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    32 Products Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A sponge holder, camper birdhouse, modern calligraphy book, and other popular items from BuzzFeed Shopping posts.

    1. A set of fine-tip colored pens great for journaling, taking notes, or even coloring. The possibilities (and the colors) are endless.

    2. Blotting papers specifically made with translucent powder in them, so they not only absorb excess oil on your face, but they also leave a matte finish to get you through the rest of the day.

    The case with the beige blotting papers in it and then the square black sponge next to it with a blotting paper attached to it

    3. A silicone mask strap extender with three circles you can attach your mask to, allowing you to customize the fit, making it more comfortable for long periods of wear.

    4. A zodiac ring for a dainty yet beautiful addition to your hand you can wear every single day.

    Model's hands with assorted zodiac sign rings in gold in silver on each finger

    5. A flexible sponge-holder designed with a hole in the middle, meaning it can hold either a sponge or a dish brush in the sink.

    6. A seamless rib bike short you could wear for lounging around and finishing your book — or working out — whatever is more your speed.

    Model wearing the bike shorts in bright yellow while sitting outside

    7. Wool dryer balls, an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets that works to dry your clothes faster *and* reduce static.

    Reviewer holding two of the white balls in their hand

    8. Murad Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ that's a three-in-one product to moisturize, protect, and prime your skin, leaving it feeling and looking its best.

    The perfecting shield bottle with two makeup brashes and a blush around it

    9. Lettering And Modern Calligraphy, a book to help you learn how to letter and write beautifully with step-by-step guides and 15 lettering projects.

    Reviewer pic of the lettering book with a worksheet behind it to practice writing letter and another sheet on top with a project to write "love you always"

    10. Blueland hand soap refill packs that are an eco-friendly alternative to buying new bottles of hand soap every time you run out. With this, all you have to do is fill a bottle with water and drop in the tablet, and you'll have foaming hand soap in seconds.

    Three packets with the foaming hand soap tablets on a plate

    11. A rechargeable lighter so you can light candles in seconds with a simple switch. Then when it runs out, you simply have to charge it instead of going out to buy a new one.

    12. Tanologist Water Sunless tanning treatments that are an easy way to give you a streak-free tan at home. All you have to do is spray it on (your body or face), rub it in, and you'll have a glow in no time.

    The bottle of clear express tan with a holographic label

    13. Extendable roasting sticks great for camping (or even just a bonfire) because they'll hold your marshmallows (and other food) and allow you to roast will staying an appropriate distance away from the hot fire.

    14. Thinx super hiphugger period underwear designed to hold the same amount as four regular tampons and eliminate your need to use pads and tampons altogether.

    Model wearing the underwear in pink with v-style mesh band around the top

    15. A garbage guard because having bugs in and around your garbage can really ~stinks~ and this little thing will work overtime to make sure that never happens again.

    Reviewer photo of the rectangle guard in black attached to the inside of a garbage can lid

    16. Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein, a treatment containing soy protein, allantoin, and ceramide 3 that work together like a mask to revive your dry hair and make it look shiny and new.

    17. A pair of Dr. Scholls wedge sandals to give your style a little ~lift~ without sacrificing any comfort at all. You'll be able to wear these babies all day long, no problem.

    The strappy wedges with white thick sole

    18. A vintage-style camper bird house everyone will be ~flocking~ to see. (And by everyone, I mean all the birds, of course.)

    Wood birdhouse that looks like an old camper that's half teal and half white with an awning on the front and side

    19. Bunch O Balloons that might just make you want to have a water balloon fight the second you get them, because you'll be able to fill 100 balloons in just 60 seconds. Now that's a summer game-changer.

    A number of pink balloons all being filled at the same in a bucket

    20. Solar-powered outdoor lights designed to turn on when they sense movement, which means you'll never have to be outside without a light on at night, because that always feels like it's the start of a horror movie.

    21. An arm spinner toy so simple and yet fun, anyone (no matter their age) just might want to play with it all day long.

    Model playing with the spherical-shaped spiral toy between their hands

    22. A FlexiSnake drain unclogger made with a tip of micro-hooks, specifically designed to grab on to hair, filth, and grime deeeep down in your drains, so you can get them unclogged and back in working order without having to hire a plumber (and shell out a lot of $$$).

    Reviewer pic of the wire-like FlexiSnake with a huge club of wet hair on the end

    23. Tarte under-eye patches infused with water to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines while also making your face feel refreshed (especially if you keep them in the fridge before using them).

    24. A FURminator grooming rack to help you get out of the ~hairy~ situation that is your shedding dog. You may be surprised that your dog even has hair left after using this thing, but at least it won't be all over your home.

    25. Grilling baskets that'll help you make delicious kabobs without a skewer, so you can customize them however you want and easily flip them to get an even cook on all sides.

    Four grilling baskets with assorted veggies in each one on a plate

    26. An OXO microfiber hand duster you can use to dust your whole home and then throw in the washer for easy cleaning all around.

    Reviewer holding the duster with a black and white handle and a red microfiber head

    27. An eco-friendly washable sponge with mesh on one side to help you scrub any caked-on food residue off your dishes.

    Model holding the sponge with the mesh side up under a faucet with water coming out of it

    28. Some corner protectors you ~clearly~ need to add to any sharp corners in your home so you can, once and for all, stop hurting yourself when you run into them again and again.

    Reviewer pic of the clear protectors on the corner of a glass coffee table

    29. An Instant Pot magnetic cheat sheet you can put on your machine so you know exactly how long you need to cook your chicken breasts for dinner without wasting time looking it up online.

    One square and one rectangle magnets with a number of different categories of food showing how long and at what setting you can cook them on in the Instant Pot

    30. A Fenty lip luminizer to add a ~pop~ of color and shimmer to your lips while also leaving them moisturized and soft.

    31. A mini sprinkler pool because summer isn't over just yet, and this thing will be a fun way to spend afternoons when it's still hotter than heck outside in September.

    Reviewer pic of the small inflatable pool with water shooting up from the squirters all around the outside

    32. And a Zoom University tee to help you commemorate this year because sometimes you just need a reason to smile, even if that reason is a T-shirt.

    Blue t-shirt with the phrase "Zoom University Est. 2020" and a logo in white on it

    Actually footage of me seeing the cute dog and THEN realizing how much hair was brushed off:

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