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33 Gifts You Can Still Get I Bet Nobody Will Believe Are Less Than $20

Get gifts for everyone on your list *and* stay under budget.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. An infinity picture frame they'll love to ~infinity~ and beyond. Plus, you can put a photo in it before you wrap it for an added personal touch.

Two gold circular frames and stands with pictures in the glass center

2. A Sugarfix chain necklace set so they can get a sophisticated look without having to spend hours trying to find necklaces that are different lengths so they look good together. All they have to do is put these on, and they're GTG.

Gold chain necklace and shorter gold necklace together

3. A drawstring hooded sweatshirt cozy enough that they'll want to wear it all the time yet nice enough that they totally can.

Model wearing the hooded sweatshirt with drawstring and a big front pocket in yellow

4. A Dalí clock, a must-have for any modern-art lover. Not only is this surrealist piece of decor reminiscent of a famous Dalí's painting, but it's also fully functional.

Reviewer's Dali clock is displayed on a bookcase

5. Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker they can use to ~whip~ up their cleanser into a foam that'll leave them feeling like they just left the spa instead of their tiny apartment bathroom.

The pink container with a pump top to fluff the cleanser and foamed up cleanser all around it

6. A pair of faux-fur sandal slippers with an open toe to keep their feet warm but also make sure they don't overheat and start sweating after wearing them for only an hour.

Reviewer wearing the criss-cross open-toe fuzzy slippers in grey

7. An urban map glass with an etching of their city (or just their favorite city) because you only get one ~shot~ at a good gift, and this is a great one for everybody.

Three clear glasses with maps of Los Angeles, Chicago, and NYC in white

8. A set of cocktail-inspired soaps anyone will be ~intoxicated~ with because they look cool, smell even better, *and* are practical to use.

The four soap bars in different colors, two have cardboard packaging on them with labels of Limoncello and Elderflower Mimosa

9. A record display shelf for your vinyl-obsessed friend whose collection is the star of their home. This will be a thoughtful gift, because not only is it a way to always keep track of what's currently spinning, but it doubles as chic wall decor.

10. A pair of chic sunglasses basically begging to be added to the wardrobe of the fashionista on your list. This style is classic with an edge — meaning they can wear them every single day.

reviewers wearing the sunglasses in black

11. The Spells Deck, filled with cards of charms, remedies, and rituals for self-care any ~witch~ would be proud to own and display in their home.

the spell deck

12. A 20-piece set of hair clips your sister (or friend) needs to add a touch of glam to any outfit — they'll love that they get to mix and match and play with all the different styles of clips.

13. A steady friends salt and pepper shaker set for a ~turtle-ly~ awesome gift anyone would love to display on their kitchen table. I mean, just look how cute the snail and turtle are!!!

turtle and snail-shaped salt and pepper shakers

14. A lightweight blanket scarf, because it is a universal truth (one that I fully stand by) that you can never have too many scarves, especially if they can be used as a blanket or pillow while traveling. Oh, the luxury!

Model with a large beige scarf wrapped around their neck

15. A beautiful rock candy ring — or in other words, the grown-up version of the candy they enjoyed as a child. The unique shape and luxurious feel whill leave the recepient shocked at this thoughtful gift.

16. A neon sign to help them ~kiss~ their boring walls goodbye and give them a chic way to ~light~ up their room.

Pink neon lips on a wall

17. A mortar and pestle set so they can make delicious homemade guac instead of simply throwing an avocado in a bowl and calling it a day.

Round white bowl with a hand smashing some avocado with the stick-shaped pestle also in white

18. A double-layer glass the giftee will ~bear-ly~ be able to believe how cute it is. It will bring them great joy in the morning when they use it to drink coffee and tea because just look at that cute little upside-down smile!

a clear up with an inner layer shaped like an upside down bear with a face painted in black

19. A set of gold earring cuffs ideal for anyone who wants to change up their look but isn't ready to make the full commitment to a full-on piercing. These cuffs can be worn in so many different places on their ears, maning they can switch things up all the time.

20. Dream Decoder, a deck of cards for someone who starts every almost conversation by saying, "You won't believe the dream I had last night." Now they'll have a way to discover what their dreams might actually mean. How cool is that?

dream decoder deck

21. A whole-in-shell mixed nuts tray that'll ~nut-urally~ be a delicious treat for any family to enjoy together.

The square wood tray filled with a selection of different kinds of nuts

22. A small wood tic-tac-toe game you'll for sure get a lot of ~hugs~ and ~kisses~ for giving as a gift because not only is it super fun game to play with kids, but it also looks great sitting out as decor on a coffee table.

Reviewer picture of the square wood board with square x's and o's pieces in the squares

23. A sushi socks box anyone will be ~soy~ happy to open.

24. Or! A set of wooly crew socks because one can never, and I mean NEVER, have enough warm socks.

Five pairs of knit socks in a variety of colors folded and set on a table

25. Celestial One Line a Day, a journal where each page has an entry for the five next years, giving the recipient a chance to reflect on how much they've really grown and changed over the course of one, three, and even five years.

26. A pour-over coffee maker they'll be overjoyed to get and then use to make delicious coffee (because coffee = life).

The coffee maker with cork in the middle with coffee in it and a coffee cup next to it

27. A USB nightlight they'll love ~to the moon and back~. Sorry, I had to.

A circular moon-shaped light with a white ceramic hand holding it

28. A large initial necklace they'll want to wear every single day, which means they'll think about you every single day, and doesn't that just make you feel like you won the secret gifting competition that we're all having?

29. A set of upcycled coasters made from the center of old records they'll want to take for a ~spin~ the second after they open the gift.

Six circular coasters that look like records with a glass on one of them

30. A wine aerator to put on the top of the bottle and make any $5 bottle taste at least like a $10 bottle. It's the little things.

The clear spout on top of a wine bottle being poured into a glass

31. A bottom-shaped vase that'll be a ~cheeky~ and eye-cathing addition to their home and make everyone do a double-take.

A vase that's shaped like a butt in light pink with a wide open top with flowers in it

32. A Glossier water bottle perfect for the makeup fanatic on your list who may already have all the products that they need. This fun bottle is on the smaller side, so they can stay hydrated without having it weigh down whatever bag they put it in when they go out on an adventure.

The semi-clear green water bottle with a floral Glossier g logo in pink with flowers on it on the front and grey lid with teal strap

33. A watch they might not use to check the time (duh, that's what cellphones are for), but that'll make their outfit look way more grown-up and put-together.

The circular watch face in black with gold numbers and a black band

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