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    41 Dresses So Gorgeous You'll Probably Want To Wear Them All Winter Long

    You don't even need a special occasion to wear these stunners.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A ribbed turtleneck style so easy to throw on in the morning when you need a no-fuss, no-frill look you know you'll feel (and look) amazing in.

    2. A leopard-print skater style for when you're ~feline~ wild and want a look that expresses that to the world.

    Model wearing the brown and black lepord-print mid-thigh length dress

    3. An embroidered floral velvet shift dress that will give you all the ~feels~ every time you put it on.

    Model wearing the mid-thigh length dress in velvet green with embroidery on the sleeves and chest

    4. A puff-sleeve A-line dress for an ~artistic~ take on a fun style that will have you feeling like you belong in a modern art museum. (Yes, that means that people will stop and say "Ohhh" when they see you in this dress.)

    Model wearing the mid-calf length dress with puff sleeves, a key hole detailing in the center and light blue, navy, pink, and white line pattern to it

    5. A three-quarter-sleeve midi number with a very slight puff sleeve for a cute detail that'll help you cement your place as fashionista in your friend group.

    Reviewer wearing the knee-length dress in blue with small red flowers on it

    6. A maxi shirt dress that will look just as good with a pair of your favorite white sneaks as it does with boots and even heels. We love a dress that can dressed up *and* down.

    Model wearing the ankle-length button front dress in a tan and black dotted print

    7. A classic wrap dress to hug your body and make you feel comfortable and confident. You'll be able to take on whatever the day throws your way when you're wearing this.

    8. A khaki button-down shirtdress with ties around the wrist for a fun detail that's sure to wow (and give you even more reasons to wear it, like you need that).

    Model wearing the mid-thigh length shirt dress with pleated skirt, ties around the wrist, and pockets on the chest in olive green

    9. A long-sleeved plaid bodycon dress made with 5% spandex so it won't be a ~stretch~ to say that this will be your favorite in no time and will be the first dress you reach for out of the clean clothes pile.

    10. A striped ribbed midi dress with a wide side slit to ~maximize~ your winter wardrobe so you don't fall into the rut of wearing the same three things all the time.

    Model wearing the knit dress in pink, maroon, grey, and black stripe pattern

    11. A two-in-one sweater dress worth the investment because not only will it be super cute and comfortable all winter long, but then when the weather gets warmer, you can take the sweater off and give the dress a whole second life.

    12. A pleated lantern-sleeve pleated-front maxi dress so gorgeous it will stop you from reaching for that sweatshirt when it's cold out (I mean...sweatshirts are great and all, but think about how many compliments you'll get in this!).

    13. A high-neck tiered floral stunner here to bring ~tiers~ to your eyes when you remember you get to put this on whenever you want a feel like modern-day royalty (without a super high price tag).

    Model wearing the knee-length long-sleeved dress in black with pink flowers all over it and three tiers on the skirt

    14. A three-quarter-sleeve embroidered mini dress – all your friends will want to know the ~stitch~ about it and immediately ask you where you got it.

    Reviewer wearing the knee-length black dress with yellow, red, and brown embroidery on it

    15. A two-in-one pinafore dress you don't have to be ~clueless~ to love. And when your friends ask to borrow it, you can totally respond "Ugh, as if!"

    Model wearing the knee-length spaghetti strap dress in yellow with black and white plaid and a white short-sleeved t-shirt under it

    16. A mock-wrap knit sweater to accentuate your figure and make you feel as good as a movie star does walking down the red carpet.

    17. A windowpane-print turtleneck dress mixing timeless yet trendy vibes for a très chic look.

    A reviewer wearing the black and white long-sleeve midi dress with white windowpane design

    18. A fit-and-flare ribbed dress to add some ~flair~ (and color) to your wardrobe while also being a great base layer for all your favorite accessories (i.e. hats, scarves, necklaces).

    Model wearing the knee-length long sleeved dress in pink

    19. A wrap maxi dress that's essentially a really nice way to wear a robe around all day. Plus, you can totally put this on even if you're not leaving the house at all and feel super fancy lounging around.

