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    28 Clever (But Somewhat Lazy) Parenting Tips

    Parenting is hard, so you might as well try to make it as easy as you possibly can!

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    1. Save yourself some time and effort with a microwave steamer that works magic to soften vegetables to make baby purees.


    Promising review: "I use this to make my daughter's baby food. I previously used a saucepan with steam bucket attachment, but I found it to be quite inconvenient to stand around watching the pot when I have other things to do. This steamer is the perfect solution to that problem! I was able to steam four chopped sweet potatoes, eight peeled and chopped carrots, and an entire bag of fresh spinach. It took approximately 20 minutes total to steam all three different vegetables separately. Each vegetable turned out fork tender. I used a small food processor to puree them and then froze them all into cubes for easy storage. This steamer makes homemade baby-food making so simple! There are numerous expensive gadgets on the market these days that steam and puree all in one machine, but this steamer paired with my food processor does just as well at 1/8 of the price!" —Joslin

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in small and medium).

    2. Or if you can't even deal with the idea of making baby food at all, sign up for a subscription service that delivers fresh and healthy purees right to your door.


    Every week, you'll get a selection of purees that are appropriate for your baby's age and nutritional needs. All of the meals are organic, nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. The packaging is also either recyclable or compostable.

    Get it from Yumi staring at $38.33 per week for six jars.

    3. Forget about running to the sink every time your baby drops their pacifier — make sure it never falls in the first place with a pacifier clip that attaches easily to your little one's shirt.


    Promising review: "These saved us. My baby dropped pacifiers left and right every time we went out, and we'd have to run to the bathroom to wash them or wipe them down every. single. time. But, not anymore! When my cute guy smiles and his pacifier falls out, it just hangs there, and he can grab it and stick it back in whenever he wants. They're too short to cause any real danger, but of course we always use these supervised just in case. He loves to chew on them as well, so sometimes they turn into sloppy messes, but that's why there are three!" —FabulousJen

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $5.49+ (available in 10 colors and varieties).

    4. Take advantage of your dishwasher with a bottle-parts basket so you never have to hand-wash again.

    Promising review: "This is very helpful. For the first seven months after my baby was born, I was washing all the baby bottles and the little pieces by hand. It was time-consuming, and it became a very unpleasant routine job since I was doing it so often. I finally decided to give this basket a try and use the dishwasher (with a baby-safe dishwasher detergent) to wash my daughter's bottles and sippy cups. It made a big difference and saved me so much time." —classygirl

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in teal and red).

    5. Never lose a sock with Sock Ons, which make it pretty near impossible for your baby's sock to fall (or be pulled) off.


    Promising review: "My baby is a Houdini when it comes to losing socks. These keep the socks on longer then anything else. She can only get them off if she concentrates for a long time, and being 11 months, that rarely happens. These have been a lifesaver during this Midwest winter!" —Beth

    Get them from Amazon for $6.99.

    6. Keep your toddler entertained on a flight with minimal effort by letting them play with gel clings on the windows.

    teachermama1138 / Via

    Get a similar holiday set from Amazon for $9.99 or a first words set for $9.95.

    7. Using a snack catcher will stop spills before they happen and keep that broom stowed away in the closet.,

    Promising review: "While my daughter was spilling her Cheerios all over the floor at church, I noticed that family in the pew in front of us had one of these. Their child was turning it upside down and nothing was falling out. I had to get them, so I ordered them the next day. They work wonderfully! I have only tried them with Goldfish and Cheerios so far, but they work well. I wish I would have found them earlier. I don't know how many messes I cleaned up with our older children." —E. Wood

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in four color combinations).

    8. Use a silicone placemat during dinner to contain the mess and then stick it right in the dishwasher when you're done. Easy-peasy!


    Promising review: "I don't understand how this mat works, but it's amazing. You set it down on the table and it sticks to it so tightly that even an adult can't move it! But when you peel back a corner, it comes right up, and it's like it was never there. We take this with us when we eat at restaurants because my son will just throw around a plate or tray and make a huge mess. This placemat has made eating out a much more pleasant experience. I picked this particular placemat because it was so highly reviewed. I haven't tried the other brands that are a little less expensive, but I strongly believe that this mat was worth every penny that I paid!" —GraySiCK

    Get from Amazon for $24.99 (available in blue, red, and green).

    9. Stop your car seat and/or changing table from being destroyed by a big blowout with waterproof changing pad liners. (Your future self will thank you when you just have to throw the pad in the wash, no scrubbing required.)


