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    16 Home Decor Items Our Readers Love So Much

    People will be complimenting these items for years and year and years.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the best piece of home decor they've ever bought. Here are their best recommendations:

    1. An elephant basket you'll use a ~ton~ as you fill it with blankets and other miscellaneous things you have in your living room.

    2. A mid-century-inspired nightstand that's worth the splurge because you'll use it for YEARS.

    3. A dining bench to take advantage of all the space your table has to offer. Who says you have to stick to only having regular chairs? Once you try a bench, you may never go back.

    4. A storage ottoman with serving trays that can act as a coffee table, table, and more in a small apartment.

    5. An entry way mirror to reflect light and make it feel bigger than it actually is.

    6. A color-coded bookshelf that'll make you feel like your home is put together, even if your personal life is not.

    7. A small table that can be used as a stool, bench, or as the kid's table when holidays roll around. The possibilities are endless.

    8. A jewelry storage mirror for anyone who has a jewelry collection that keeps growing. You'll have ample space to keep everything organized so you can find exactly what you're looking for when you're getting ready in the morning.

    9. An entryway organizer you put on your wall to help keep your keys, mail, magazines, and life together.

    10. An Alex drawer unit from IKEA because I'm convinced keeping your home organized will help you live a happier life.

    11. An acrylic coffee table worth the investment because it will look good in basically any style living room you might have over the next decade (or longer).

    12. Some houseplants to add some greenery, life, and a breath of fresh air to your home.

    13. A beautiful statement couch to make your living room truly ~pop~ with color.

    14. A mirrored jewelry armoire you can use to store more than just jewelry and as a way to make sure your outfit looks good when you get dressed in the morning.

    15. A mini orange chandelier that'll be the focal point of the *room* as well as the focal point in your *mind* even after you move.

    16. A beautiful floor lamp that won't break your budget and provide a room with tons of extra light.

    How we feel when you share your awesome recommendations with us:

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