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    36 Ingenious Travel Products To Bring On Your Next Vacation

    A travel-sized weighted blanket, seat-back organizer, portable rain hood, and more items you'll wish you bought sooner.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Béis seatback organizer that keeps all your in-flight essentials (e.g., phone, e-reader, magazines, etc.) in the pocket so you don't have to dig around in your bag on the floor throughout the flight.

    beige pocket with spaces for different spots for phone, iPad, passport, sunglasses, and more

    The seatback pocket on a plane is great and all, but with all the random magazines and other items, your stuff can get lost. This little thing has a hidden magnetic closure, an interior zip pocket, and four slip pockets to keep your essentials, such as your beloved lip balm, close to you and ready for whenever you need them.

    Promising review: "This is the perfect travel accessory I never knew I needed! I’m a travel dork that likes to get all situated and prepared for a long flight. I need my lip gloss and hand lotion in close reach at all times. And now hand sanitizer and wipes as well. All of the little pockets are great. Besides those items, I also packed my Kindle, earbuds, phone, moisturizer, and pens for our customs forms (because ultimately there’s going to be someone around you that forgot their pen!). No more reaching into the seat-back pocket and finding someone’s melted chocolate wrapper, gum, or dirty tissue. No more phone falling through a rip in the pocket. Every travel nerd needs this!!" —Shelby D. 

    Get it from Béis for $34 (available in black and beige).

    2. A portable lock box you can secure around two beach chairs to stash your wallet and phone in as you head into the ocean to snorkel — no more worrying about someone grabbing your stuff when you're face-first in the water.

    the green lockbox wrapped around a beach chair

    You can also use this in your room to keep valuables protected.

    Promising review: "I bought this to take on a vacation to the Virgin Islands because my husband is super paranoid about leaving valuables unattended on the beach. At first, he scoffed that this little plastic thing wasn’t going to stop a thief, and I had wasted my money. Then he admitted that the plastic was pretty sturdy, and it was cool that we could secure the cable to our beach chairs, a fence, or a tree (most petty thieves don’t carry around cable cutters). Next thing I know, he’s storing his wallet, phone, and room keys in it along with mine. He laced the cable through other things he didn’t want stolen, like the bags containing our snorkel gear. Neighboring beachgoers asked about it and where they could get one, and he was quick to demonstrate its features. And when we got home, I overheard him showing it to his friends, with as much approval as he could muster. Hate to say I told you so...OK, no I don’t." —Patsy

    Get it from Amazon for $49.95 (available in two colors).

    3. A water bottle cup holder adapter because the fact that your water bottle doesn't fit in your cup holder is one of the main annoying factors on your road trip. You can add this to your current cup holder to accommodate your bigger bottle so you stay hydrated the whole time.

    Wine and Whiskey Co / Etsy

    BTW — Wine and Whiskey Co is a small biz creating clothes, phones cases, and car accessories!

    Promising review: "I had to remove the foam wrap that was on it for it to fit in my cup holder, but now it works perfectly. No more having my water bottle in the seat next to me, rolling on the floor, or spilling 'cause I forgot to close it! Yay!" —sprocketnellie 

    Get it from Wine and Whiskey Co on Etsy for $9.99+ (available in black and white). 

    4. A Trtl neck pillow specifically designed to keep your head in a comfortable position while you sleep so you can actually get some shut-eye.

    model wearing a gray trtl pillow while sleeping on a plane

    Promising review: "This thing is the greatest thing invented since chicken and biscuits. It's like a nice scarf with just enough support to keep your neck just in the right position. I highly recommend it. Works great with big headphones, too." —Deana Hero

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in three colors and in a junior size).

