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    28 Comfortable Pairs Of Shoes The BuzzFeed Shopping Team Swears By

    Sneakers, sandals, slippers, and more shoes that already come with a stamp of approval.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's

    1. A pair of rainbow leather slides that add the perfect pop of color and fun to any outfit.

    The slides with two sets of thin straps across the footbed in different rainbow colors

    "I recently treated myself to these rainbow beauties and I have zero regrets. I love slide sandals because I know there won’t be any sort of 'breaking in' period. No rubbing on the back of my ankles or irritating in between my toes — just immediate satisfaction. They are super comfortable and add a fun pop of color to my typically all-black ensembles. I love ’em!" —Heather Braga

    Get them from Madewell for $98 (available in sizes 5-11 and in three styles).

    2. A pair of slip-on sneakers with a super secret fold down in the back, making it even easier to get them on your feet.

    Olukai / Via, Nordstrom

    These are some of my favorite shoes in my closet. They're such a classic style and really go with everything — plus the fold in the back is actually extremely useful. Once, I took a workout class and was getting ready in the dressing room after. I was able to keep my shoes on, but also get ready and not worry about my feet touching the floor (because who knows what was on there). Plus, I can just slip them on when I'm in a rush or just too lazy to put them on all the way without fear of ruining them. They show no signs of going out of style. I'm a fan.

    Get them from Nordstrom for $99.95 (available in sizes 5-11 and in nine styles) or Amazon for $99.95 (available in sizes 5-11 and in 35 styles).

    3. A pair of Rothy flats made out of repurposed water bottles so they're super comfortable right out of the box and won't give you nasty blisters (which is one of the worst things ever, right?).


    "I've owned and loved my one pair of these since 2017, when a few of us first reviewed 'em. They are by far the pair of shoes I wear most often (my Birks come in close second), precisely because — besides being incredibly comfortable, especially once they form to your feet — they're so easy to wash the moment they start to smell. I usually gently hand wash 'em with a scrub brush in my tub because I live in NYC and don't have access to one in my apartment, but I've washed them in a machine several times back at my parents' place and they hold up really well. TBH mine STILL look as new as they did when I first got them, and FWIW I find I can wear mine for a couple of weeks before they get stinky. I'm wearing them right now! And yes, they're made from 100% PCR plastic water bottles — here's some pictures of the process. Oh, and their boxes and shipping are sustainable, too." —Natalie Brown

    Get them from Rothy's for $125 (available in sizes 5–13 and 14 styles).

    4. Brooks Revel 3 running shoes designed to be super lightweight so it almost feels like you're running on ~air~.

    The running shoe with pink sole and grey knitted design through the body

    "I've gone through a lot of running shoes in my life, but these I especially love because they are ridiculously lightweight and have just enough cushion to feel supported on runs without feeling too squishy. They're so comfortable that it's pretty much the closest I've come to running while feeling like I'm not wearing shoes at all. They've also pretty much stopped any knee pain I used to get while running, as an added bonus!"—Emma Lord

    Get them from Amazon or Zappos for $79.95 (originally $100; available in sizes 5-12 and in 16 styles).

    5. A pair of Sam Edelman strap sandals with a 3 1/4-inch block heel to give you a little extra height while not compromising the comfort so you can wear these for hours and not have your feet hate you at the end of the night.

    The block heels in black suede with upper strap with scalloped edge and an ankle strap

    "I have a pair of these block heels and they are my absolute favorites! I wore them for hours on my feet at my bridal shower and my best friend's shower when I was a bridesmaid. If any of you have been in either of those roles, you know there is no such thing as sitting during either event. These shoes saved me!" —Heather Braga

    Get them from Zappos for $99.95 (available in sizes 4–14, medium and wide, and in four styles).

    6. Keds sneakers that have a cushioned insole and foam padding on the upper and collar for that extra bit of comfiness that you didn't know you really needed in an everyday pair of shoes.

    Two pairs of the white sneakers with mirror black leather on the heel of one pair and gold in the other pair against a blue background and floor
    Keds / Via

    If I could write a love poem about a pair of shoes, these would be the ones. They're currently my favorite and have been for the past year. I love them so much that I bought a second pair because the ones I'm wearing right now are starting to get a little beat-up (thank you, New York City streets). They seriously go with anything. I've worn them with jeans, dress pants, dresses, and even jumpsuits. They're also super lightweight, which makes them great for traveling. I love that they have a classic look with a pop of color. Seriously, get yourself a pair before I hoard them all for myself.

    Get them from Keds for $69.95 (available in sizes 5-11 and in two styles) or Amazon for $75 (available in sizes 5-11 and in three styles).

    7. Kizik shoes you can slip-on hands-free but also not worry about them slipping off your feet, no matter what you do while you wear them.

    The slip-on shoes with perforated leather and elastic across the top in black

    "These are my quarantine go-tos. They're super comfy and have been handy for me to slip hands-free into when I'm riding along with my mom and the family dog." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get them from Kizik for $109 (available in sizes 6-11 in standard and wide).

    8. Birkenstock Essentials sandals that look like the original style but are made with a waterproof lightweight material perfect for any water adventure you go on this summer.

    Reviewer wearing the sandals in black outside

    I've had these shoes for almost two years now, and they still look just as good as the day I bought them. I love the original Birkenstocks, but when I saw these, I knew I wanted them because they were waterproof. I wear them normally, but I especially love to wear them when I'm near water. I was recently at a family lake house and wore these all the time. I was able to go in and out of the water and not worry about stepping on a sharp rock or weeds. Plus, they dry quickly, are super comfortable, and look good.

