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    41 Things So Gorgeous You Might Be Tempted To Hit "Add To Cart" Immediately

    "Wowowow😍" —me to everything on this list

    1. A tulle skirt you'll ~tulle-ly~ love to wear, because you'll feel like a superstar strutting down the street. (You might even throw in a twirl or two, because why not??)

    2. A pair of two-tone twisted hoop earrings I won't have to ~twist~ your arm to wear all the time, because they're beautiful but simple enough to go with any outfit.

    model wearing the  gold and white chunky twist hoops

    3. A planner with sections for writing your daily objectives, your schedule, to-do lists, notes, and anything else to keep you on top of your life this year.

    The black notebook with illustrations of flowers and moon phases in the middle with the words "Daily Planner" on top

    4. A polka dot ruffle v-neck swimsuit you won't have a ~ruff~ time wearing for years to come, because it will make you feel like a million dollars when you put it on.

    model wearing the deep v-neck one piece with ruffles on the shoulders in black with white polka dots

    5. Velvet embossed booties that you'll love so much you'll have a ~soft~ spot in your heart for them.

    High-heel boots with elastic on either side and mauve velvet fabric with embossed flower details all over

    6. Summer Fridays Cloud Dew oil-free gel cream moisturizer made with three types of hyaluronic acid and ceramides to really and truly hydrate your skin and leave it feeling amazing, especially in the winter. You could say that this product has both beauty *and* brains.

    model holding the circular short container in light pink with a schmear of moisturizer on their face

    7. Rose-covered pillow covers to add a romantic touch to your couch or bed – all your best ~buds~ will love 'em and ask you where you got them.

    square pillowcase with raised fabric to look like roses all over it

    8. A tulle ruffle-shoulder bodysuit that will make you feel like a GD star when you wear it. Watch out, the paparazzi may be looking for you when you rock this frock.

    9. A beautiful mixed colored stemware set you'll feel absolutely regal drinking from for years to come.

    Six wine glasses; one in blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, and pink

    10. A sleek cross-body purse with attached coin purse perfect to fit all your essentials in without weighing down your shoulder and your style at the same time.

    reviewer wearing the crossbody bag across their chest

    11. A Welly water bottle that not only looks super nice but also comes with a removable tea infuser so you can add flavors to your water (or tea).

    The water bottle with stainless steel top, tan, beige, and orange design on the bottle

    12. A circular velvet accent chair so beautiful, it might make you feel like you're royalty. Now all you need is a crown.

    13. A stripe fit 'n flare sweater dress you can put on in the morning when you're feeling "ehhh". It will give you an instant confidence boost to help you crush whatever the day throws your way.

    mid-calf length short-sleeve sweater dress with grey, black, and yellow vertical stripes

    14. A bottom-shaped vase that'll be a ~cheeky~ and eye-cathing addition to your home and make everyone do a double-take.

    A vase that's shaped like a butt in light pink with a wide open top with flowers in it

    15. A foldover clutch with a ring handle, making it so easy to carry this effortless bag. You can use it for everything from casual to fancy occasions, because it's just the right size to fit all your essentials.

    white rectangle pouch with foldover top and gold circular handle

    16. An A-line animal print midi skirt made of lightweight fabric, which means you can easily layer it with tights now and then wear it on its own come spring and summer.

    Closeup of a model wearing the calf-length skirt with a black, brown, and white animal-print pattern all over it.

    17. A Colorpop Through My Eyes palette filled with so many different colors to help you switch up your makeup look and be a little bolder for 2021.

    The light yellow pallet with the sixteen circles of eyeshadow

    18. A hanging mirror with hooks to hold jewelry, so it's not only chic decor but also practical storage. We love a product that can do both.

    circular mirror with gold eye-shape around it and the bottom "eyelashes" turned up into hooks with necklaces on them

    19. A puff-sleeve belted jumpsuit cute enough that you can (and totally should) wear it out of the house, yet comfy enough that you can wear it while you watch Bridgerton (again) and feel just as posh as everyone at the ball.

    model wearing the puff-sleeve jumpsuit in grey

    20. A loop-through faux fur stole radiating bad and bougie vibes and perfect for anyone who takes their style game seriously.

    Reviewer wearing the faux fur collar scarf in dark blue

    21. An architectural porcelain pitcher your friends might think you stole from a modern art museum (you don't have to correct them about that if you don't want to).