    5. A travel wallet with an RFID-blocking shield material to not only keep all your many important travel documents organized, but also safe and ready for you to grab when you need your ID quickly in the TSA line.

    reviewer photo of the wallet open, showing all the different pockets for passport, cards, money, phone, and more

    The wallet has a passport pocket, boarding pass compartment, three credit card slots, an ID slot, a slim card pouch, slim pocket, a ticket slot, a cellphone pouch, a coin zippered pocket, key holder, and pen holder.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this wallet. I needed a new travel wallet, and this holds everything I need all in one place, and it still closes nicely and stays flat! I can fit my boarding pass, passport, ID, credit cards, money, checked baggage tickets, receipts, and more in it, yet it doesn’t bulk up or look like an overstuffed mess. It's just amazing. The description says it only holds US money, but I just used the boarding pass flap to hold all my Japanese Yen (¥), which are larger. I didn’t use the zippered pocket for coins as I much prefer a separate coin purse for that sort of thing. I definitely recommend to anyone who travels a lot!" —Anthony Luu

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in 35 colors).

    6. Alleyoop's pen pal you may think is one of those super-cool multicolored pens you used in grade school, but is actually a super-cool four-in-one makeup tool. Throw this in your bag, and you'll have eyeliner, brow liner, lip liner, and a highlighter right at your fingertips. No need for so many makeup products to weigh down your bag. 

    GIF of Jasmin pushing down the lip liner function of the  pen
    Jasmin holding the pen
    Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This pen is amazing. I travel a lot for work, and it's so nice to just have to grab this rather than four different pieces of makeup. The less things I have to remember, the better!" —Rachel B. 

    Get it from Alleyoop for $25 (available in three shades).

    7. And a Pocket Palette to complete your makeup bag (or lack thereof) with the perfect amount of mascara, lipstick/blush, and BB cream so you don't have to pack every single makeup item you own. 

    a three pack of mascara, lip/cheek, and bb cream

    Promising review: "I travel often for work, and it’s so much easier to pack a few pocket palettes than tote my regular makeup — they’re super carry-on bag/airport friendly! I love my Lancôme but I’d much rather not tote around heavy glass bottles, so I keep a palette at the ready for the gym, in my purse, at my desk at work, etc. — they’re that convenient. For the makeup itself, the quality of the BB cream is great. It’s light, feels and looks natural, and you can get at least two full uses out of the quantity. The lip/cheek color amount is also generous. I personally go for a darker lip generally, but this is good for blush and will last me a while. I love how handy the mascara applicator is, so fun-sized. For someone on the go who isn't soooo makeup savvy that I'm contouring all the time, this product is really practical!" —Maureen

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $11.99 (available in four shades).

    8. AirFly, a wireless transmitter that'll connect your AirPods (or any other wireless headphones) to the headphone jack on the flight so you can enjoy all the free entertainment without being forced to bring two sets of headphones or use the crappy ones they have the AUDACITY to charge for on some flights.

    model with the small white box plugged into the screen on the seat back on a plane with wireless headphones in

    Promising review: "Ever since I purchased my wireless Bose earbuds, I always hated having to use another set when I was on an airplane with the seat-back entertainment system. I tried many different models to connect the system to my Bluetooth headsets until I came across this one, and it is amazing! It seamlessly connects to my headset, has very clear and reliable audio, and it takes the stress away from having to carry multiple headsets! Thank you!!!" —Ryan Malloy

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99.

    9. A travel belt made so you can attach any bag to the top of your suitcase because sometimes the best carry-on bags are not designed with that handy sleeve on the back. With this, you won't have to lug your bag through the airport when your gate is the absolute last one at the end of the longest corridor. 

    pink travel belt with a latch
    model standing next to a suitcase with a bag on top that's attached with a travel belt
    Cincha Travel

    The travel belt is adjustable to 38 inches so it will fit most bags.

    BTW — Cincha Travel is a small Cali-based biz started by a BIPOC couple that makes these adjustable straps from vegan leather. The brand also donates 100 airline miles for each purchase, which are used to reconnect separated migrant families.

    Promising review: "Love this! I am constantly struggling between holding my jacket and two carry-ons. This is the perfect solution! I can’t wait to start using it when I’m back to regular business travel." —Allison

    Get it from Cincha Travel for $35 (available in 15 colors, can be monogrammed for an additional $12).

