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    29 Things People With Small Apartments Actually Use

    Furniture, organization products, and more that'll make your space feel bigger.

    1. A toilet paper stocker perfect for anyone who doesn't have any storage space for extra rolls. This discreetly stores them and ensures that you'll never be SOL and stuck without toilet paper.

    White rectangle holder with a small square cut out in the bottom left corner, revealing rolls of toilet paper inside

    2. A four-in-one folding ottoman sleeper that easily changes from an ottoman, to a lounger, to a twin bed, so you don't have to worry about keeping an air mattress in your limited storage space for guests.

    3. A floating bedside drawer you attach to the wall next to your bed so you have a place to keep your phone, book, and glasses at night *plus* ample room around the bed to make it feel bigger.

    Rectangle white wood drawer with a light brown wood top attached to the wall next to the bed with a book, coffee cup, and vase on it

    4. A baker's rack designed with a countertop, two large shelves, one small shelf, and a bar with four hooks that'll transform your kitchen and make it feel less like you're cooking in a shoebox.

    Reviewer photo of the baker's rack filled with kitchen products and a microwave, showing how much it can actually store

    5. An ottoman with a secret — it's got places to store your shoes so they don't clutter the ground or your closet! Plus, this also functions as a comfy seat.

    Circular faux-leather ottoman with the tufted lid next to it and striped fabric cubbies with shoes in inside of it

    6. A ceramic nonstick cookware set that comes with magnetic pot holders and a canvas lid holder so you can instantly organize the set and keep it from taking over your whole kitchen.

    The four pants in green in the rack in a cabinet with the lid holder with the green lids in the slots hanging on the door

    7. A three-tier rolling metal storage cart small enough that it can fit in any corner or even a closet and keep everything — including art, cleaning, and beauty supplies neatly together.

    8. A compact metal dish rack and microfiber mat set that won't take up all your precious counter space but still give you ample room to let your dishes dry. Plus, when you're not using it, it can easily be stored in the cabinet under the sink.

    Reviewer picture of the small dish drying rack with the black mat under it with assorted dishes in it next to a sink

    9. A two-shelf wood floor lamp to add some light to the room and give you a place to store your favorite little trinkets. When the room is small, multipurpose furniture will help a lot.

    The square two-tier wood shelf with a light at the top

    10. A slide-out storage tower so you can ~squeeze~ the most out of your kitchen even if you have less cabinet space than you thought was even possible.

    Reviewer pic of the three-tier skinny storage tower with assorted kitchen products in between a stove and fridge

    11. A folding laptop table that looks so nice you might not even want to fold it up and store it in a closet when you're done working. (But you totally can if you need that extra space.)

    Reviewer pic of the desk with wood top and metal legs in a room

    12. A set of three nestling trays you can use individually or together to stash important things, such as keys and glasses, because sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

    Rounded rectangle trays stacked within each other in three sizes in dark blue, light blue, and beige with a watch and AirPods case sitting in them

    13. A set of magnetic glass spice jars worth the investment because you can stick them to the side of your fridge and easily grab the cumin when the recipe you're making calls for it.

    Reviewer pic of a number of glass spice jars stuck to the side of a fridge

    14. A sofa table skinny enough to not take up a ton of space but still add some life to any room — from the entryway or even behind the couch.

    15. A velvet L-shaped sectional you'll be able to lounge and relax on without feeling like it's taking over your entire living room.

    A blue velvet sectional couch with an l-like shape in a living room

    16. A two-tier expandable shelf specifically designed to fit under your sink to utilize all that wasted space so you can organize and hide away more toiletries and cleaning supplies.

    Reviewer pic of before and after putting the shelf in the cabinet under the sink. On the left, disorganized supplies everywhere and on the right, the same supplies now organized nicely with even more on the three differently-sized shelves

    17. A six-shelf wall-mount bookcase with a minimalist design to help you ~maximize~ your space, so even if you stuff it full with books, plants, trinkets, or even shoes, it won't look like a cluttered mess that makes the room feel smaller.

    Reviewer pic of the six-tier bookshelf with light brown wood shelves and white rods attached to the wall with books and trinks on the top four shelves and assorted shoes and accessories on the bottom shelves

    18. A two-tier entertainment stand for anyone to store both their record player and vinyl collection in a compact way that's still incredibly easy to use.

    Reviewer pic of the brown wood two-tier stand with black wire slots in the middle holding vinyl records and a record player on top

    19. A foldable kitchen island cart you can keep stored away in a closet until you're cooking and need a place to chop veggies that isn't the counter where all your other ingredients are.

    20. A customizable sofette with seven different ways you can change it to fit your style and the size of your home, from the configuration, to the pillow shape, and even the upholstery.

    The two-cushion sofette in blue weave with dark brown legs

    21. A four-bar behind-the-door towel rack great for anyone with roommates and not nearly enough space to hang things in the bathroom. With this slim design, you can fit all your towels behind the door and easily grab yours when you take a shower.

    22. An over-the-cabinet bag holder perfect for the mountain of plastic bags that you've somehow all accumulated instead of just stuffing them in a closet and hoping for the best. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    The metal mesh bag holder attached to the inside of a cabinet with a number of plastic bags inside

    23. A set of two nesting tables designed so one fits under the other, meaning you can use them as side tables or even a small coffee table, depending on what works best for your space (or how you're feeling that week since they can be moved easily).

    24. A five-position, six-hook rack so all your cleaning tools (i.e. mops, brooms, etc.) are nice and orderly. They'll also take up less space hanging neatly on the wall instead of in the corner of a closet.

    25. An entryway coat and shoe rack great for anyone not #blessed with a coat closet. This simple thing has places for you to hang up coats, hats, purses, and bags, plus shelves to store your shoes so your doorway isn't a hot mess.

    Reviewer pic of the black metal coat and shoe rack with assorted backpacks on the hooks and assorted shoes and helmets on the three racks

    26. A three-tier hook hanger because accessories (especially purses) are some of the hardest things to keep orderly, right? This magic device is basically six (or more!) hangers in one.

    27. A lift-top coffee table with a hidden storage compartment so you can hide away all the random magazines and catalogs you've been sent in the mail that end up making the room feel more cluttered than it actually is.

    The brown coffee table with a shelf at the bottom and thick inner area with the top lifted up, with a laptop on top, showing how you can use it as a workstation

    28. A shower curtain with pockets that may look a little strange, but if you don't have any storage space in your bathroom or shower, this will keep everything right where you need it so you don't end up knocking down every single bottle when you turn around in the shower.

    Clear shower curtain with nine pockets of different sizes all over with assorted bathroom accessories in them

    29. And a three-piece table set with stools that fit under the table to take up less space when you're not using it.

    Reviewer pic of the tall table in brown with a marble-like top and two stools under it, also in brown

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