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    29 Things For When You Just Want To Be Comfortable

    There is no shame in the comfort game.

    1. A velvet jacket you can add as a layer to any outfit to feel just a little bit more fancy.

    2. A body-con dress with flared sleeves that will make people think you tried really hard even though all you did was wake up and throw it on.

    3. A stand-up pillow filled with memory foam that will support you no matter how many hours you decide to watch Netflix in bed.

    4. A cotton jumpsuit you can pair with a T-shirt or button-down for a chic boho look.

    5. A pair of boots with a slight heel that are so cozy you'll feel like you're wearing slippers all day.

    6. A knit sweater that will may you say "olive you" as it wraps your body in happiness and warmth.

    7. A huggable sloth heating and cooling pad filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender to help relieve tension in your body.

    8. A faux shearling coat that might make you look like a teddy bear in the most stylish way possible.

    9. A sweatshirt disguised as a cute dress you'll want to wear basically every day because it feels like a big hug.

    10. An oversized poncho that is basically a stylish way to wear a blanket out in public. (No shame!)

    11. A pair of fancy tennis shoes you can pull off with jeans, a dress, or even nice pants and walk all day and night in comfortably.

    12. A fleece blanket you should be careful with because it may cause you to never want to leave the house again once you wrap yourself up in it.

    13. An oversized turtleneck made to wear with leggings because let's face it: This is the only outfit you'll need all winter long.

    14. A tartan scarf that will complete any chilly-weather look.

    15. A pair of stretchy "trousers" that look super classy but actually feel like butter. Plus, nobody will be able to tell that you're planning to take a yoga class in these after work!

    16. A crochet mermaid tail blanket so you can be where the people are not — at home on your couch.

    17. A pair of studded combat boots that'll add some edge to any look — plus your feet won't hate you if you wear them all day long.

    18. A scarf you can wear around your neck and then quickly turn into a blanket at a moment's notice.

    19. A super-soft bralette that will have you saying, "Underwire? I don't know her."

    20. A body pillow and sherpa cover you'll want to cuddle with all night long.

    21. A V-neck sweater made of the softest yarn ever for a minimalist look with maximum coziness.

    22. A weighted blanket that may help reduce anxiety and stress so you can get a better night's sleep.

    23. Some high-waisted leggings made from recycled yarn and with a four-way stretch designed to move with you no matter what you're doing in them.

    24. A long-sleeved T-shirt dress you can slip on when it's just too much effort to put on pants.

    25. A pair of lace-up sneakers that won't break your budget or your will to live after walking 20,000 steps in them.

    26. A floral sweatshirt because once and ~floral~, sweatshirts are the comfiest items out there but they can also be very cute.

    27. A splurge-worthy cardigan with more than 2,000 reviews raving about how amazing it is.

    28. A lumbar pillow and seat cushion made out of memory foam to make your desk chair an inviting place to spend eight hours.

    29. A pajama sleep shirt that will make you even more excited to go to bed every night.

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