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    34 Products That Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

    These things really ~get the job done~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Tushy bidet attachment here to eliminate the need for you to wipe all together — and leave you feeling cleaner than ever. Now that's a win-win.

    2. A set of toaster oven bags designed to make the perfect grilled cheese without turning on the stove. You'll brie so thankful for this easy dinner, especially after you finally finish your work day and find you're exhausted and just want to eat now. Why does a grilled cheese always sound good at that moment??

    3. A handle that'll make it *sooooo* much easier to carry all your groceries in one trip without the threat of dropping half the groceries on the floor because you said to yourself, "I can TOTALLY carry this all" (when, in fact, you probably shouldn't).

    Two models, each holding two handles that have a couple of bags of groceries on them each

    4. A skyline mini wallet emergency kit filled with so many practical items you may need throughout the day (i.e. Tylenol, a hair tie, etc.) but that's small enough to fit in a bag, meaning you can keep it with you at all times and grab it whenever you need it.

    A small white faux leather pouch with a black skyline print surrounded by a mix of travel-sized toiletries and on-the-go essentials

    5. A miraculous plastic container with FreshVent technology to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to keep your berries fresh for up to two (!!) weeks – because there's not much worse then grabbing your berry container two days after you bought it and seeing that there's been a mold eruption inside.

    6. An eyeliner stamp to give you the perfect cat-eye in seconds. No, I'm not kitten you — you'll never spend 30 minutes trying to get both eyes to look the same, only to get so frustrated you wash your face and start all over again.

    7. An Always pan designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, and look good while doing it. This means you can have a decluttered cabinet and yet still make all the different kids of food you want.

    8. A tote organizer to turn your black hole of a purse into an organized dream where you can reach and grab your hand sanitizer in seconds instead of spending 10 minutes searching through everything to find it.

    9. An electric wine opener so you can uncork bottles in seconds, no struggling required.

    10. A Little Otsu weekly and monthly planner designed with an open format so you can organize your time in a way that really ~works~ for you. You can format your schedule, write to-do lists, and keep on top of important dates, plus the blank weeks and months mean you don't have to waste any space when you're on vacation or just feeling lazy.

    11. A spice shelf that will not only give you more space in your cabinet, but also prevent you from buying duplicates of spices when you *think* you're out of cumin, but really it's been hiding in the back the whole time.

    reviewer photo showing before using the spice shelf with the cabinet a mess and then after all nice and organized so you can see all the spices

    12. A windshield cover because cleaning your windshield after a snowstorm is ~snow~ joke, and I only wish I had this growing up in Wisconsin to make getting to school after a snowstorm a breeze.

    13. A Burst Oral Care electric toothbrush made with charcoal bristles to remove surface stains on your teeth. Plus, it holds a charge up to 1 month (!!) so you don't have to remember to plug it in all the time. And on top of that, Brust will send refills every three months, so you don't have to spend time trying to remember the last time you changed your brush head.

    14. A microfiber hair towel designed to dry your hair in about half the time. It works so well, it might even cause you to retire your hairdryer.

    reviewer image of the white towel wrapped on top of their head, drying their hair

    15. A set of scrubbing attachments you'll want to constantly take for a ~spin~, because they will get everything so darn clean without causing your arm to hurt from too much scrubbing after.

    16. Glossier Cloud Paint to make your cheeks (or eyes) ~glow~ even if you overslept and only had .2 seconds to get ready.

    17. A remote control caddy made to fit perfectly over the arm of your couch so you always know *exactly* where the remote is and don't have to spend five minutes searching for it when Netflix autoplays the next episode and you have to scramble to turn it off before it sucks you in.

    the beige caddy on the arm of a couch

    18. A jar of O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream that'll work wonders on your dry, cracked hands that have seen better days since you started washing them approximately 124,958 times a day.

    19. An EZ Off Jar Opener, because I can't be the only one who's abandoned making dinner and simply ordered takeout because I couldn't get a jar open.

    20. A set of seat gap fillers so you'll never experience the feeling of having your phone fall between the seat while you're driving, knowing it's going to take about 10 minutes to retrieve it from the black hole down there.

    Reviewer pic of the black gap filler in between the seat and console in a car

    21. A set of bed bands that'll work super hard to keep the corners of your fitted sheet in place so they don't pop off and try to escape every chance they get. Plus, this means you won't have to fight to get the sheet on all four corners as often – that itself is a chore.

    The underside of a mattress with a fitted sheet being held on by a bed band

    22. NordVPN, which is a "virtual private network" that works to hide your IP address and data, meaning you can use the internet in a much more beneficial way for you. Not only will it protect your browsing data and history, but you can use public WiFi without fear of your information getting out, *and* you can access Netflix in other countries (which always has wayyy better shows).

    person using a phone and laptop

    23. A garlic prepping set because if you're like me and HATE mincing garlic with a burning passion (don't ask me why; I have no idea) then what you need to do instead of not cooking dinner is use the peeler and mincer to get perfect garlic in seconds.

    hands holding the silver stainless steel garlic press, mincing some garlic through the wholes in the middle, with the pink round peeler sitting next to it

    24. A set of flexible foam curling rods that work without heat to create effortless curls, meaning you can still style your hair without the fear of heat damage.

    25. A pack of Tide Febreze Sport pods formulated to not only remove stains but also odor (up to a week old) so you don't have to use multiple products to get your clothes looking (and smelling) as good as the day you bought them.

    reviewer pic of the orange container and small square tide pod sitting below it

    26. A rapid egg cooker you can use to make hard-, medium-, or soft-boiled eggs in a matter of minutes. So goodbye to not knowing what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week.

    27. A Revlon One-Stop Hair Dryer & Volumizer — you'll be ~blown~ away by the results because it will make it super easy to get a salon-worthy blowout at home while also cutting down on the time it takes to do your hair. And that, my friends, is a win-win.

    28. Foaming tablets you can use weekly on your garbage disposal to stop any build-up or odors from coming out of your sink. Nobody wants to deal with that grossness!

    29. A magnetic meal planner so you can easily plan your meals for the week and then write all the ingredients you'll need for those meals next to it. Then when you head to the grocery store, just tear off the ingredient sheet, and you'll know exactly what you need from the store. No more buying another carton of eggs because you're not sure if you're out at home.

    A hand tearing away one of the grocery list sheets

    30. A dish squeegee to get your plates and bowls ~squeaky~ clean so you don't end up finding crusted on mac 'n' cheese there weeks later. 😬

    31. An item finder you can attach to your keys, remote, phone, or anything else you always seem to misplace so you can easily find it with a press of a button.

    the black small remote-shaped device with buttons with different colored keys on it and small round devices with matching colors sitting below it

    32. A microwave pasta cooker, because waiting for water to boil is the WORST part of making pasta. What's the saying about watching paint dry? Well, when you're hungry, boiling water is worse than that.

    33. A bikini mask infused with honey extract, niacinamide, and witch hazel to hydrate your inner thigh so you don't have to deal with ingrown hairs or razor burn.

    the long oval-shaped white sheet mask applied to the inner thigh of two models

    34. An Instant Pot that just might revolutionize the way you cook because it does it all. Say goodbye to eating cereal for dinner and hello to delicious meals in a matter of minutes.

    The Insta Pot with silver outside and black base and handles with an interface on the front

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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