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    Just 36 Nice Pieces Of Jewelry I Think You Deserve To Own

    No matter your budget, you can add some beautiful bling to your collection.

    1. A pair of earrings you'll get ~hooped~ on real fast and wear almost every single day because they're basically the Goldilocks of earrings.

    2. A name necklace that'll make you feel like you're Carrie Bradshaw. Now, if only you could also have her closet...

    3. A dainty yet classic ring subtle enough to wear every day to add a touch of glam to your look.

    4. Safety pin earrings so cool everyone will be trying to ~pin~ you down to find out where you got them so they can get their own.

    5. A charm bracelet your middle-school self would be so proud to see your rocking. Never change!

    6. A hypoallergenic quad ring so you won't have to worry about your finger turning green when you wear it.

    7. A bangle with a secret message on the inside so you can remember it when you need it most—you do have a heart of gold.

    8. A stunning pair of huggies for anyone who likes a no-frill, no-fuss look that will still wow everyone.

    9. A necklace and earring set perfect for any big fancy occasion—even your wedding. Nobody will be able to tell you got your "something new" for less than $20!

    10. A pair of earrings you will ~knot~ be able to stop thinking about. Just look how cool they are!

    11. A ring –everyone who comes ~a-cross~ it will tell you how much they love it.

    12. A love amulet necklace designed with a pink zircon in the center to keep close to your heart to help you remember that love is the greatest.

    13. A stone ring set you can wear all together on one finger or spread out – you can switch up your look in the middle of the day if inspiration strikes.

    14. A simple pair of studs that'll help you shine as bright as they do every time you wear them.

    15. A stone pendant necklace you can ~rock~ all the time, not just for special occasions.

    16. A set of bangles to add a lil flair to any look.

    17. A breathtaking crystal necklace and earring set you won't want to take off when you get home. Just put some sweatpants on with it and you'll feel like a secret princess, guaranteed.

    18. A pair of acrylic resin earrings to give you #BigEarringEnergy without giving you #EmptyWalletEnergy (which is the dream, TBH).

    19. A burst pendant necklace so you can ~star-t~ to keep your dreams and wishes close to your heart.

    20. Geometric front-back earrings sure to make anyone who sees them want to get closer and say, "Ooooh."

    21. A chic ring in so many different colors you might as well add a couple to your cart so you can stack them for the ultimate cool look.

    22. A dainty initial necklace anyone of any age would love to wear. Choose your own initial or one that means a lot to you.

    23. A pair of earrings I'm pretty sure were designed so that when you see people staring at them you can say, "Tell me about it, stud".

    24. A bracelet perfect for when you're not quite sure how to accessorize your outfit. You really can't go wrong by just slipping on a nice bracelet.

    25. A sunburst necklace so gorgeous you might ~burst~ with joy when you put it on in the morning—and then again when you catch your reflection in a mirror later in the day.

    26. A beautiful pair of drop earrings I personally own and can confirm can be worn on many occasions (from nice dinners out to just an average day at work).

    27. An infinity heart pendant you'll love to ~infinity~ and beyond. Yeah, I had to, I mean, just look how pretty it is!

    28. A dainty cityspace ring to show off your hometown or just your favorite city.

    29. A pair of statement heart earrings because wearing two different-yet-coordinating earrings is a style you'll def want to show off to all your friends.

    30. A minimalist watch you might not use to check the time (duh, that's what cell phones are for), but it'll make your outfit look way more grown-up and put together.

    31. Some handmade earrings for a personal touch that'll add a sweet note to any ensemble.

    32. A compass necklace because we're all on this journey called life and sometimes it's okay to remember that you don't have to know where you're going.

    33. A ring with colorful stones on it so it's guaranteed to match any color outfit you wear with it.

    34. A pair of rose quartz ear jackets that can be worn a variety of different ways. Talk about versatility.

    35. A stretch bracelet –you're going to want to be invited to more fancy events and galas after you get this, because it's THAT beautiful.

    36. And an absolutely stunning pair of drop earrings you'll probably show off to everyone you see—even strangers on the street.

    Showing off your new jewels like:

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