    10. A Bearby travel napper specifically designed smaller than thair other weighted blankets so it can be taken on your vacation or road trip. If you have a hard time sleeping without your weighted blanket, this is a great way to bring that comfort with you. Plus, it comes with a duffle bag for easy transport.

    model sitting in a chair that looks like an airplane seat with a navy blue knitted blanket over them
    Beraby / Via

    Get it from Bearby for $209 (available in five colors). 

    11. A travel pouch that attaches to your bra so you can keep the most important things closest to you (such as your money, credit cards, and a copy of your passport) without fear of some pickpocketing wizard breezing past you, barely touching you but somehow getting away with your stuff.


    Promising review: "This was a LIFESAVER while traveling. I kept my cards and cash in it and had no stress about thieves lifting my essentials while traveling heavily pickpocketed cities. I loved it so much, I actually continued to use it when I got home instead of carrying a purse! The top flap did start to unravel after about six months — but this was also after six months of everyday use." —Krista Hinz

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in pink and black).

    12. A chic carry-on suitcase that will basically become your new travel BFF. Not only does this suitcase have an ejectable portable battery, it also has a "crush-proof" shell with bumpers for extra protection, a hidden laundry bag that is odor-proof, and a compression system that makes it so you can fit everything you need in your bag. This bag might really have it all.

    gif of hands packing the suitcase and using the strap to tighten it
    model sitting next to the black suitcase while charging a phone from it
    July, July / Via

    Promising review: "I've been looking for a carry-on replacement for some time. My last carry-on was from 2007, so it was super old and not very good. Now that I have my July Carry On, I couldn't be more pleased. It's so good from functionality to style. I love the laundry bag — it's great that I don't have to remember to take my own separate laundry bag with me anymore — and the charging is so useful. The wheels are silent and smooth — so much so that on the slightest decline the bag will 100% roll away from you. The bumpers are a bit scratched after some use, but it's hardy/designed to protect what's inside, and I accept that there will be some of that happening on long-haul flights. I really enjoy the personalization as well — I had my name and a little frog etched on the top — so cute!" —Ameeka N.

    Get it from July for $245 (available in 12 colors; plus you can add personalization for $50).

    13. The Airhook – it holds phones and tablets and attaches to the seat in front of you so you can be entertained on every flight, even the ones without seat-back entertainment. Plus, this has a fold-down cup holder, so you don't have to worry about using your tray table and then panicking when you still have half a drink left and need to use the bathroom.

    the hook attached to the back of a plane seat with an iPad attached to it

    PS This also works just as great in cars for road trips!

    Promising review: "Wow! A product that does what it says it will! I’ve found that the easiest way to be distracted during a flight is to watch movies. But holding up my phone for hours is frustrating. Enter Airhook. It's easy to use (I experimented with it before the flight) and held my device securely. There are less expensive phone holders, but they didn’t look like they’d hold the device if the seat back was jostled (e.g., the passenger in front of you suddenly reclines their seat). My only complaint is that it doesn’t store flat, so it takes a bit more space in my carry-on. A minor inconvenience. Otherwise, I’m very pleased with this purchase." —Wilson Moses

    Get it from Amazon for $23.95.

    14. A compact tote bag designed to fold up into itself so you can store it in your bag without taking up too much space in your suitcase. Then when you get to your destination you can take it with you as you explore and have a place to stash your water, sweater, and all the fun purchases you make along the way. 

    model walking with the light pink tote bag over their shoulder
    Calpak / Via

    Plus, it's made out of durable and water-resistant fabric. 

    Promising review: "I got the blush-colored bag. It is such a pretty neutral color. I packed it in my overnight bag to have an extra bag for shopping. It came in handy when I needed it! I put my water and light sweater in there. Also, I put my shopping items in there also instead of carrying extra store bags that leave a mark on you wrists. This little bag zips up compact and will always be a necessity when traveling anywhere! I highly recommend getting one!" —Nubia C.

    Get it from Calpak for $35 (available in three colors). 

