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    32 Home Products That May Trick People Into Thinking You Have Your Life Together

    Or maybe it will help trick yourself...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A three-tier rolling cart so you can keep your countertops clear and clutter-free and know exactly where your toaster is when you have approximately a single minute to get your breakfast together before it's time for your team meeting.

    The rolling cart with dark wood shelves and black frame with wheels in a kitchen

    2. A super chic leather tissue box designed to cover the eye-sore that is a regular tissue box and make it look like it's part of a super fancy room.

    A black marble leather tissue box cover with gold hardware and a tissue coming out of the top

    3. A lift-top coffee table that'll hide all those random magazines and books you've accumulated that make your home look messy and smaller.

    4. A double laundry hamper designed to help you pre-sort your laundry and also keep it from accumulating in a big pile on your bedroom floor.

    5. A colorful area rug to instantly pull the room together and make it look approximately five times nicer without you having to spend a huge chunk of change.

    The rectangle rug with blue, pink, and orange pattern to it

    6. A three-tier slide-out storage tower so you can ~squeeze~ the most out of your kitchen even if you have less cabinet space than you thought was possible. Plus, you'll know exactly where the baking powder is when you need it for a recipe.

    reviewer image of the white tower between an oven and a fridge with assorted kitchen products on each shelf

    7. An ottoman with a secret — it's got places to store your shoes, which is especially great if your shoe collection is so big that guests find themselves tripping over pairs when they walk through the door.

    the round ottoman with a tufted lid next to it, showing the inside with spaces to hold pairs of shoes

    8. A clipboard frame so you can easily switch out all the art you've collected instead of letting it sit in your room for months because you're too lazy to get frames to fit it all.

    rectangle clipboard frame in dark wood on a wall

    9. A lid holder because I'm pretty positive the sign of a put-together house is opening a cabinet and NOT having all the lids fall out on you avalanche style.

    clear container with three different sized compartments with plastic lids in each

    10. A set of floating shelves that'll take advantage of wasted space on your walls and show off any cool books, candles, or souvenirs you love.

    11. Or a floating shelf that will transform all your favorite novels and cookbooks into works of art you can enjoy every single day because, let's be honest, are you really ever going to get around to reading them?

    reviewer image of three of the shelves on the wall holding up three different stacks of books

    12. A couch tray table because finding a good side table that works with your couch is hard, but using one of these to prevent spills is super easy.

    the tray table in grey over the arm of a couch with a coffee cup and wine glass sitting on top of it

    13. A large woven wicker basket to hold all your extra blankets and pillows when not in use so they don't end up cluttering your floor.

    reviewer pic of the woven basket in light tan next to a chair with pillows inside of it

    14. A super chic futon – everyone will be surprised when it pulls out into a bed and it'll be good to have when your friends decide to crash at your place...again.

    the futon with tufted back in light grey

    15. A cord organizer to help you hid any messes that accumulate from pulling in all your devices that are a total eyesore in the room.

    A before and after picture: on the left, a bunch of black cords tangled on the floor, and on the right, all those cords now nicely disguised in a light brown wood box with white sides.

    16. A pair of pocket wall shelves that'll keep your home office organized and maybe even solve the problem of finding that missing paperwork you just know you put somewhere on your desk.

    three rose gold pocket shelves on a wall with magazines and notebooks in them

    17. A ceramic table lamp to ~brighten~ up the room (even when you have the lamp turned off). Bonus: you'll be able to turn it on before turning off the main light so you don't have to aimlessly jump into bed in the dark anymore.

    White tubular lamp with textured lines all over it and a white lampshade

    18. A microfiber cleaning cloth so you can, once and for all, get your stainless steel appliances streak-free in one simple swoop. Your life may never be the same.

    hand using the grey cloth on the bar of an oven, cleaning it

    19. A marble self-adhesive film to make every surface look 100x fancier and help ensure that you get your security deposit back when you move out.

    20. A macrame mirror that acts as a nice piece of decor and a way to reflect light around the room, making it feel bigger.

    the circular mirror with macrame design around the outside in a v-shaped sun pattern

    21. A dining table and bar stools set great for anyone who might not have space for a full-size table. This one is small enough that it will fit in your space and save you from eating dinner on your couch every night. Trust me, nothing feels more adult than eating dinner at an actual table.

    rectangular tall table in brown with three shelves on the end and two coordinating bar stools with fabric seats

    22. A three-pack of fake plants to add a nice touch of greenery to your home without having the fear that you'll forget to water them.

    the three fake plants with different leaves in a tan round pot on a side table

    23. A toilet paper stocker perfect for anyone who doesn't have any storage space for extra rolls. This discreetly stores them and ensures that you'll never be SOL and stuck without toilet paper.

    White rectangle holder with a small square cut out in the bottom left corner, revealing rolls of toilet paper inside

    24. A magnetic knife strip to keep the random collection of knives you have out of your drawers and safely on your wall where they are less likely to harm someone just looking for a fork.

    the long rectangle strip on a wall with assorted knives and kitchen tools on it

    25. An end table with a storage basket to artfully contain your blankets so they don't end up in a pile in the corner.

    the end table with wood top and black frame and a wire basket on the bottom

    26. A Command wall and cabinet organizer perfect for giving you a place to store all the items on your bathroom counter that's making it look cluttered and a mess. Plus, this won't damage the wall, so you'll still get your security deposit back if you're a renter.

    reviewer image of the rectangular-shaped container attached to the wall above a counter that's filled with assorted hair and body products

    27. A six-shelf wall-mount bookcase with a minimalist design to help you ~maximize~ your space, so even if you stuff it full with books, plants, trinkets, or even shoes, it won't look like a cluttered mess that makes the room feel smaller.

    Reviewer pic of the six-tier bookshelf with light brown wood shelves and white rods attached to the wall with books and trinks on the top four shelves and assorted shoes and accessories on the bottom shelves

    28. A Simplehuman grocery bag dispenser to keep all the plastic bags you've accumulated together, so you can easily grab one whenever you need one instead of just using whatever's closest.

    rectangle-shaped container with stainless steel front, black sides, a long oval shape cut-out in the middle and circle cut-out on top, showing the assortment of plastic bags inside

    29. A bathroom storage cart for when your skincare collection has grown a little too much and you want to be able to still do important things in your bathroom, like...use your sink.

    white three-tier shelf with wheels and assorted bathroom items on each shelf

    30. A 10-piece gallery wall set that comes with a template to help you hang all the frames on your wall perfectly (because trying to do that on your own is just not an option).

    ten differently-sized frames on a wall over a couch arranged in a nice way

    31. A double hand towel holder to make it very clear where guests can dry their hands instead of having them look around, get too scared to make the wrong decision, and wipe them on their pants instead.

    the two-tier towel holder in black with hand towels hanging from each one

    32. A lift-top ottoman perfect for putting in front of your bed and giving you a place to not only put your shoes on but also store any blankets or even toys.

    Even if you feel like this sometimes, at least you home won't:

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