    22. A cotton-blend robe nice enough that you can wear it around the house all the time. Chrissy Teigen would be so proud of you.

    short-sleeved black robe with purple, green, and pink floral pattern all over it

    23. A modern-looking jewelry box to keep all your precious jewels (or cheap earrings, whatever your vibe is) organized and looking great in your room.

    wood jewelry box with a long draw across the bottom, small drawer on the top left side and a white lid that's open to reveal more storage and a place to put earrings

    24. A chunky knit blanket — just be careful with it, because it might make you late *every day* since you won't want to unwrap yourself from it to venture outside.

    model wrapped in a big chunky knit blanket in light blue

    25. A Terez chevron sports bra and leggings set that just may be the motivation you need to get a sweat shesh in, because sometimes a killer look is all you really need.

    Model wearing the full-length legging set with teal chevron pattern and matching sports bra

    26. A wine decanter to make that cheap bottle you bought seem not as cheap by aerating it to make the flavor even stronger.

    U-shaped glass decantor with wide opening on one side and a smaller spout opening on the other, with wine settled at the bottom

    27. An embroidered collared tunic dress you can rock with or without a belt and still feel amazing either way.

    28. A dumpling pouch cross-body cloud bag you may have already been ~dreaming~ about because it has a striking resemblance to a certain beautiful designer bag — without that designer price tag, of course.

    Reviewer holding the dumpling-shaped bag in tan

    29. A pre-made felt flower bouquet that will add some life in your home forever — no more worrying about dying flowers bringing down your mood and decor.

    hand holding a bouquet of all different types and colors of flowers made out of felt

    30. A polka dot shirt dress so ~on the dot~ of fashion, everyone will start coming to you to ask what pieces they should buy.

    model wearing the knee-length shirt dress with tie waist in black with gold polka dots

    31. A birthstone mineral soap so beautiful you *might* not want to use it. "Might" is the key word here, because it's so nice you'll def want to treat yourself and use it.

    hand holding a gemstone-shaped boar of soap in purple and pink irridescent

    32. A Lily Pulitzer puff-sleeve shift dress sure to make you look like this: 😍 the second you see it, and then again every time you get the chance to wear it and show it off.

    model wearing the puff-sleeve dress in blue with pink hearts of different sizes all over it

    33. A two-pack of beaded floral headbands here to help you cement your place as fashionista of your friend group. With these beauties on your head, there's really no competition.

    34. A geode clock you shouldn't get ~alarmed~ about when you post it on Instagram and then suddenly your DMs are full of all your followers asking where you got this breathtaking piece from.

    circular clock with pink, orange, and white geodes all over it and gold wire hands

    35. Some sheer vine drapes to add a touch of greenery to your home without having to worry about having actual plants you need to remember to water all the time.

    36. A Cher-inspired votive candle with scents of jasmine, rosewater, and bell-bottoms (of course). And if you think it's too beautiful to burn, just remember what Cher would say: "Snap out of it!"

    Votive candle with pink label and gold illustration of a crystal ball with the words "Cher" and "Jasmine & Rosewater" in it

    37. A jade gemstone gold necklace dainty enough to wear every single day without overpowering your outfit.

    Three necklaces with gold chains and cylinder-shaped jade gemstones in the middle

    38. A jelly flower lipstick made with vitamin E and jojoba seed oil to really and truly moisturize your lips, because the winter season is THE WORST for this.

    four of the rose gold lip balms with clear lipstick and flowers in the inside of it

    39. A patterned scarf scrunchie to make your day two (or three or four) hair look so good, nobody will even notice that bit of dry shampoo you forgot to blend in.

    40. A minimalist watch with a leather-like band, because it's ~time~ to upgrade your look without spending a huge chunk of change.

    41. A colorful area rug to make your living room ~pop~ while also making it feel cozier and homier.

    The rectangle rug with blue, pink, and orange pattern to it

    42. A neon sign to ~kiss~ your boring walls goodbye and give you a chic way to ~light~ up the room.

    Pink neon lips on a wall

    43. And a pair of absolutely breathtaking pearl-encrusted cat eye sunglasses I haven't stopped thinking about since I saw them for the first time, because W-O-W they are a showstopper.

    Model wearing the sunglasses in white with small pearl flowers encrusted across the top and on the arms

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