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    21 Toys Under $10 That'll Keep Your Baby Entertained For Hours

    Cheap toys that are actually worth it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rattle and teether that your future scientist will love to hold, throw, and put in their mouth.

    Promising review: "This is a perfect toy for my 3-month-old! It is small enough for her to hold on to, and she loves the light rattle sound and the bright colors. Since I bought it two weeks ago, it has helped her learn how to intentionally grab onto things. And she can chew on it without gagging, which I love. I attached a pacifier clip so it doesn't fall on the ground. It's definitely a favorite toy in our house. I'm so glad I bought it!" β€”alm2013

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    2. A toy remote you can hand your little one so they doesn't change the channel at the most emotional moment during This Is Us.

    Promising review: "My 8-month-old daughter loves the music and sounds this toy makes. She constantly took the TV remote and changed the channels and tried to put it in her mouth, so finding this was perfect. It's pretty durable considering she drops it out of the shopping cart several times before purchasing it, and it still works perfectly. The price is great for a family on a tight budget." β€”simply_Harmony

    Get it from Walmart for $7.88.

    3. A roll-around hedgehog your baby will ~hog~ for hours and hours.

    Promising review: "I got this for my son at 2 months, and he has absolutely loved it! It's simple but does a great job of keeping him interested. It's easy for him to grab as he's still learning to grab things." β€”Samantha

    Get it from Target for $8.

    4. A set of toys that will turn bath time into an adventure through the ocean to find Nemo.

    Promising review: "My 6-month-old son loves to chew on these while he's teething and also play with them in the bathtub, so we got two sets for him." β€”Amanda

    Get the set of three from Jet for $6.75.

    5. A wonder wheel with a suction-cup base to make playtime really stick.

    Promising review: "This toy keeps my daughter entertained during dinnertime and while I prep dinner. It is a lifesaver. Plus, it is adorable because sometimes it looks like she is driving her high chair. It sticks to the tray so I don't have to pick up all of her toys she throws on the ground." β€”Sara E Hughes

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    6. A musical machine that introduces your little one to seven different melodies but doesn't kill your ears because it has a volume control.

    Promising review: "I bought this toy a year ago, and it's still a staple for car rides. My baby presses the button and listens to the music while playing with the beads on the side and is quiet on trips to the store. It has two volume settings so it doesn't have to be ear-shatteringly loud all the time, and that's just about my favorite feature ever. It's a great little toy." β€”30Something

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    7. A Mickey stuffed animal, because it's never too early to foster their love of Disney.

    Promising review: "My 8-month-old son absolutely loves this, and it's a perfect size for his hands!" β€”Chrissy

    Get it from Walmart for $7.60.

    8. A pair of rattle slippers with super-cute animal faces that turn kicking into a musical experience your baby won't be able to get enough of.

    Promising review: "These foot rattles are super cute. I love this design because the footies actually stay on the foot, and they are super soft. They keep my baby interested." β€”Yanet

    Get it from Jet for $6.03+ (available in Zebra/Tiger or Flower/Rainbow bug).

    9. A book to plant the seeds of learning with lights, sounds, and also an attached watering can to help your baby's knowledge grow even more.

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    10. A baseball rattle that will surely be a home run with your baby.

    Get it from Walmart for $6.13.

    11. A cloud and moon toy you attach to the stroller or car seat to add a silver lining to any outing.

    Get it from Jet for $8.

    12. A snuggle teether that will get you out of any mess if you're ever stuck in a ~giraffic~ jam with your baby in the backseat.

    Promising review: "I bought two of these for my 4-month-old twins, and they love them! They are very easy to grab and put in their mouths, as they love to do that right now. They are highly entertained by them, and they can still play with them for months!" β€”may77

    Get it from Amazon for $6.47.

    13. A dump truck with three "rocks" to help teach them how to count (and you'll count your blessings when you finally have a chance to do a load of laundry).

    Promising review: "This is one of the few actual toys that my 1-year-old son likes to play with. (He would rather destroy the house.) He likes to throw and chase the balls, put the balls in the hole, and press all the buttons. He is just now pushing it all around the house. The price cannot be beat for the entertainment!" β€”Angel

    Get it from Walmart for $8.29.

    14. A simple and colorful set of "keys" your baby can actually chew on instead of your set that they're obsessed with.

    Promising review: "My baby absolutely loves these keys! He puts everything in his mouth, and these have been great for chewing on. He loves the way they click clack together. He thinks it's so fun to shake them by the ring and hear the noise they make. This was a really great and cheap source of entertainment for our baby, and I would totally recommend. This would also make for a really great addition to a baby shower gift. This item is well worth the money." β€”Kelsey Council

    Get it from Amazon for $3.33.

    15. A topsy-turvy frog rattle your mini-me will be jumping for joy for every time you give it to them.

    Promising review: "This toy is so amazing, so colorful, easy for baby to handle, to play with, and the design is perfect." β€”Janny

    Get it from Walmart for $8.32.

    16. An octopus sensory shaker with different sounds, lights, and textures that will distract your baby so much you can give 'em a sneak attack of ten-tickles.

    Promising review: "My baby LOVES this toy. It is by far his favorite. He is 14 weeks old. The lights and music are totally enthralling for him, and the shape of the toy is pretty easy for him to grab even though his hand-eye coordination is minimal at this point." β€”Kris

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    17. A set of balls with all different textures to intrigue your baby and also help them develop tactile senses.

    Promising review: "These balls are great for a baby to explore colors and textures! Before our baby could reach and grab the balls, he would smile while looking at the contrasting colors and sizes during tummy time. Toys like these are simple, but critical for babies' development!" β€”Erin Evans

    Get it from Amazon for $9.90.

    18. A super-cute caterpillar rattle that is simple yet effective in keeping your newborn occupied.

    Promising review: "This is my baby's first and favorite toy. We introduced it to him when he was about 2 months old. He started following it with his eyes when we moved it in front of him. At 3 months old, he would stop fussing when we shook it in front of him. It's great for when he's fussing during a diaper change. At 4 months old, his face lights up when he sees it, and he loves holding it and putting it in his mouth. It's only a matter of time until he starts shaking it. It's also great for entertaining during car rides. I highly recommend this rattle!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.53.

    19. A sassy bumpy ball with bright colors, patterns, and shakers, for when your baby turns 6 months old and starts to really develop that sassy personality you passed on.

    Promising review: "My son loves the noise of the beads inside two of the bumps, the many colors, and the softness of the material." β€”Mommy0402

    Get it from Walmart for $9.99.

    20. A board book of 100 words your baby might not understand at first, but over time will help them associate pictures and words till they're a little Einstein.

    Promising review: "All babies need this book. I have a copy for the car that my son reads (thumbs through) himself and one in the house. During longer lunches when it’s just the two of us, I’ll run through a couple pages to keep him entertained. He is 13 months now and will bring it to me during the day and point to a picture so I can tell him what it is and then mumbles his version of the word." β€”C Moyle

    Get it from Amazon for $4.04.

    21. A teether so cute and yet practical you won't ~carrot~ at all when your baby reaches for it day after day.

    Promising review: "This quickly became one of my guy's favorite toys to chew on as he's been teething. He can grasp it easily and controls where it goes with ease, thanks to the design. It's also a little harder than a number if other teething toys while still being soft. So I think the texture is ideal for him." β€”D. Weller

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    There's really nothing better than that look of pure excitement when your baby gets a new toy.

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