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    26 Pieces Of Decor To Add Some Pizzazz To Your Home

    Not a single "Live, Laugh, Love" sign in sight.

    1. A Dalí clock — a must-have for any modern-art lover. Not only is this surrealist piece of decor reminiscent of a famous Salvador Dalí's painting, but it's also fully functional.

    Promising review: "My whole family loves it! It’s so unique and fun to display. It's a very special piece to own from one of my favorite artists, Salvador Dali. I wish it was a sturdier material (it’s plastic), but either way, it will be safely displayed and the quality looks so good you can’t tell it’s plastic until you touch it. I would love if they made a larger size, but this size is great too!" —Luz C

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    2. An iridescent acrylic end table you ~clearly~ need to own because it puts every other end table you've ever seen to shame. 

    a reviewer's three-legged iridescent acrylic end table with a circular top and a plant sitting on top of it in their living room with a lamp on behind it
    another reviewer's same table reflecting different color lights thanks to the natural light shining from it

    Promising review: "This table arrived on my doorstep packaged like an Ancient Greek artifact — in a wood crate surrounding the box and nestled in foam. It was flawless. After taking it out of its safe and secure home, my heart literally burst with joy. It was a true Care Bear Stare moment, colorful beams of light coming from my eyeballs and onto this beautiful little table. She's adorable, and I'm obsessed. The end." —LEIGH A.

    Get it from Amazon for $179.99.

    3. A bread loaf set with four butter knives that's not a want, it's a ~knead~.

    bread-shaped knife storage with four knives with brown handles sticking out of it
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "This is so cute and unique! I love this set — looks cute in my kitchen and makes me want to bake some bread!" —AgStar340

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $17.99 (originally $26). 

    4. A set of hexagon light panels built specifically so you can arrange them in an endless amount of designs and patterns. They also to change colors, and one of the coolest features — they can sync to music and provide you an epic atmosphere for your next dance party. 

    reviewer showing the lights in pink on their desk
    reviewer showing the lights in two circles in pink, orange, and yellow

    Promising review: "This light is AMAZINGLY cool! Everyone that sees it in my place has noticed it and asked about where to purchase it. The combination of light patterns and colors is really cool, and you can literally make the design of the lamp into almost an endless array of shapes by assembling the blocks in any order. I use this as a wake up lamp in my bedroom triggered by my Google Home Hub, and it's a very nice way to fade into the morning wake routine. The shipment was very fast, and the price was very good compared to the few competitors. I'm extremely happy with this purchase!" —Alan

    Get an 11-pack from Amazon for $114.95 (available in 10 styles). 

    5. A super-cool wall-art holder with slots to hold your favorite lipsticks. Not only will it be a piece of art on your wall, but it will be super convenient when you are looking for the specific lipstick that matches your outfit. Now you know exactly where it is.

    lip-shaped wall art with circle cut-outs that fit lipstick and lip gloss containers
    Makeup In Place / Etsy

    Makeup In Place is a Florida-based small biz that specializes in these super fun and practical makeup organizers. 

    Promising review: "I love this lipstick holder!! It's practical but also a fun decoration for the wall. It's really well made. It is also packaged beautifully!! I really love it!" —Adriana W

    Get it from Makeup in Place on Etsy for $54.99 (available in 10 colors and two hole size options). 

    6. A pair of orange lamps perfect for anyone who is still feeling a little apprehensive about adding a little *spice* to their home decor. These lamps will add a subtle yet fun touch to any room with their bright color and circular base.

    Promising review: "I. Love. These. Lamps!! I bought the orange set because I wanted to add some color to my living room. These are tall and gorgeous. Stunning! Obsessed! I would buy them in every color if I could." —Dan Neuville

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $119.82+ (available in 10 colors).

    7. A printed bedding set to transform your bed into a place you'll want to spend even more time in. Yes, that is possible, and this fun graphic print will bring your bed to life.

    comforter and pillow shams with blue and white squiggly vertical pattern with dots all over it
    Dusen Dusen

    Ellen Van Dusen started Dusen Dusen in 2010 as a bold printed womenswear line inspired by fine art. She expanded the brand in 2015 to include home goods. The set is made of 100% cotton sateen and includes the duvet cover, one fitted and one top sheet, and two pillowcases.

    Get the full/queen set from Nordstrom for $236+ (available in two sizes) or from Dusen Dusen for $236 (also available in 10 other sizes and sets). 

    8. A superhero bookend here to save the day...err...well, actually just to make it look like they're saving your books from falling over. But it's the thought that counts.

    Promising review: "It's just fun. My kiddos love it. It prompts comments and compliments. And it's something you don't find in every single person's home, which I love. I HATE walking into a home that looks like everyone else's home. They shopped ONLY at the same store, and 200 households all have the same, "EAT" sign in their kitchens. BORING! This is really sturdy and adds just the right whimsical touch for this DC and Marvel loving home!" — Shelby Pearson

    Get it from Amazon for $29.90 (available in two styles). 

