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    40 Pieces Of Fitness Clothing You'll Probably Want For Your Next Workout

    Pieces that'll help you reach those 2021 fitness goals while looking fabulous as ever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lightweight Columbia windbreaker with weather-resistant protection, a must for anyone looking to add early morning bike rides or hikes into their routine.

    2. A tank top and legging matching set you'll feel so ~fly~ in that I bet you'll set a new PR in your cycling class.

    BuzzFeed writer Rachel Dunkle wearing the grey cropped tank top and leggings while riding a stationary bike.

    3. A simple racerback top more than 10,600 people have given five-star reviews to — so you know you can't go wrong by stocking up on every color.

    4. A shiny one-shoulder strap bodysuit that'll instantly boost your confidence level by at least 100% and help you crush whatever your workout (or day) brings your way.

    5. An affordable high-impact sports bra to keep your boobs in place no matter how big or small they are.

    6. A matching sports bra and legging set made to solve the dilemma of what to wear for your workout, because you won't have to worry if your outfit is going to match and can instead focus on doing those burpees.

    7. A heathered tight you'll be ~running~ to grab as soon as they come out of the wash so you can wear them again and again and again.

    model wearing the full-length tights in grey with dark grey stripes around the thighs and ankles

    8. A strappy sports bra that might seem like it would be just for show, but reviewers swear it's more supportive than it looks.

    9. A pair of bike shorts for such a steal you might want to go ahead and just add two to your cart now — you'll thank me later.

    model wearing the upper-thigh length high-waisted shorts in black

    10. A longline sports bra everyone will be eyeing during your virtual yoga class — be careful, you may get a lot of messages afterward asking you where you got it from.

    11. A pair of mesh shorts that are so basic you literally can't go wrong with them.

    model wearing the upper-thigh length mesh shorts in black

    12. A mixed media zip-up jacket great for those chilly days when you still want to get outside and get some fresh air during your workout (without freezing of course).

    model wearing the zip-up jacket with quilted portion on the top half, and zipper on either side

    13. A pair of compression pants that'll help you ~squeeze~ in the best workout possible no matter what the temperature is outside.

    14. A muscle V-mesh back tank with a tie on the bottom, meaning you can wear it tied or untied, thus you basically get two shirts for the price of one.

    15. Printed leggings to help you make a statement, and that statement is that you're a fun person who likes to wear fun workout clothes.

    Model wearing the full-length lettings with a black and white line triangle design throughout

    16. The "ultimate" sports bra with more than 19,000 5-star reviews raving about how it fits all different bodies and keeps boobs of all shapes and sizes in place.

    Model wearing the sports bra in black with thick straps, a wide band around the chest and a zipper down the front

    17. A pair of bootcut yoga pants to *widen* your selection of workout bottoms.

    model wearing the flare leggings in grey doing three different yoga poses

    18. A houndstooth sports bra and legging set all your followers will be ~hounding~ you for the deets on where you got it as soon as you post your sweaty selfie.

    model wearing the sports bra and leggings in black and white houndstooth pattern

    19. An open-back tank top with built-in strappy bra you'll love if you have a larger bust, because it'll keep you supported whether you're doing yoga or running.

    20. A simple pair of athletic shorts with UPF 30+ protection so you can wear them in the summer to keep your skin protected from harmful rays.

    model wearing the knee-length shorts in black with a small Under Armor logo on the bottom right knee

    21. A bodysuit so you can stand out from the crowd, because your workout clothes should be as unique as you are.

    Model wearing the full-length bodysuit with spaghetti straps in white with a blue and red tree pattern throughout

    22. A set of crop tank tops that hit perfectly above high-waisted leggings so you don't have extra fabric bunched up around your stomach.

    23. A pair of patterned high-waisted leggings with more than 18,000 5-star reviews saying these may just well be the BEST. LEGGINGS. EVER.

    24. A cropped tee made with a seamless knit fabric, so this tee will have a ~soft~ spot in your heart as soon as you put it on.

    model wearing the tight cropped tee in light blue

    25. A front-close sports bra that is so much easier to put on and take off than a typical sports bra, especially if you're covered in sweat.

    model wearing the front-close sports bra in beige

    26. A long-sleeved shirt created out of a breathable fabric that also has UPF 50+ in it to protect you from the sun and keep you cool while hiking the Grand Canyon. (Or really any other hike you go on, it doesn't have to be the Grand Canyon.)

    Reviewer wearing the long-sleeved shirt in light blue while hiking

    27. A high-waisted ankle leggings with contrasting stitching along the sides for an added detail to take basic black leggings ~the extra mile~.

    model wearing the high-waisted ankle-length leggings in black with white stitching along the outer thigh and leg

    28. A sports bra for bigger bust sizes that promises no bounce — and, based on more than 12,000 5-star reviews, delivers.

    Reviewer wearing the sports bra in black with white trim

    29. A racerback muscle tank so you can show off that cute sports bra (and your muscles, of course).

    reviewer wearing the tank with large and long armholes, showing the sports bra underneath in light grey

    30. Printed bike shorts for when you're feeling ~wild~. And by wild, I mean you want to give your collection of black leggings a break.

    31. A thermal pullover made with a micro-grid fleece that will not only keep you warm during chilly morning runs, but will also wick away any sweat to keep you comfortable so you can truly ~go the distance~.

    32. A one-shoulder sports bra to help you up your workout style without compromising on your support — yes, there is a bra out there that can do both.

    model wearing the one-shoulder bra in white

    33. A three-pack of compression tops made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable during even the most intense workout.

    reviewer wearing the long-sleeved scoop-neck shirt in grey

    34. A pair of high-waisted bike shorts you'll waist no time putting to good use during your next run.

    35. A seamless bra and high-waisted leggings set made with 13% Spandex, so it won't be a ~stretch~ to say that this will be your go-to favorite outfit in no time.

    The writer wearing the leggings and bra set in navy blue

    36. A moisture-wicking V-neck tee that'll keep you cool as a cucumber even through the most intense workouts.

    37. Leggings with side pockets to fit your phone and keys, so you can conveniently keep your valuables safe without having to awkwardly hold them.

    Reviewer wearing the calf-length leggings with pink stripe down the side with a pocket in the middle of it.

    38. A high-impact sports bra with the power to keep you feeling so secure and confidant that you won't have to hold your arms across your chest when the instructor says it's time to do high knees.

    39. Bike shorts made from eco-friendly material so you can look great *and* feel good about your activwear choices.

    model wearing the mid-thigh length shorts in green

    40. A three-pack of compression tank tops that'll ensure your shirt won't fall down and cover your face while you're doing a downward dog.

    You, knowing you look freakin' fabulous in your new workout gear:

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