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    24 Gift Baskets Literally Everyone Would Love To Get

    Perfect for the person on your list who "has everything."

    1. A sweet and salty gift box with the perfect combination of treats the giftee can share...but probably won't want to.

    2. A spa gift set to help them unwind and relax after spending the holidays dealing with their family. (Why are families so stressful?!?)

    3. A basket that will be a big dill for someone on your list who is obsessed with pickles.

    4. A Snack Attack gift set with popcorn kernels and flavoring that they'll like butter than anything else they get for the holidays.

    5. A crate of caramel apples dipped in chocolate, because nobody buys nice caramel apples for themselves but everyone enjoys them and would be THRILLED to get them as a gift.

    6. A breakfast box filled to the brim with scrumptious morning treats, guaranteed to make Christmas morning less hectic so everyone remembers to eat breakfast while they're opening presents.

    7. A BBQ grill set they might not be able to use right now (if they live somewhere cold; if not, good for them!) but they will totally appreciate when they can head outside to grill some meat.

    8. A basket stuffed with so many types of popcorn I'm getting hungry just looking at it — I mean, cookie dough popcorn?!? Come on!!

    9. A food basket filled with pasta products because IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PASTA (but it totally is about the pasta because pasta is delicious).

    10. A classic-favorites basket that will probably literally make the giftee exclaim "OMG" when they see how amazing the treats are inside.

    11. A cheese and crackers set that's quite the gouda gift, especially since the products are straight from the dairy state.

    12. A holiday dog treats basket with both treats and toys because dogs (and their owners who are a bit obsessed with their pooch) deserve presents too!

    13. A brunch and bubble gift basket so they can invite you over for brunch instead of waiting an hour or two to eat at that new hot place that just opened up.

    14. A white rose and jasmine bath-and-body basket packaged in an adorable gold bathtub, because everyone needs more products to make their "me" time even better.

    15. An entertainer basket stuffed with everything needed to throw a killer holiday party, no thought required!

    16. A chips and candies bundle for your snack-obsessed friend so they'll be stocked for months with all their favorites.

    17. A holiday cookie basket so they don't even have to think about which cookies to leave out for Santa. (Only a couple of course, because maybe he doesn't need all this deliciousness.)

    18. An around-the-world beer bucket for the person who finds it un-beer-able to see the world without tasting brews from different countries.

    19. A gift basket for the person in your life who always has hot sauce in their bag...swag.

    20. A Godiva signature chocolate basket anyone — anyone! — would be happy to receive. If not, just have them send it my way...

    21. A holiday gift basket everyone will go nuts for. (Sorry, I had to.)

    22. A Bloody Mary gift basket for anyone who considers bloodies to be in a drink league of their own, so they can make their own at home anytime.

    23. A basket filled with 27 different foods from The Swiss Colony that the recipient will probably be snacking on throughout the next year.

    24. And a 12-coffee bundle for your caffeine-obsessed friend who will exclaim, "Where have you bean all my life?" when they open this.

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