    9. A cats vs dogs chess set you'll want to have on display forever and then have an epic battle whenever possible to prove which of the favorite household pets is top dog (or cat).  

    the orange and yellow checkered board with cat and dog chess pieces
    Close up of the board, showing how each cheese piece is a different kind of dog
    Urban Outfitters

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $179

    10. A fire escape shelf for city-dwellers and noncity dwellers alike because we can all appreciate a fun space to display plants, art prints, and other trinkets. 

    wall shelves made to look like a city building fire escape
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "After living in apartments in the heart of the city for years, this piece brought the urban, trendy flair my fiancé and I grew so familiar with into our new house in the suburbs. It's hands down my favorite piece of home decor I've purchased to this day." —C

    Get it from Amazon for $124.99 or from Uncommon Goods for $110

    11. A good morning screen print that may just wake you up better than a cup of coffee in the morning with its bright and fun colors. 

    print of coffee being poured into a cup in bright yellow, and orange with purple checked pattern border
    OHOK Studio

    OHOK Studio is a Chicago-based small business that creates unique and fun prints, accessories, and T-shirts. 

    Get an 8x10 print from OHOK Studio for $30

    12. A hanging disco ball planter designed with a drainage hole so not only is it so cool looking but it's also super practical. And that's the way to win the home decor game. 

    Promising review:This planter brings me so much joy every day! It is well crafted and beautifully packaged. I appreciate the extra touches like the fact it comes with a few extra mirrored tiles and that there are different ways to display it (it comes with a stand and nicely braided hanging rope). Every day my whole living room becomes a party. :) I cannot recommend this enough.” —Phil 

    Get it from Amazon for $33.97.

    13. rainbow wall decal even renters can use because it sticks right on to the wall and is super easy to remove when you move out. Don't let your landlord stop you from creating a fun space to live in.

    large pink rainbow wall mural above bed
    Lili Momo Designs / Etsy

    Lili Momo Designs is a Black Rock, Connecticut-based small biz creating beautiful wall murals and decals, as well as event signs and more.

    Promising review: "AMAZING!! I have trouble seeing shades of gray, particularly on computer screens, but the shop owner kindly worked with me developing this custom piece. She was so patient and kind because it took a few mock-ups. I really appreciated her willingness to work with me and help me achieve the look I wanted. I can't thank her enough. You won't regret working with her." —GitaJafar

    Get it from Lili Momo Designs on Etsy for $64.80+ (available in three sizes).

    14. A set of storage gems actually designed to stack in a number of different ways so you can create an eye-catching display that also hides some of the random things you keep in your home. 

    small pink, large orange, medium blue, and small green acrylic containers with assorted things in them
    Open Spaces

    I recently added these gems to my home, and they are a real ~gem~. Sorry, I had to. I love how the different sizes can be stacked together in a number of different ways. The colors are so beautiful. I got the mixed blue and green set to go with the decor of the rest of my home. I'm currently using them in the bathroom to hold random things, but I can totally see them being used in a number of different ways around the apartment. They are so pretty and really do add a pop of luxe color. 

    Get a set of four from Open Spaces for $64 (available in three color combinations and also in a two-piece set). 

    15. An abstract shower curtain because your bathroom deserves as much decor and attention as the rest of your home. This shower curtain will make it feel like you've stepped into a modern art museum every time you go to shower. 

    Promising review: "I purchased this shower curtain for my new apartment and I am in love with it. I think my plans for this bathroom were all over the place. I wanted minimalist, boho chic, but also wanted to incorporate enough color. I think this is a great balance. I will say that it looks way more pink in the photo but it’s actually a pale peach color. It paired well with my light wooden shelves and sink cabinet. I paired it with pink bath mats for the soft boho aesthetic. It’s water resistant and it’s not see through. The material appears to be thick enough for a shower curtain and looks like really good quality." —Ines

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in two sizes).

    16. A dot placemat handcrafted and ready to make a one-of-a-kind statement on your dining table.

    the different dot placemats you can buy in various colors

    Coming Soon is an LGBTQ-owned NYC-based small business offering furniture, home decor, and gifts since 2013. This placement is designed by Gaetano Pesce.

    Get it from Coming Soon for $65 (available in six colors combinations).

    17. terrazzo rug composed of different colors and textures to add a bit of whimsy and depth to any room you put it in. 

    Promising review: "The rug looks just like the pictures. It's pretty and a little boho. There was a bit of 'shedding' here and there but not much. I would recommend a rug pad as it does slip around on hard floors. The size is perfect for in front of my kitchen sink as it's longer than a standard mat." —