    20. A Hutch metallic wrap mini dress to help you truly ~shine~ as you close out this year. Sometimes you just need to put on a fancy dress and dance around your living room listening to Taylor Swift's whole discography to ring in the new year. Not that I would know from experience...or anything...

    Model wearing the wrap dress with wide sleeves and a gold and silver striped pattern

    21. A cashmere-blend fit-and-flare dress, because there's nothing much better than wearing a dress that looks super cute but makes you feel like you're wearing a blanket all day.

    22. A patent puff-sleeve mini giving me big "I am CEO of this company" vibes, even if right now you're only the CEO of your own life.

    Model wearing the leather-like mini dress with buttons down the front, big puff sleeves, a wide belt around the waist all in a purple color

    23. A long-sleeved scalloped hem a-line that looks like a simple dress from far away, but from close up, everyone will notice the super cool design on the hem!

    24. A boho-inspired maxi made from a super soft organic cotton and silk-blend fabric for a soft yet elegant addition to your wardrobe you won't want to take off at the end of the day.

    Model wearing the mid-calf length dress with elastic smocking at waist, shoulder, and sleeves in yellow with small white flowers on it

    25. A split V-neck ruffle long-sleeved polka dot dress super cute for pairing with your favorite pair of boots and tights (for when it's super cold).

    Reviewer wearing the mid-thigh length black dress with small white polka dots and ruffles down either side of the front

    26. A sequin mini dress so you can celebrate in style *and* comfort, even if your celebration is just hanging out at home.

    27. A crystal-detail mesh bodycon dress so amazing it deserves its own photoshoot and a spot on your Insta grid. I can see all the likes rolling in now.

    Model wearing the mid-calf length long-sleeved mesh dress with small crystals all over it

    28. A fleece hoodie dress you might actually find is *more* comfortable than your favorite pair of sweatpants because it feels like you're wrapped in a warm blanket while still looking so fly.

    29. A ruffle-sleeve sheath dress designed to make you want to strike a pose immediately.

    30. A metallic floral embroidered tie-neck midi style or in other words, your favorite dress for the next few years. Trust me.

    31. A plaid shirtdress you'll be ~plaid~ to have at the ready when you have less than five minutes to get ready, even though you started in plenty of time but then got distracted and lost track of time. This number will be a good go-to because you'll feel so put together and ready for whatever the day brings.

    32. A turtleneck sweater dress that's essentially the same as being wrapped in a huge warm hug all day, and, really, who doesn't want that???

    33. A ruffled floral babydoll stunner you won't have a ~ruff~ time deciding to wear because you'll want to show it off to everyone you know.

    Model wearing the ruffled knee-length tiered dress in blue with light blue florals all over it

    34. A mermaid midi dress that'll make your confidence level shoot up about 100% when you put it on.

    35. A rib-knit long-sleeve midi shift dress with small slits on either side so you can show a little leg without freezing your butt off during the cold weather.

    Model wearing the knee-length ribbed dress with slits up the sides in grey

    36. A velvet V-neck midi faux wrap dress so practically perfect in every way that even Mary Poppins would give it a stamp of approval.

    37. A luxe cotton shirtdress specifically designed out of luxe cotton fabric, so it will feel as comfy as your favorite tee but also a slight sheen to it, so you can dress it up for any occasion.

    Model wearing the knee-length button-down dress in brown

    38. A twist-back sweater dress I won't have to ~twist~ your arm to get because just one look at it, and you'll know that this beauty needs to be on your body making you feel like a million bucks.

    Model showing the back of the dress with the deep v and twist in the middle in burgandy

    39. A velvety maxi designed to look great with a fancy belt for a style that is anything but simple.

    40. A midi V-neck bodycon stunner so simple yet breathtaking. People may even stop you on the street to tell you how amazing you look.

    41. And a fabulous sequin high cross front high/low dress to add some ~sparkle~ to your wardrobe and get you voted Best Dressed for the fifth year in a row.

    Model wearing the dress in silver sequins

    My motto when it takes me longer to get ready than I think it will:

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