    15. Some biodegradable hypoallergenic wipes because flying can make you feel gross and these give you the chance to freshen up when there's not a shower in sight.

    model using one of the wipes on their arm

    These are made with natural tea tree oil, peppermint, ginseng, and oil and come individually wrapped, so they're super easy to stash in your carry-on.

    Promising review: "I purchased this product for a recent trip to China so that I could freshen up between flights and also so that I could clean up as needed. I predominantly used these to wipe my body between my long-haul flight and my connecting flight to a local destination. This was a nice alternative to a shower when one simply wasn't available. It just made me feel cool, refreshed, and slightly descuzzed. I'd recommend them for this purpose. As they are perfumed, I wouldn't recommend using them as a toilet wipe for fear of throwing off a critical pH balance for women, but as an overall body cleaner, they are great. :)" —Magdalene Sikora

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $9.99.

    16. A portable rain hood you can wear with any jacket so you don't have to try and pack both your cute and practical jackets when you're tight on space.

    The Grommet

    All it is is a hood attached to a vest you wear under *any* jacket to protect yourself (and your hair) from whatever the weather has planned.

    Promising review: "I am headed to Europe this summer with just a backpack. This is a great way to pack light but still be ready for unexpected showers. It is easy to put on and will pack up well. I love this product." —Krista

    Get it from the Grommet for $24.95.

    17. A waterproof Kindle so you can take your reading anywhere, yes, even INTO the pool. This is a game-changer.

    Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    ^ Yes, that is me sitting in a pool in Hawaii holding my Kindle over the water without fear or stress that if it falls in, it will break. Truly living my best life.

    I've been an avid Kindle user for the past four years, but when I saw the new version, I knew it was time to upgrade. The main selling point is the fact that this one is waterproof. So waterproof, in fact, that it can be in up to 2 meters of fresh water for more than 60 minutes. Plus, it's lighter, has more storage, and the battery last for WEEKS. I took this on vacation with me and was so impressed. I was able to sit on the ledge in the pool and read without worrying about getting the device wet. And I even put it in the water to test, and it still works perfectly. Plus, I used it every day and didn't have to charge it the whole time I was on the trip. That gets a big gold star in my book.

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in 8 and 32 GB and in four colors).

    18. A flying USB port with four places to plug in all your cords so you only need one plug in your bedroom to keep all your electronics (phone, watch, tablet, etc.) at 100% during your whole trip. 

    white usb-port with four slots that looks like a plane

    BTW — Multitasky is a female-founded and -run small biz that began in 2020 as a way for founder Julia Xu to create products that were both functional and cute. 

    Promising review: "It does as it says it does, allowing my Dell XPS15 to operate a pair of USB devices from my lightning port! The laptop has two USB ports, one of which is always occupied by my USB mouse dongle and the other by my protected USB drive. If I wanted to plug in my phone to switch data or add another thumb drive to transfer a device, everything might have to be disconnected, but not anymore. It was really worth it." —Liberty

    Get it from Multitasky for $25

    19. A LifeStraw that's basically magic because it makes water drinkable by removing 99.999999% of bacteria and 99.999% of parasites so you can enjoy a fresh drink when you're on a hike or camping and are out of fresh water.

    model with the tube-shaped straw in some dirty water, showing how it cleans it so they can drink it

    And it last for a long time! It will provide about 1,000 gallons of safe drinking water.

    Promising review: "This thing is no joke! I took it backpacking in Maine's Bigelow range. When I ran out of the water I brought, I was A-OK with this. On top of one of the lower peaks, I drank from the most disgusting-looking crevice filled with brown scum. I thought, this is going to be safe, but taste horrid. WRONG. IT TASTED LIKE THE FRESHEST SPRING WATER, better than any tap. I'm from Maine, and I've tasted plenty of water right from mountain springs, so take my word for it. One note: It can be a little challenging to use at first. You have to start by soaking it; if it still doesn't work, blow into it a bit. Get one for your outdoor adventures and one for your bug-out bag, which everyone should have in case of natural disaster." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $17.31.

