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    31 Organization Products That Look Cool *And* Work Well

    Functional decor is the best kind of decor.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of decorative hooks you'll be ~hooked~ on so fast, you might order more immediately because it will give you a place to store jackets, umbrellas, backpacks, and other accessories and just look interesting on your wall when those things are in use.

    three rounded hooks

    2. An acrylic plant hanger made to fit in your window so you have a place to not only store your ~growing~ collection of plants, but also display them.

    The three-tiered shelf holding nine plants

    3. A sleek silverware tray because just letting your utensils sit in a pile really shouldn't ~slide~. This will let you keep them all together and looking oh-so nice.

    Long rectangular tray in grey with four different sections with silverware in each

    4. A set of colorful enameled stainless-steel tins designed with an airtight lid to keep coffee, tea, or snacks fresh on your counter and prevent the boxes they come in from being an eyesore in your space.

    A yellow, pink, blue, and green rectangular tin with lids in a darker color on the top of a shelf

    5. A basket you actually won't mind having sit out because it's so beautiful. It's also a great place to keep the random assortment of things that usually end up cluttering your entryway table (looking at your keys, sunglasses, AirPods, etc.!!).

    black and white woven basket

    Jungalow is a Black woman-owned business founded by Justina Blakeney filled with home collections designed in Los Angeles. For every purchase, at least two trees are planted.

    Get it from Jungalow for $89.

    6. A three-tier rack with a minimalist design that will actually help you ~maximize~ your space by giving you a place to store and display everything from shoes to books to plants, and everything in between.

    the three-tier rack with assorted books and containers on it

    You can also get the storage bins, as shown in the picture above if you need to get even more organized. 

    Promising review: "It's perfect. I use it beside my bed to store shoes, but on the top shelf, I have added several other personal items. The shelves have depth." —BRAD Z.

    Get it from Pattern for $184 (available in seven colors). 

    7. A set of plastic canisters perfect to give things like Q-tips, cotton balls, or even bath bombs an elegant look while sitting out on the counter like it's a 5-star hotel bathroom.

    A large and medium clear jar with a gold lid sitting on a counter with bath bombs and cotton balls in them and then a small jar on the shelf above with q-tips in it

    8. A super-cool wall-art holder with slots to hold your favorite lipsticks. Not only will it be a piece of art on your wall, but it will be super convenient when you are looking for the specific lipstick that matches your outfit. Now you know exactly where it is.

    lip-shaped wall art with circle cut-outs that fit lipstick and lip gloss containers
    Makeup In Place / Etsy

    Makeup In Place is a Florida-based small biz that specializes in these super fun and practical makeup organizers. 

    Promising review: "I love this lipstick holder!! It's practical but also a fun decoration for the wall. It's really well made. It is also packaged beautifully!! I really love it!" —Adriana W

    Get it from Makeup in Place on Etsy for $49.99 (available in 10 colors and two hole size options). 

    9. An adhesive ledge shelf set that'll blend seamlessly into a white wall or cabinet and give you a place to store any items that have been cluttering up your counter space and making it feel smaller.

    10. A multi-device wireless charger designed with a built-in tray, meaning you can set your phone down as well as any other trinkets in a nice and contained area. Plus, it will charge your phone, meaning you'll have fewer cords making the room feel even more disorganized.

    square-shaped wireless charger with tray in it sitting on a side table

    11. A wire wall organizer shelf you can attach to your bathroom wall so you have a place to keep extra towels and products if your apartment is too small for a bathroom closet.

    Black wire shelf with bathroom accessories hanging on the wall

    12. A set of geometric stacking trays you'll enjoy looking at as you use them in a variety of different ways, such as storing your jewelry, serving food, or just holding random trinkets. The possibilities are endless.

    The four trays in different sizes withing each other in yellow, orange, green, and white

    13. A hanging wine bottle and glass rack if you want a fun way to store your glass collection as well as a few bottles. The rack can hold your long-stem glasses, while the top keeps up to six bottles of wine safe. Well, safe until Happy Hour, that is.

    Metal rack filled with bottles and wine glasses hanging in a kitchen

    14. A large woven storage basket with such a simple yet chic look, you'll love seeing it in your home every day, especially when you remember it's keeping all your throw blankets together.

    15. A metal wall grid panel to turn your photos, postcards, pins, or other small trinkets (aka memories) into art on your wall you can enjoy instead of just shoving them in a drawer, making a mess, and forgetting about them.

