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    21 Home Products Worth Buying At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    Cozy throw blankets, Diptyque candles, beautiful wall art, and more great items that'll give your home a nice refresh.

    It's here! It's finally here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived. And with it comes thousands of great deals!

    From now until August 30th, you can score great deals on SO many things, especially items for your home.

    There are hundreds of kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom items at a steep discount.

    To help you get started, we found the items that are actually worth buying for your home:

    1. A guava cutting board that'll add a touch of fun and whimsy to your kitchen and also give you a place to cut your veggies for dinner.

    Round cutting board with illustrations of the insides of guavas and green leaves all over

    2. A ribbed hand towel specifically designed to be super absorbent so your towel doesn't end up dripping any water on the floor. (Because that's just uncalled for.)

    The ribbed hand towel with vertical lines in teal

    3. A small aromatherapy diffuser compact enough that you could pack it to travel with you but strong enough that it will still fill the room with a scent of your choosing.

    The small diffuser sitting on a table with mist coming out of the top and a battery pack sitting next to it

    4. A Corkcicle stainless steel canteen designed to keep drinks cold for up to 25 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, so you can use it all year long for every type of beverage from wine to coffee.

    The silver canteen with a lid on the top and the word "Corkcicle" in purple on the bottom side

    5. A lattice duvet cover to add a simple yet elevated look to your bed.

    The white lattice duvet cover over a duvet on a bed with assorted pillows on it

    6. Framed wall art you'll feel very ~cool~ about adding to your wall because it's something different you'll enjoy looking at every day.

    Framed wall art with an illustration of lips and teeth with the word "cool" in the middle

    7. A floral comforter and sham set that'll brighten up your bedroom and make you want to go to bed earlier so you can snuggle under this beauty for longer.

    Floral comforter in navy with purple and green flowers all over it on a bed with pillows with floral and butterflies on them

    8. A set of red wine glasses, two with stems and two without, so you can choose which one you want to drink out of each night.

    9. A shower curtain with stripes and tassels for a design that's simple yet won't overpower whatever else you have in your bathroom.

    White shower curtain with small stripes in the middle and grey tassels on the top and the bottom

    10. A sateen sheet set made with a 400 thread count so you can slip in them at night and feel like you're in a bed made for royalty.

    The sheets in grey folded with pillowcases folded on top

    11. A set of six loose leaf teas perfect for anyone who wants to try a number of different flavors without having to buy enough that'll last a year (or maybe even a lifetime).

    The six teas in small gold circular cans displayed in a box

    12. A plush throw blanket that has more than 1,000 five-star reviews raving about how soft and cozy it is.

    Grey plush blanket with fringe on the end

    13. A retro-style toaster designed with extra long and wide slots so you can fit whatever you want to toast inside without sacrificing any of the style of your kitchen.

    The toaster in shiny rose gold with two slots and the word "Smeg" on the side sitting on a kitchen counter

    14. Velvet window panels to add a luxurious ~feel~ to any room and keep the bright sun out at the same time.

    The velvet curtains in gold on a window in a room

    15. A set of two rocking tumblers and drink stones perfect for keeping your whiskey (or other spirits) at the optimal sipping angle and temperature without watering them down.

    The two glasses one with liquid in it and one with the stone inside and the other stone sitting next to the glasses

    16. A sea wave framed wall art to bring a bit of calmness to your room because we all can't be lucky enough to live on a beach.

    The wall art with a big wave in a brown frame sitting on a dresser

    17. A leopard-print throw blanket for when you're feeling a little ~wild~, and by wild I mean, you're going to curl up and watch your favorite movie on Friday night while eating your favorite snacks.

    The plush throw blanket with a brown leopard print all over one side and the corner flipped to show the lighter color brown inside

    18. A linen and cotton duvet cover perfect for year-round use, because the fabric is meant to breathe when it's warm out yet still be cozy when there's a chill in the air.

    The duvet color in tan on a bed with pillows on it

    19. A Diptyque travel set with candles that are small but mighty — and give you the chance to try out a number of different scents to see which one you like best.

    The set of five candles in a row with labels on the front that say what the scents are

    20. An embroidered accent pillow that comes with a removable lavender pouch to add a calming scent to wherever you place the pillow.

    The grey throw pillow with embroidered pattern on the front sitting on a bench

    21. A bath towel designed to get softer with each wash (if you don't use fabric softener and dryer sheets, which can compromise the absorbency).

    The towel in navy blue

    And check out everything that's on sale in the home section here.

    Or if you're looking for more, here's are some of our favorite deals from the sale here.

    Getting cozy under my new throw blanket like:

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