    Promising review: "I saw that people cut these in half and cut a little slit in them to put in their car seats. So far, these have saved our car seat from four or five big blowouts with our baby. It contained nearly all of it unless it was super messy. It's saved our car seat fabric from disaster and is so much easier to take this off and throw it in the wash! Sometimes it folds up, but believe me, take the time to straighten it out just in case. A few seconds won’t hurt anybody, and it could save you from spending forever trying to clean the car seat fabric. Hope this helps someone and saves you from a blowout nightmare!" —Brittany

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $6.30 (also available as a six-pack for $24.88).

    10. Learn how to use Apple's "Screen Time" feature to monitor your child's phone or iPad use and have them automatically locked out of apps when time's up.


    You'll never have to yell at them to put the phone or iPad away agin! Read more about how the iOS12 feature works here.

    11. Put snack bins in your pantry where your kids can reach, so every time they say "I'm hungry," you don't have to stop what you're doing and get them food.

    princessandthepbaby / Via

    Get a similar set of plastic bins from Amazon for $14.88 (for three).

    12. Switch your plugs to smart plugs so you can just ask Alexa to turn off the lights in your kids' rooms when they forget. You'll save so many steps walking back and forth to turn them off.


    Promising review: "This is the easiest smart plug ever! You just plug it in and open the Alexa app. That’s it! It’s ready to use! Unlike other smart plugs that are sitting in my drawer because they're impossible to connect to my WiFi, this worked immediately. It's simple and worth the purchase. One more thing Alexa can now do for me." —Betty J

    Get the smart plug from Amazon for $24.99 or an Echo and smart plug bundle from Amazon for $74.98.

    13. Make it super simple for your little one to put on their own shoes with sneakers that have a Velcro closure — you'll never have to stuff another foot into a shoe while your child screams bloody murder.


    Promising review: "These are super cute for my toddler. I love love love the easy access of the Velcro sides! They look great with a dress or shorts!" —lmlpadmore

    Get them from Keds for $34.95 (available in sizes 4-10).

    14. Get new books delivered to your home every one, two, or three months with Prime Book Box so you don't get tired of reading the same books over and over (and over) again.


    Prime members can take advantage of this great subscription service. After you tell Amazon your book preferences, you'll get two hardcover books or four board books and save up to 35% off the list price. Boxes are available for ages newborn to 2 years, 3 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years, and 9 to 12 years.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 per box.

    15. Stop wasting time in the middle of the night by using a glow-in-the-dark pacifier that makes it super easy to spot when it falls out.


    Promising review: "So, I totally didn't expect much from these but, wow! My son went to sleep around 11 p.m. with this pacifier, and it was noticeably lit until almost 8 a.m.! I have no idea what voodoo magic they put in this, but it's awesome! My little guy drops his pacifier every five minutes during the night and then proceeds to freak out until I find it in the dark and attempt to search for his mouth, so this helps A LOT!" —Ashley

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (also available in blue and pink).

    16. Stop searching for lost baby socks by never losing them in the first place with the help of a mesh laundry bag.


    Promising review: "I really like these mesh bags. I am able to use them for so many things because of all the sizes they came in. They seem to be of good quality, and the zippers are sturdy. I am going to use them mostly for small baby items, such as socks, so they don't get lost in the laundry." —TS

    Get a set of three large and three medium bags from Amazon for $7.99 (available in a set of five or six).

    17. Make your kids brush their own teeth with the help of an automatic toothpaste dispenser.


    Promising review: "We got this for our three little boys. They absolutely love it! It makes them feel like such big boys brushing their teeth all by themselves. The best part is there are no more messes! Every other week we take it apart and clean it, which takes all of five minutes. Every part comes apart easily and slides out for easy cleaning. We plan on getting another one for ourselves." —Kyle D. Sigler

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    18. Invest in a formula maker that measures, mixes, and heats bottles. All you'll have to do is push a button and the bottle will be ready in minutes.


    Promising review: "I wish this had been available for our first two kids. I know it is expensive, but it makes the bottle-making experience so easy. We have been using it for several months, and it has never given us trouble. It is easy to clean and maintain. Our baby gets excited when she hears the motors running.

    Never again will I have to measure out water in a bottle and struggle to not make a mess putting formula in a bottle in the middle of the night while holding a crying baby!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone that is using formula." —R&N

    Get it from Amazon for $142.99.

