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    37 Products That'll Make Anyone Who's From The Midwest Scream, "OMG, I Need!"

    No Dad, this doesn't mean I'm moving home (yet).

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mini wood print with an accurate picture of how much your heart grows when someone asks you where you're from and you get to talk about the best place in the world.


    Get it from Raygun for $18.

    2. A 70-piece Chicago dog puzzle you can piece together while you ~ketchup~ with friends.*

    Urban Outfitters


    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $15 (also available in a pizza shape).

    3. A slate serving tray because to brie honest, no matter how many ad dollars California spends to spread propaganda that they have the "best dairy," you know for a fact that Wisconsin is, and will ALWAYS be, the dairy state and fill your appetizer board with the most delicious cheese.


    Sorry, happy California cows, it's NEVER going to happen.

    Get the serving tray from Nordstrom for $60 (available in all 50 states).

    4. Great Lakes or "Midwest is best" tattoos that may be temporary, but represent the place that permanently holds your heart.


    Get a set of two from citybird on Etsy for $5 (available in two designs).

    5. An Alex and Ani University of Michigan bangle that'll make any current student or alumn squeal with joy until they ~go blue~ in the face.


    Find more schools here.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.49+ (available in two colors).

    6. A gorgeous floral state sticker to put on your laptop, phone, or anywhere where you want to display your homeland with pride.

    Get Illinois, Iowa (available in two sizes), or Missouri (available in two sizes) from baileymincer on Redbubble for $3.09+. Find more states here.

    7. A cornhole set so you can finally take your love for the game to new heights and show everyone that this sport is so competitive it deserves to be in the next Olympics.


    Side note, have we officially decided that this is called corn hole? Because everyone I know just calls it "bags." Debate in the comments please.

    The set comes with two 100% handcrafted boards, eight bean bags, and a case so you can bring the set to every barbecue, tailgate, or wedding you're invited to.

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in tailgate and regulation size).

    8. A sticker or sign to show off your pride for a word that basically everyone else in the country doesn't understand but makes perfect sense to you when you accidentally bump into someone or need to squeeze by. Ope sorry!


    I honestly didn't even realize that this was a weird word to have in your vocabulary until I moved to New York and saw an article about words that only make sense in the Midwest. And then, out of nowhere, I really started noticing that yep, I used this word in my life all the time. Ope!

    Get the sticker from WildNorthCoShop on Etsy for $3.50 and the wall art from LittleWhiteSign on Etsy for $20.

    9. An evocative Homesick candle that smells like your home state, favorite city, or even key memories of your Midwestern youth.


    For example, the Wisconsin candle has notes of butter, cream, cinnamon, maple, peppermint, and cranberry, the Ann Arbor candle features scents like chocolate, cherry, lemon, and sandalwood, and the Friday night football candle has notes of musk, grass, leather, lemon, popcorn, and yes, sweat.

    My best friend got me the Wisconsin Christmas a couple years ago for my birthday, and I LOVE it! It's a nice soy wax candle with an amazing scent. I've had it for years and still have enough wax to last for years more. Every time I light it, I take a deep breath and take in all the smells of home (minus the cow poop).

    Get the Wisconsin candle for $29.95 (find more states here), the Ann Arbor candle for $29.95 (find more cities here), and the Friday night football candle for $29.95, all from Homesick.

    10. A t-shirt that'll let people know just the kind of person you are. That is, before you smile at them and say "Hey, how's it going?", even though that just makes it seem like you want something from them. Nope! It's just you showing them how it's done in the Midwest.


    Get it from DuNordClothingCo on Etsy for $26.99 (available in sizes S-2X and in four colors).

    11. A cocktail kit because even though you might not consider yourself old fashioned, you know that this drink has been around forever for a reason: it really is that good.


    It includes enough ingredients to make six Old Fashioneds: aromatic bitters, orange bitters, grapefruit bitters, six sugar cubes, three cocktail picks, a muddler spoon, and a linen cocktail napkin so you can be extra fancy. All you have to do is add the booze!

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    12. A cute racerback tank for anyone who's not above making ~corny~ jokes about their home state's main export.


    This design is also available on a crewneck T-shirt, V-neck tee, classic tank, baseball tee, hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, or baby onesie.

    Get it from Human for $25.99 (available in sizes XS-XL and in six colors and two colors).

    13. A beer cap map to give you the pitcher perfect art to hang on your wall. You've tried enough local beers, you might as well show it off your hard work.

    Beer Cap Maps,

    Get it from Amazon for $33.99 (available in 51 styles).

    14. A beautiful art print that will bring you a sense of calm just looking at it and thinking about about how all the best weekends happen when you can see all the stars in the sky.


    Get it from Great Lakes Locals on Society6 for $21.99+ (available in five sizes).

    15. A cool hardcover journal featuring a 1904 map of St. Louis that I'm glad someone dug up from the ~arch~ives.


    Get it from BravuraMedia on Redbubble for $19.20 (available with lined, graph, or blank pages).

    16. A Chicago flag pizza pin to give you a little* ~slice~ of home wherever you go.


    *Or rather, a big, loaded Lou Malnati's slice.

    Get it from ArtsandStripes on Etsy for $10.

    17. A mug from your favorite store to stop at multiple times a week. At least you know that Target thinks about you as much as you think about it. It's a match made in heaven.


    Don't forget to say hi to the five people you know who you see every time you're there!

    Get it from Target for $5.99.

