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47 Things So Gorgeous You'll Probably Want To Add Them To Your Closet Immediately

Simply beautiful clothes and accessories that deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

1. A vegan leather crossbody handbag just begging for you to buy it, because it is so unbelievably gorgeous and will be the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

The rectangle-shaped handbag with a silver metal chain strap with a soft part in the center and a front flap, two inner compartments, and front-slip pocket.

2. A suede A-line miniskirt to wear while sipping coffee on the street...or basically any other day all fall and winter long.

Reviewer wearing the skirt with gold buttons down the middle in tan suede

3. Bow-top pointed flats made to add a bit of pep to your step because they're unique, elegant, and made from recycled plastic bottles. Now that's a trifecta if I've ever seen one.

Model wearing the pointed-toe flats in brown cheetah print with a black tie across the top of the feet

4. A velvet tank top you'll feel so ~smooth~ in as you casually drape your leather jacket over it.

Reviewer wearing the velvet tank top in light pink with a leather jacket draped over their shoulders.

5. A floral puffer jacket designed with a tie around the waist to give you some shape so you don't feel like a total marshmallow when you head out into the cold.

model wearing the black puffer jacket with pink and orange flowers on it and a tie around the waist

6. A V-neck, belted-waist ruffled sweater you can pair with a pair of jeans (or even a skirt) for a super-easy but very put-together look.

7. A pair of pearl threader earrings for a simple yet breathtaking look that won't overpower whatever fabulous outfit you wear with them.

model wearing the threaded earrings with pearls at the end

8. A polka-dot fit-and-flare dress I'm pretty sure is the modern take on a mullet because it's all business in the front, until you turn around and are like, "BAM, here's the party."

9. Seamless high-rise leggings sustainably made and ready for you to slip them on and say "~Olive~ you so much" to them.

Model wearing the full-length high-waisted leggings in an olive green.

10. A wrap blouse featuring voluminous sleeves that can be worn off the shoulder that just may become your favorite top you've ever owned (very strong phrase, I know). But when you have a semi-formal occasion coming up and are struggling with what to wear, this top will always be the right answer.

11. A bandage bodycon dress — you'll be feeling yourself all night long when you wear it.

12. A one-shoulder bodysuit that'll be a ~marble-ous~ addition to your wardrobe because it's a statement piece that can be worn with so many different bottoms, meaning you'll get SO much wear out of it.

model wearing the one shoulder bodysuit

13. A knee-length floral swing dress designed to make you feel like a million bucks...even though it only costs as much as two fancy cocktails.

14. A sleek cross-body purse with attached coin purse perfect to fit all your essentials in without weighing down your shoulder and your style at the same time.

reviewer wearing the crossbody bag across their chest

15. A faux-leather biker jacket designed to be the perfect final touch on any outfit because you'll feel cooler the second you put it on.

16. A shirt and satin slip dress set for an effortless yet chic look sure to impress. Plus, you can totally wear each piece on its own, which really makes this beauty go the extra mile in your closet.

model wearing the slip dress and shirt in green

17. A tulle ruffle-shoulder bodysuit that will make you feel like a GD star when you wear it. Watch out, the paparazzi may be looking for you when you rock this frock.

18. A subtle yet stunning textured cotton cardigan you can wear over your favorite white tee or on its own (with it buttoned all the way up of course).

model wearing the cardigan in light blue

19. A super-cool geometric backpack that starts off black but will turn rainbow colors when the light hits it — and turn heads as you walk down the street.

20. An embroidered collared tunic dress you can rock with or without a belt and still feel amazing either way.

21. A brown boot with a chunky heel to give your fall and winter style a ~lift~ while coordinating with all your favorite jeans and sweaters.

Model wearing the brown boots with lighter brown chunky heel and wide dark brown elastic on each side

22. A fleece jacket featuring the cutest details I may have ever seen on a cozy coat. I mean the combination of that blue color with the lime accents??? *AND* the white flowers?!? Come on! I need this jacket in my life ASAP!

model wearing the blue fleece jacket with white floral design and lime green trim, zippers, and pocket

23. A faux-leather wrap midi skirt you can wear when you need a little boost of confidence. This number will put a ~wrap~ on any self-doubt because when you wear this, the world better watch out.

24. A puff-sleeve sweater with the ~sweetest~ neckline that takes this simple style and instantly makes it look fancier, which means you can wear it for every major holiday that's coming up.

model wearing the sweater with puff-sleeves and a sweetheart neckline in grey

25. A two-pack of beaded floral headbands reviewers say are comfortable to wear all day long, so that essentially means that they have both beauty *and* brains.