    20. A swimsuit specifically designed to stay in place during water activities (e.g., surfing, wakeboarding, etc.) *and* look super cute while relaxing by the pool. Gone are the days you have to pack multiple suits for vacation. Get you one that can do both.

    model wearing the suit with high waisted bottom and spaghetti strap top with colorblocks of pink and red
    Left on Friday

    This is one of my favorite swimsuits and it has been for the past couple of years. The colors in it are amazing, and it's SO soft. Like, I think it may be the softest suit I've ever worn (I mean that in the best way possible). I wore it a lot two summers ago, and then I sadly didn't have it with me last summer, and I missed it dearly. I was reunited with it recently, and now I am ready to rock it again this summer because this suit deserves all the glory. I feel so stylish when I wear it yet I know that I can actually swim and do other water sports in it as well (I have yet to try surfing, but maybe this year is my year! Haha). The fabric also dries quickly and is fade and snag resistant, so I def think it's worth the higher price tag.

    BTW — Left on Friday is a small, woman-owned business creating swimsuits that are cute and can be worn for water sports!

    Promising review: "I love this suit! It's super comfortable with fabric that holds everything in but is still super soft and straps that don't dig in. I love the design of the party wave colorway and that both the top and bottom mix and match with solid colors, too. This is my go-to suit!" —Emma

    Get it from Left on Friday for $85 (for the top; available in sizes XS–XL and in seven colors) and $85 (for the bottom; available in sizes S–XL and in seven colors).

    21. A portable espresso maker because caffeine is an essential, even while traveling, and this lil' thing lets you use Nespresso pods to make a delicious pick-me-up, no matter where you are in the world.


    Promising review: "The best thing for traveling ever!! I have to have espresso every morning and most small hotels and gas stations don't have espresso coffee so this is perfect! Easy to use. The cleaning takes 30 seconds; just rinse with water and let it dry." —joanna alvarez

    Get it from Amazon for $52.99.

    22. Or a single-serve French press in a travel coffee mug if coffee is more your speed — all you have to do is put grounds in, add some hot water, and press the mesh filter in to make a delicious brew.


    Promising review: "This is awesome for travel, hiking, or camping. I took this with me to Belize for a month, and everyone there wants one now. It's completely lightweight, the hard plastic is easy to clean, and I would recommend to anyone — even for everyday use if you just want to use for loose tea or French press coffee. I LOVE it!" —Dragonfly88

    Get it from Amazon for $16.84.

    23. A faux-leather hat holder you clip to your tote bag for a super-easy (and convenient) spot to keep your hat while you travel. It uses a magnet to keep your hat in place so it will easily get to your destination. Say goodbye to ever having to pull out a crushed and wrinkled hat from your luggage again!

    the small black hat holder clipped to a tote bag with a hat attached to it

    Get it from Nordstrom for $48

    24. A foot hammock made out of memory foam because we can't all afford to fly first class, but this little gadget will make you feel like you can (even if it doesn't come with free champagne).

    reviewer photo of the black foot hammock on a plane with feet in them

    Promising review: "This is an amazing product. It's so simple but works incredible to prevent swelling and pressure on legs while flying. I just flew the first leg of an international flight and used it, and I am on a layover now and had to pause to write this review. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! It easily attached to tray table, and I adjusted to my desired height. It is like a hammock for your feet. You just prop them up inside the thing/swing/hammock — which is very cushiony — and your feet are hoisted up comfortable. I'm a big girl and weight is no issue. DEFINITELY MUST HAVE ON ALL MY FLIGHTS NOW. This thing is great!!" —Queen

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in black, purple, and blue).