    18. A bamboo cutting board so beautiful it will bring tears to your ~buck-eyes~.


    Get it from Amazon for $30 (available in all 50 states).

    19. A dish towel you for sure read in that beautiful accent people somehow make fun of you for because they don't understand how A-mazing it is.


    Emphasis on the A. 😉

    Get it from 618love on Etsy for $14.

    20. A Bloody Mary gift set because no matter how hard the brunch places around you try, you know that they can't match a single Bloody Mary you've had back home. Honestly, I don't even consider it a Bloody Mary unless there is so much garnish it counts as a meal.


    I've had some many "Bloody Marys" that were actually just sad tomato juice and vodka. They just don't understand this beautiful drink should be so robust everyone else things they "went to far". The joke's on them.

    The kit includes Bloody Mary mix, two mason jar glasses, two kinds of hot sauce, and celery salt. Sorry, you have to add your own alcohol and garnish.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    21. A dainty, adjustable, stainless steel Michigan ring you'll never want to take off.


    Get it from StoneArmoryJewelry on Etsy for $21.99. Get the matching bracelet here.

    22. Fun Chicago socks feet-uring the skyline of the best city you've ever ~bean~ too.


    Get them from Amazon for $9.39+ (available in 24 places).

    23. A ranch dressing-shaped pool float, because we can leave the flamingos and swans and pineapples to the basic West Coast folks. Cool kids lounge on condiments.

    Hidden Valley

    Get it from Hidden Valley for $35.

    24. An art print that shows off all of ~Milwaukee's best~ buildings that make you swell with pride every time you drive into the city and know you're home.


    Okay, Milwaukee's Best is NOT our best beer, but the pun worked, so sue me!

    I bought this print years ago at Summerfest (shout-out to the best musical festival ever!) and have been raving about it ever since. But don't worry if you're not from Milwaukee, there's prints available for 10 other cities and 26 states.

    Get it from TownsvilleArt on Etsy for $7+ (available in seven styles and eight color combinations).

    25. A vintage-y Indiana charm necklace to show off your ~Indy~ spirit.


    Get it from gleefulpeacock on Etsy for $14.99 (available in four colors). Find more states here.

    26. A sign to put in your lake house (and all your friends' lake houses) because it's not summer till you head up north and jump off the pier into the ice cold lake water.


    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    27. A big ol' tin of Garrett's classic cheddar and caramel popcorn mix, a beyond delicious confection I would trade my soul for on pretty much any given day.


    For those of you uninitiated in the delights of this iconic Chicago treat, allow me to enlighten you. Like the best rom-com couples, cheddar and caramel are two things that don't seem like they should go together AT ALL. And yet they are so perfect in this mix, which is both a dessert and a snack. My friends and family actually have a joke where we say "It's Garrett's o' clock" when it's time to dig in to some of this ambrosia-level stuff. Trust me, you deserve to make it Garrett's o' clock for you, too.

    Get it from Garrett for $36 (available in seven sizes and six tin designs, including Chicago sports teams).

    28. A two-pack of cheese curds to fill the void in your life that not feeling that delicious squeaky cheese between your teeth has created.


    Yes, anyone not from the Midwest reading this, the true sign of a fresh cheese curd is when you chew it, it squeaks. Don't knock it till you try it!

    Get it from Amazon for $9.

    29. A dish towel you may hear the faint chants of "M-I-Z" "Z-O-U" every time see it. Now, if only it smelled like Shakespeare's pizza!

    Uncommon Goods

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $21 (available in 36 colleges).

    30. A colorful enamel pin that simply speaks the truth.


    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 or Femfetti on Etsy for $10.20.

    31. A dainty necklace that Ames to add a touch of home to any outfit you wear.


    Get it from Amazon for $17.98.

    32. An iconic W flag for anyone who (correctly) believes that we should pretty much never stop flying the W since the Cubs won the World Series in 2016., Amazon

    For all you non-Cubs fans, this is a replica of the flag that flies above Wrigley Field after the Cubbies win a home game!

    Get it from Amazon for $10.98.

    33. A pair of coasters you can set your cold one on while you watch your precious Hoosiers on TV.


    Get it from WellTold on Etsy for $14.50.

    34. A t-shirt you can throw on at 7 a.m. when your buddies wake you up with a brewski in hand because it's time for the tailgate before the big game that starts at 7 p.m.

    American Eagle

    Maybe they should wake you up at 6 a.m.? Is that enough time? Who's to say?

    Get it from American Eagle for $19.69 (available in sizes XS-XXL).

    35. A Vienna Chicago dog condiment kit your friends will be very glad you bought. They're sick of you complaining every time you eat an inferior, plain old hot dog or normal-colored relish.


    This set includes yellow mustard, sport peppers, bright green relish, and celery salt. 😋

    Promising review: "Loved the assortment. Made great Chicago-style hot dogs using these condiments and got a taste of home (I'm currently in another state). Absolutely delicious!" —Daniela M.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    36. A coffee mug because everyone in the US might be from the land of the free, but you're from the land of Opes and Dreams, and that means just a little bit more.


    Get it from Human for $9.99+ (available in two sizes).

    37. And finally, two giant bottles of ranch dressing for you to put on literally everything, drink, bathe in, or whatever floats your Lake Michigan-bound boat.


    Give me ranch, or give me death.

    Get two bottles from Amazon for $13.13.

    You, being unapologetically Midwestern even when your friends don't understand:


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