devices that are a total eyesore in the room.

A before and after picture: on the left, a bunch of black cords tangled on the floor, and on the right, all those cords now nicely disguised in a light brown wood box with white sides.

31. A slide-out storage tower so you can ~squeeze~ the most out of your kitchen even if you have less cabinet space than you thought was possible.

Reviewer pic of the three-tier skinny tower between a fridge and stove with assorted kitchen goods on it.

32. Shower curtain rings with two separate hooks so you can hang both your curtain and liner separately. Not only will the curtain open and close smoother, but you'll be able to remove them easily when it's time for a cleaning. Which reminds's probably time to clean my shower curtain. 😬

curtain rings with two separate hooks to hold liner and curtain

33. A set of silicone stove-counter gap covers I'm really upset I haven't had in my home for years now because these stop all those tiny crumbs from falling down the crack, and that is so so so impossible to clean up! *shakes fists in the air*

Reviewer's picture of the gap cover placed between their stove and counter

34. A CovoBox made to look like a stack of books, but it's actually hollow on the inside, so you can use it to cover your Wi-Fi router that's awkwardly sitting out. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to beautiful (and functional) decor.

before and after showing how what looks like a bunch of gold and tan books actually hides a wifi box and Alexa device

35. A vibrant yellow indoor/outdoor cart that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. This cart is able to easily move and has a water-resistant coat so it can withstand the outdoors. Use it as a bar cart or to store plants, this cart is very versatile!

the yellow cart

36. A three-tier bamboo rack you can hang on the wall or keep on the ground, but either way, it will give you a place to organize random things and make your home feel less cluttered.

37. A stone diffuser reviewers say is extremely quiet *and* blends in with the decor, meaning you'll get all the benefits of having a diffuser in your home without having a clunky thing just sitting out. This will add such a luxurious feel to your home.

38. Light-dimming stickers to, once and for all, put an end to the small lights coming from your TV, Wi-Fi router, or whatever else you have in your room that keeps you up at night.

39. A five-drawer pivot cabinet where the drawers turn outward, showing you what's inside. This storage station will add some color to the room and be a fun way to store all those odds and ends you're not sure what to do with.

five drawer cabinet where each drawer is a different color and shows how each one moves

40. An outlet light so you can add a little bit of light to the room without having to get a big and bulky night-light. And when your turn the lights off at night, you won't end up running into a door you def thought was closed but it was too dark to see...take it from me, that's no fun at all.

41. Some vinyl measurement conversion decals so you don't have to stop mid-recipe to Google "how many cups are in one quart," because who can ever remember if it's 3, 4, or 5???? These fit perfectly on the inside of a cabinet, so your cheat sheet can stay discrete and ready for you at a moment's notice. This isn't high school anymore.

the measurement decals pasted inside a cabinet with measuring cups underneath, and six measurement conversions (gallon, quart, pint, cup, 1/4 cup, and one tablesoon)

42. A three-tier rack with a minimalist design that will actually help you ~maximize~ your space by giving you a place to store and display everything from shoes to books to plants, and everything in between.

the three-tier rack with assorted books and containers on it

43. A toilet night-light designed with a sensor so it will turn on as soon as you stumble into the bathroom, eyes closed. You won't have to turn on the light, which always wakes you up, causing it to take longer for you to fall back asleep.

toilet night light in toilet

44. A sectional with ✨storage✨ you can customize to fit your space and your needs. But this beauty deserves to be the center of your living room — you'll be able to lounge in style in comfort. Something that we've all learned is a very important thing over the last 18 months.

the blue sectional in a living room

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.