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    Just 24 Jackets From Amazon That Are Great For Fall

    It's time to layer up.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A trench duster cape that will reveal to the world your true self: Superwoman, of course.

    2. An oversized sherpa trucker jacket you can drape over your shoulders when you jump the gun a bit and realize that it's not quite cold enough for a jacket yet. We'll get there, don't worry.

    3. A bomber jacket you'll look the ~bomb~ dot com in from now until November when it's time to pull out your winter jacket. (But don't think about that too much yet.)

    4. An oversized faux shearling coat to throw on during days you can't deal with being anything but comfortable.

    5. An overcoat you can already see yourself wearing as you stroll down the street sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

    6. A anorak with a removable fleece-lining, meaning you basically get two jackets for the price of one because when it gets even colder, you can add the fleece for an extra dose of warmth.

    7. A denim jacket that's so much of a staple, you'll wonder how you lived your life before owning this. It goes with everything and makes you look good. What's not to love?

    8. A faux-leather biker jacket designed to be the perfect final touch on any "going out" outfit – no matter if you're going to a bar, a club, or even a concert.

    9. A double-breasted trench coat that's been a classic for so long for a reason: it looks chic on everyone.

    10. Or a hooded moto jacket you'll be extra grateful for when it suddenly gets very windy and you don't want your hair flying around everywhere.

    11. A faux-leather and knit jacket you can take straight from the office out to dinner with your friends. No simple day-to-night switches required.

    12. A camouflage military jacket so cute your friends won't even see your fall fashion game coming.

    13. A quilted zip jacket to have on hand for those nights it gets a bit too chilly for just what you're wearing. This is light, so it won't be hard to carry around if you're out and about all day.

    14. A faux suede number that'll slowly start popping up on your Instagram so much, everyone is going to start messaging you to ask where you got it from.

    15. A double breasted long coat for late fall when you're not quite ready to accept that it's almost time to wear your winter jacket, but you need something with a bit more warmth.

    16. A basic utility jacket perfect for casual days at work when you want to look put-together, but don't want to have to fight the temperature in the office and keep taking your jacket on and off all day.

    17. A long-sleeved duster – you'll find yourself hitting your power pose when you wear it. Yeah, it will make you feel THAT confident.

    18. A utility jacket to throw on when you're in a ~cinch~ and need to get out of the house ASAP because you know you'll look great in it.

    19. A shawl collar one you'll be ~plaid~ you added to your wardrobe because it will make sipping your PSL even more enjoyable.

    20. A simple (and super-affordable) military-style anorak you're going to love so much you might as well order it in multiple colors right now.

    21. A double-breasted coat great for your annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Or just a normal Tuesday. Versatility is key.

    22. A fleece zip-up available in basically every color under the rainbow so you can wear a different one every day and always be cozy and cute.

    23. A faux leather jacket – you'll feel about 100% cooler the moment you put this on. This is not a scientific fact, but I can promise you, it's true.

    24. And an oversized denim jacket that'll basically make you feel like an influencer, even if that's def not the case.

    Everyone: Did you really need another jacket? You can't close your coat closet. Me:

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