    25. An LED neck reading light perfect for anyone who has a later bedtime than their partner (or family) and doesn't just want to lie in bed counting sheep. Put this light around your neck and it will illuminate a book in front of you, without disrupting the people asleep around you. Talk about a game-changer!

    reviewer using the light around their neck, showing how it only lights up the book in their hands
    the neck reading light in black and silver, with small pictures at the bottom, showing the different light settings it has

    Promising review: "I couldn't be happier with this light. I use it for reading in bed and when I travel. It's comfortable, has multiple settings, is easy to use, and the battery stays charged for a long time. You can turn on either one or both sides of the light and its flexibility allows the light to be adjusted easily. I highly recommend this light for reading in bed, for outdoor walking at night, and for doing close work that requires good lighting." —Jean G

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three colors). 

    26. A collapsible water bottle that'll take up wayyy less space in your bag presecurity, but also help you avoid paying approximately $20 for one water bottle *and* help you stay hydrated = all very important things.


    Promising review: "Well, this is the coolest thing ever! I travel quite a bit, and I usually don't take a bottle with me because they are big and bulky and I usually loose it! This collapsible water bottle is a perfect traveling accessory. It stays collapsed until after security, and then I fill it up for the trip. It's a good size and fits in my side compartment in my travel backpack and the cap screws in securely so i don't have to worry about it opening accidentally and spilling all over the place. I follow the instructions on how to clean it and it works just fine." —M. Lyons

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95 (available in eight colors).

    27. A super-cool duffel bag that actually starts out as a garment bag, so you only have to pack one bag with everything you need *and* not worry about your suits or other clothes getting wrinkled during the journey.

    A gif of the garment bag zipping and rolling to form the walls of the duffel bag
    Bespoke Post

    Plus, the bag is lightweight (only 2.3 lbs), water-resistant, and has two exterior zip pockets, two interior shoe pockets, and a padded handle wrap. Yes, this one bag really can do it all.

    Get it from Bespoke Post for $55 (available in two colors). 

    28. A solar-powered charger you'll want to have on hand for any camping or road trips where outlets are sparse but phones are needed. Plus, it's also good to have on hand for any emergencies (including power outages, hurricanes, etc).

    the long rectangular charger lying on the ground in the sun, showing

    Reviewers confirm that this is great to have during/after a natural disaster, including a hurricane.

    Promising review: "I bought this for camping and road travel to keep electronics charged. I tried it out on a camping trip, and even in partial shade, it charged my smartphone enough to keep the charge level at full despite texting." —Amy K. Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

    29. A sand-free beach blanket designed so that sand rolls right off it, so you can pack it up and put it back in your luggage without worrying that you'll find sand covering everything else in your suitcase weeks later.

    models sitting on a multi-colored blue blanket on a beach

    Promising review: "I recently purchased this blanket for a family vacation to Florida, and everyone LOVED it! It's lightweight, big enough for the whole family to lay out on, and the sand rolled right off. One of the things I loved most about it is that it rolled up super compact and light so it was easy to pack! When you are going to the beach with kids, you drag along a lot of equipment! It was nice that this was easy to pack and travel with. Fun fact: If you have one of those canopies to bring to the beach, this blanket fits perfectly under it!" —Megan

    Get it from Amazon for $31.31+ (available in three colors).

    30. An insulated phone case designed specifically to keep your phone at a comfortable temperature in both hot and cold climates so you never have to worry that it will stop working because it's overheated or frozen.

    the marble phone case with a phone inside and velcro across the front to close it
    The Grommet

    Promising review: "I bought two of these for friends who ski and snowmobile together and with family. The phone cases are really well insulated. When they are able to get reception in the mountains their mobiles work perfectly because they have been protected. The colors are bright and easily seen in the snow. And there's room for ID." —Helen

    Get it from The Grommet for $34.95.

    31. hoodie made with a built-in eye mask. Talk about a game-changer. Put on your hood on your flight, close your eyes, and you'll be at your destination in no time.

    model wearing a hoodie with built in sleeping mask on a flight
    model wearing the dusty rose, oversized hoodie
    Pond Los Angeles

    Plus, it has a hidden pocket inside the kangaroo pocket to safely hold your valuables (phone, keys, headphone case). Reviewers do say it has an oversized fit, so size down if you want a closer fit. 