    19. Make cleaning up after art time hassle-free with a caddy to keep all the materials organized.

    Promising review: "We use this to keep our craft material for the kiddos all in one place. It holds their markers and books, as well as the glitter. They have to have glitter! =) They can pick it up and carry it to their work table. I put their names on each one. It's a wonderful help. I LOVE it." — Edith Ann

    (Bonus tip: Use a lint roller to clean up pesky leftover glitter without losing your mind.)

    Get the caddy from Amazon for $12.99.

    20. And if you know you're about to work on a messy craft, put some Press'n Seal wrap on your child's clothes to save yourself from spending hours removing stains later.

    Get it from Amazon for $2.94.

    21. Enlist your child to be your sous-chef with the help of a learning tower that's an adjustable kitchen counter step stool. They'll never ask, "When's dinner ready?" again.

    Little Partners

    And if they get good enough, maybe your kids can just take over making dinner all together! (Now that would be the life.)

    Promising review: "I love the learning tower! My 16-month-old daughter helped me put it together in the afternoon of the day it arrived before my husband came home from work. I think we will get years of us of out it. In the two days we have used it, my daughter has helped me with supper and dishes both days. With careful supervision, she can be right in the middle of the action. She feels included and active in whatever I am doing. I can more freely get things done." —DNAKnot

    Get it from Amazon for $179.77+ (available in six colors).

    22. Stop getting out of bed all night and check if your baby is sleeping by using a smart sock monitor that will alert you if your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels ever get too low.


    Promising review: "This is an essential for anxious new parents. I sleep so much better knowing that I’ll get an alarm at the first sign of trouble with my little one. The only time we ever get false alarms is when we’re out of range from the base, which you want to happen because it’s ensuring that the product is going to work all night. The range of the sock is pretty decent and shouldn’t give you a problem as long as the baby is sleeping in the same room as the base. The app is nice because it gives you live vital sign readings and notifies you if the base disconnects or if there are any vital sign issues. I know the price tag looks steep, but I figure you can’t really put a price on safe sleep for your little one." —MsV8r

    Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

    23. Forget about shopping for your kids and sign up for a subscription box that sends new clothes to your doorstep five times a year.

    KidBox / Via

    You start by answering a few questions about your kid and their style. Then a box of six to seven items is delivered to your door, and you have seven days to decide what you want to keep. You only pay for what you keep, and shipping is free both ways! Plus, if you do keep the whole box, you get an extra discount and also select a charity to help a child in need. Now that's a win-win for lazy parenting!

    Get it from Kidbox for $98 for the whole box (available in baby for $68 (sizes newborn to 24 months) and a girl box (sizes 2T-14) and a boy box (sizes 2T-16).

    24. Keep your child from running ahead of you by attaching a handy stroller hook to act as an handle. You can also use it to carry extra bags so you only ever have to make one trip!


    Promising review: "A friend of mine recommended this and It has been a huge help with two kids! I use it either to hang grocery bags on the stroller or for my 2-year-old to hold on to while we walk through the parking lot. It's a great invention!" —Courtney

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    25. Use an alarm clock that also sleep-trains your child so you won't have to.


    This little clock teaches kids when it's okay to get out of bed. When Remi wakes up and smiles, it's time for kids to get up too. This clock is also a sleep tracker for toddlers and kids, a nightlight, and a bluetooth speaker.

    Promising review: "I have a 2 1/2 year old that was giving up her nap, and it was leading to a very cranky kid and mom. I came across Remi and honestly thought it was $100 gamble I was willing to take. We had a lot of talks about how a robot was going to come live with us and he would need naps. She was so excited I literally took Remi out of the box, plugged it in, and she took a nap. We’ve had him for a couple weeks now and if Remi is sleeping she is sleeping, or in the mornings she stays in bed until Remi wakes up! Honestly it was the best $100 I have ever spent. I haven’t even hooked it up for music or anything!!!" —Molly

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99.

    26. Save yourself from having to clean up a mess in the car by using a shower caddy to keep fast food organized on the go.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.09.

    27. And when you just have no idea what to do, refer to an infant-care troubleshooting flowchart made of magnets, because it will *instantly* solve all your problems.

    Uncommon Goods

    If your infant is awake, you should totally dance around!

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $20.

    28. And a bonus tip: The boxes your orders come in work as perfect free entertainment.

    All you need are some crayons, and you'll have a chance to sit down and relax for once, maybe!

    Is it nap time yet?

    Gary Sanchez Productions

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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