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    21 Pairs Of Wide-Leg Pants You'll Want To Wear All The Time

    These pants will ~widen~ your wardrobe selections.

    1. A high-waisted pant so cute you'll be doing a double take in the mirror every time you pass one.

    2. Wide-leg overalls you'll be overjoyed to add to your clothing rotation.

    3. A Baroque pair you don't have to go ~ba-roke~ buying because spending too much money on cute pants doesn't have to be a problem you have.

    4. A boho-inspired wide-leg floral pant so perfect, you'll grab these in the morning when you're just not feeling a dress.

    5. Trousers you can wear on a windy day without worrying about having a Marilyn Monroe moment...because you're in chic pants!

    6. A flowy crepe pair for days when the temperature is so hot, when you step outside it immediately feels like you got out of a pool, but instead of water, it's sweat.

    7. Pleated drawstring pants that'll pair perfectly with a jean shirt for a totally chic outfit you'll wear straight into fall.

    8. Some stripped palazzo pants designed to be paired with a crisp white button-down for ultimate sophistication.

    9. Some animal print ones your friends will go ~wild~ for. They know you're the true trendsetter of the group, and these pants only prove that even more.

    10. Paperbag pants that basically require you to take a bathroom selfie and show off your #OOTD to all your followers every time you wear them.

    11. Stretchy palazzo pants you'll love so much, you might go home and get rid of all the other pants you own and replace them with more of these.

    12. A floral pair because florals might not be ~ground breaking~, but comfy wide-leg pants totally are.

    13. A pair of slip flowy pants just begging for you to take them on your next vacation. These will look great whether you're exploring a new city *or* relaxing on a beach. The versatility is amazing.

    14. A tie-dye pair you'll be dye-ing to wear this summer because tie-dye is back, and you're ready to embrace this groovy trend again.

    15. Some jeans (with small rainbow details) you'll be thrilled to wear instead of squeezing into your skinny jeans.

    16. Some pleated palazzo pants you can pair with a crop top for a great "going out" outfit.

    17. A pair of cotton trousers that are perfect for that beach house you're going to (or the one you're dreaming of going to one day).

    18. A pair made with 20% linen so they're the ~purrrrr-fect~ weight to wear in the summer, but will still be fine to wear in the fall or spring as well.

    19. A palazzo pant so fun, you'll probably turn every hallway into a runway as you strut your stuff.

    20. A pair that might make you feel like you're wearing pajamas all day. And isn't that a great way to live your life?

    21. A splurge-worthy pair – you'll honestly feel so chic in them the moment you slip them on. Plus, they'll look good with basically everything you have in your closet.

    How I feel on the inside when I put on wide-leg pants:

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