    16. A floating wooden shelf you can add to your walls when you have absolutely no storage space left. Suddenly, your random collection of cups, bowls, plates, and more will go from clutter in your kitchen to looking aesthetically pleasing on your wall.

    the wooden shelves hanging in a kitchen and holding things like dishes, cups, and decorative pieces
    iirntree / Etsy

    Iirntree is a small business selling handmade wooden furniture. 

    Promising review: "Beautiful shelf at a great price and it was securely packaged for shipping. It even came earlier than I had anticipated!" —Kandi

    Get it from Iirntree on Etsy for $31.76+ (available in various sizes and wood stain finishes).

    17. A super sleek ottoman with a secret — it's got places to store your shoes so they don't clutter the ground or your closet! Plus, it also functions as a comfy seat.

    A round black ottoman with a tufted lid, showing that there are pockets on the inside that hold shoes

    18. Or a super sleek velvet ottoman designed so the top pops off (and you can flip to make a small table) to reveal some sneaky storage. You can fill this with basically anything, even an ever-growing candle collection, as one BuzzFeed editor does.

    19. A set of two wood-top shelf risers designed with simple steel rungs and a wood top that will not only double the space in your cabinets but keep them from looking super stuffed and disorganized.

    One shelf rises in a cabinet with plates underneath and glasses on top

    21. An adjustable wood shelf to put next to your computer and turn any books or materials that usually clutter your desk into an interesting desk accessory you won't mind looking at when you take a break from staring at the screen.

    The wood shelf in black with three different areas to store things with books. plants, a clock, and other trinkets in it

    22. A pack of super-strong magnets you attach to the top of your fridge, giving you a place to store a six-pack of beer, leaving even more space on the shelves for food. And imagine how impressed will your guests be when they open the fridge and see the bottles just ~hanging out~.

    23. A shoe cabinet made to hold more than 30 pairs of shoes and keep them all looking neat and not cluttering up the entryway of your home.

    the shoe cabinet with two side doors closed and with an open rack in the center
    a reviewer showing the cabinet open to reveal the shoes tucked inside
    Wayfair, Yanqing / Wayfair

    Promising review: "This is a great piece of furniture. I have an efficiency apartment, and I can put in over 35 pairs of shoes if some of them are flats. It is deluxe shoe storage! The five shelves that are open can display or store something else and then you have hidden shoe storage." —Marissa

    Get it from Wayfair for $220.19 (originally $308)

    24. A wire basket with an open and airy feeling that'll hold your extra hand towels, washcloths, and other bathroom items perfectly.

    Reviewer pic of the wire basket with handles filled with hand towels next to a sink

    25. An earrings display so elegant you *might* not want to take a pair out that totally match your outfit because they look so good hanging with all your other favorite pairs on your dresser.

    A white two-tiered display with earrings hanging from it

    26. And a modern-looking jewelry box to keep all your other precious jewels together in your room so you know exactly where that gold necklace is that would put the finishing touch on your cute outfit.

    A wood jewelry box with a long skinny drawer in the front a smaller drawer on the side and a white lid that pulls back to reveal jewelry storage

    27. A produce hammock to not only organize your fruit stash but take it off the counter. You might just go ~bananas~ when you see how decluttered your kitchen looks once you add this.

    The hammock holding fruit

    28. A shower curtain with pockets you ~clearly~ need to store the products in your bathroom and give it an eye-catching look guests will compliment you on.

    Clear shower curtain with nine pockets of different sizes all over with assorted bathroom accessories in them

    29. A three-tier wood-top corner shelf to help ~elevate~ your kitchen decor with interesting places to store extra coffee cups and accessories without making it feel super cramped.

    Reviewer pic of the three-tier shelves with wood tops and silver legs in the corner of a counter with mugs and assorted other products on it and below it

    30. A bathroom organizer you can attach to the wall and have a place to put all the skincare items you've accumulated while also adding some color and life to the room. Plus, it has a little shelf that props your phone up to keep you entertained while you do your whole 12-step skincare routine.

    Storage organizer with top bin filled with products, hooks in the back and a tool rod in the front with a place to set a phone on the left side

    31. A magnetic laundry room organizer set that'll ~stick~ around for a long time because it will give you a place to store lint and other things without overcrowding the area around the machines.

    Two different-sized bins stuck to the side of a dryer with things inside

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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