26. A tie-neck bodycon 3/4-sleeve dress with a peplum waist detail you really can't go wrong with, because you can always pull it out when you can't decide what to wear but need a look that will be classic yet fun.

27. A wrap-front jumpsuit perfect for that wedding you have coming up that may have slipped your mind. Whoops! But not to worry because now you'll have the perfect comfy yet sophisticated outfit to wear.

model wearing the full-length jumpsuit in maroon

28. A leopard-print slip midi skirt to help ~maxi-mize~ your potential as the fashionista of your friend group. The group text is going to be blowing up with everyone asking where you got this skirt after you post that cute pic you took.

29. A shoulder bag about to become your new it-bag because it's in a nice neutral color that will go everything, yet the style is so unique that it truly makes a statement.

30. A velvet tunic dress with mesh sleeves covered in embroidered flowers you'll want to wear on your next date night. (And the date night after that.)

31. A pair of mules people may mistake for a certain designer brand 👀, and you don't have to correct them if they do.

32. An oversized faux-shearling coat to throw on for days you can't deal with being anything but comfortable yet still want to feel put together and cute.

Reviewer wearing the oversized coat made of a fuzzy material with big front pockets and a collar

33. A wrap dress that has become such a classic style, and in this fun color (or any of the others), you'll have confidence that whenever you grab it from your closet, you'll love wearing it.

Reviewer wearing the long-sleeved wrap dress in bright pink.

34. A Sorel lace bootie made to be fully waterproof because gone are the days when you have to wear really ugly shoes when it's raining because you don't want to ruin your favorite cute pair. These boots can (and will) be both for you.

model wearing the chunky heel lace-up boots in olive green

35. A velvet jacket you can add as a layer to any outfit to feel just a little bit fancier without compromising your comfort level.

reviewer wearing the jacket in red velvet

36. A beautiful ruffle-collar plaid blouse custom-made by hand from sustainable fabric for a piece that will truly be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Model wearing the wrist-length blue plaid shirt with white buttons down the front and a ruffled collar.

37. A patchwork tote actually made from scrap leather, so not only is it so unique and cool, but it's a sustainable bag you can use during your everyday adventures.

model with the tan tote with different colored square leather patches

38. A striped button-down shirtdress giving off major Beetlejuice vibes without summoning the "ghost with the most."

Reviewer wearing the knee-length short-sleeved dress with black and white vertical stripes all over it

39. A corduroy baseball hat your fall (and winter) wardrobe really needs because it takes the classic style and makes it fit with the rest of your plaid shirts, denim, and sweaters.

the yellow corduroy baseball hat

40. An oversized houndstooth knitted sweater-vest destined to be the star of your wardrobe as you show your friends just how much of a fashionista you are. Pair it with a button-down, turtleneck, or even a long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans for a chic look that's so on trend.

different reviewer wearing the same sweater but the cream color

41. A bodycon minidress you'll feel so comfortable in all night long that you may not even want to take it off when you get home. When that happens, just put on some music and continue the party at home!

model wearing the brown mini dress

42. A cross-body bag designed to look like a cat's face, ears and all. It's so cute, you've got to be ~kitten~ me — I need it right ~meow~.

Reviewer pic of the purse in black with ears on either side and pockets below them and a small white nose and mouth on the front with the ends of the straps looking like eyes.

43. A puff-sleeve peplum printed top one reviewer says looks and feels more expensive than the price tag, so pretty sure this ~steal~ will be the perfect top for every brunch, happy hour drinks, or even family dinners you have coming up on your cal.

model wearing the puff-sleeve peplum top with black, blue, and white graphic vertical stripe pattern

44. A monochromatic sweater and pencil skirt set that has been on my wish list for a very long time now, but I think it's about to be in my closet because this chic looks needs to be shown to the world.

reviewer wearing the ribbed pencil skirt and crewneck sweater in bright yellow

45. An oversized sleep shirt you don't have to wear when you go to bed — this ~dreamy~ style needs to be shown off to the world. And when you wear it with your favorite pair of jeans, it will give off effortless, "I woke up like this" vibes.

model wearing the oversize green short-sleeved shirt with lilac pattern to it

46. A tulle skirt you'll ~tulle-ly~ love to wear, because you'll feel like a superstar strutting down the street. (You might even throw in a twirl or two, because why not??)

47. And a breathtakingly beautiful pair of kaleidoscope-print boots I fell in love with the second I saw and now won't leave my mind.