    BTW — Pond Los Angeles is an Asian- and woman-owned small business that creates bags and clothing perfect for traveling. 

    Promising review: "I fly a lot and am constantly trying to find a hoodie with a big hood to cover my eyes so I can catch up on some beauty sleep on flight. I saw this product on Instagram and knew it would be a game-changer. I was able to use it recently for the first time on an early morning flight and let me tell you, it is EVERYTHING I was looking for and more. It’s comfy, cozy, oversized, and the eye covers make you feel like you’re in a whole other world and not packed like a sardine on a plane. My over-ear headphone fit perfectly under it and I got the best sleep I’ve had on a plane — EVER!" —Heather G.

    Get it from Pond Los Angeles for $128 (available in women's sizes XS–L; also available in black and oak)

    32. A luggage-mounted cup caddy so you have a place to hold your coffee (and water or snacks!) while you make your way through the never-ending terminal to find your gate. You'll never spill your coffee while trying to answer a text again!

    Promising review: "This cup holder is perfect! It helps me a lot! Last time I took a plane with a suitcase and a cup of coffee, I dropped and spilled my drink everywhere when it was my turn to check my passport and ticket. It was a nightmare! This time, I bought this cup holder to do me a favor! I don't have to worry about where my cup and phone are! I can free my hands to do other things. I love it so much! Hope you love it too." —Philip

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in four colors). 

    33. A retractable lint roller in a super-sleek case you can keep stashed in a bag or purse to grab at a moment's notice when you realize that you're covered in hair.

    small tube that's about the size of a lipstick tube in blue, pink, and gold
    Flint / Via

    Promising review: "I purchased this recently for a trip. It's a great compact roller. It's easy to use and carry with you. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the sticky sheets work! A bonus that it looks cool. I plan to keep it in my purse or car now!" —brittpro

    Get it from Target for $6.99.

    34. A portable door lock to help you feel extra secure in your room. If triggered, this lets out a loud alarm sound that will wake you (and maybe everyone else around you) up.

    the lock wrapped around the knob and in the door, showing how it adds extra protection

    Promising review: "I have two of these, and they are amazing. The loop goes around the door handle and two thin metal prongs go in the crack of the door. If the door opens even a little, the prongs are separated, and it lets out the loudest, most obnoxious wailing sound in the history of the world. It's great for a single girl traveling on her own!" —Kelly

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in nine colors).

    35. A JetKids ride-on carry-on suitcase I'm pretty sure is about to become your new favorite product for traveling with kids. Not only does it have wheels, but it's designed so your toddler can sit on it, making it easy for you to wheel them through the airport. Then when you get on the flight, it easily transforms into a leg rest or in-flight bed to keep your kids comfy while in the air. How neat is that???

    a child model sitting on the wheely suitcase with an adult model pulling them next to it
    the suitcase in front of a seat that looks like an airplane chair, with it raised up, creating a leg rest for kids to make the seat more comfortable
    Nordstrom, Stokke

    It's recommended for kids ages 3–7 and fits most standard economy seats. Plus, it has an adjustable strap so you can carry it over your shoulder, a top handle, and a mattress inside that can be removed and used while in the flight. Parents have even used this product while in the airport waiting for the flight to keep their kids comfy and happy. 

    Get it from Nordstrom for $199

    36. A pair of compression socks to stop your feet and legs from swelling up as much as Violet Beauregarde did in Willy Wonka's factory.

    (left) hand holding the packaging (right) two feet with the black and yellow compression socks on
    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "With three weeks of international travel coming up, I purchased these to combat swelling in my feet during the flights. I had noticed swelling after three-hour domestic flights, so I was worried about what almost 30k miles would do! I wore these on every leg of the trip and never noticed any swelling — even after the 10–15 hour flights. They are very comfortable, too!" —J. Beaty

    Get them from Amazon for $16.55 (available in sizes S–XXL and in 12 colors).

    And check out our full review of the Physix Gear compression socks here.

    Me to all the items in this list:

    Universal Pictures

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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