    Get them from Amazon for $44.95 (available in women's sizes 5-15.5 and men's sizes 3-13.5 and in 18 styles).

    9. Chelsea boots you may live in this fall, because they'll go with everything you already have in your closet.


    "I have these boots and L-O-V-E them! They're a great everyday boot that looks amazing with basically everything and ~elevates~ whatever you pair them with. They took a little time to break in around the toe box for me, but 10/10 would do it again. I highly recommend them!" —Rachel Dunkel

    Get them from Nisolo for $125 (originally $228; available in sizes 6-10 and in four colors).

    10. Adidas cloudfoam running sneakers with the word "cloud" in the name, so you know that they're going to be comfortable. You don't even have to be a runner to enjoy these babies. They're also great for just running errands or going for a walk.,

    "I own a black pair of these and they're seriously one of the comfiest friggin' sneakers I've ever worn (the other is a pair of New Balance) in my 28 years of life. The 'Cloudfoam' insole really does make it feel like your feet are walking on clouds. I thought that feeling might go away after several months of wear but the sneakers remain fluffy and relaxing. The sneakers were so comfortable that I started wearing them to the gym, to work, and even matching them with cute dresses for going-out looks. You'll probably want to order two pairs of these babies so you don't wear out a single pair after you fall in love. I bought my mom a pair as well." —Marquaysa Battle

    Get it from Amazon for $64.45 (available in sizes 5–12 and 17 styles).

    11. Rothy's sandals with three bands across the top that are made with the same knit fabric as their other shoes, so the sandals stretch and fit to your foot.

    Model wearing the sandals in black with three knit straps across the food

    I've been wearing these sandals a lot this summer already. They're super easy to slip on and are such a classic style. You really can't go wrong with them. I'm a fan of Rothy's regular shoes, so I was excited to see that they were coming out with sandals. These do not disappoint. The straps are made from the same material as the regular flats, so they have a bit of a stretch to them, meaning you won't get blisters when you wear them. These are great for running errands or even just slipping out of the house to get the mail.

    Get them from Rothy's for $115 (available in sizes 5-13 and in seven styles).

    12. A pair of espadrilles nobody will even realize are made out of neoprene until you wear them straight into the water. Water shoes have never looked so good.

    Model wearing the espadrilles while jumping in the water at the beach
    Sea Star Beachwear / Via

    "I own these shoes in dark navy and they are amazing. Seriously, you wouldn't know they're water shoes unless you actually touched them and then threw them into the sea. (Which you can! They'll be absolutely fine!)" —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get them from Zappos for $95.95 (available in whole sizes 6-11 and in 15 styles).

    13. Suavs high-top sneakers made out of a knit material, so it won't be a ~stretch~ to say that these will be your new favorites in no time.

    Model wearing the knit high-top shoes in olive with brown soles
    Sauve Shoes / Via

    "I’ve been having a difficult time with shoes lately, due to my feet growing and shoe size changing a little since starting HRT. I recently tried Suavs high-top shoes in Timber, hoping that they would be stretchy enough to fit me till I get through this awkward shoe phase! I was not disappointed, these fit true to size, they are nice and stretchy, and they are some of the comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn. I liked them way more than I anticipated I would, so much so that I didn’t take them off for a week when I first got them! My favorite thing about Suavs are how easy they are to slip on and off, yet they are durable enough to get me through hectic days and long walks with my pup. The few minutes I save in the morning slipping these on when I’m stressed and in a rush really makes a difference. I also love that these are made from recycled water bottles!" —Harper Hendrickson

    Get them from Suavs for $110 (available in men's sizes 8-14 and in black, brown, and green).

    14. A pair of Lucky Brand ankle boots that are such a classic, you'll find yourself still wearing them for years because they'll never go out of style.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed,

    "I have these boots in both black and toffee — I'm actually obsessed. They are my favorite shoes right now because I can wear them through the fall, winter, and early spring. They look fantastic with jeans and adorable with tights. They have just enough heel to create the look of heeled booties without the discomfort of walking around in heels. Basically, they're amazing and everyone should buy them. K, thanks. You can check out my full review on them here (#6)." —Heather Braga

    Get them from Amazon for $70.35 (available in sizes 5–13 and wide widths, and 41 styles).

    15. L.L. Bean house shoes for anyone whose slippers have seen better day because that's all you've been wearing for the past couple months. BuzzFeed Shopping writer John Mihaly has had these for over five years and still swears by them. Yeah, they're that good.

    BuzzFeed writer, John Mihaly's slippers that have clearly been worn a lot
    John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

    "I've had my mocs for well over five years, and they are still kicking. Even though the genuine shearling lamb fur interior is a bit worn down after so much use, they still feel like a super cozy hug every single time I put them on. I even wear them during the summer months now and they're not sweaty at all. It's just that they're so damn comfortable and putting on socks nowadays seems like an effort. So if wearing slippers all day is wrong, I don't want to be right."—John Mihaly

    Get them from L.L. Bean for $79 (available in men's whole sizes 7-14, medium and wide, and in five colors).

    Read John's full review of these L.L. Bean slippers here.

    16. Saucony running shoes with an extra padded insole, great for anyone who is prone to shin-splints because that shouldn't be a thing that happens when you go for a run.

    The sneaker in grey with teal detailing

    "I've had these sneakers for about a month and can't believe I was walking around wearing anything else. I can tell the cushioning in these bad boys absorbs impact and reduces pressure because I am very prone to shin splints, but have yet to experience that while sporting these on my daily half-hour power-walks." —Taylor Steele

    Get them from Amazon for $39.65 (available in sizes 5-12 both regular and wide and in seven colors).

    17. Superga sneakers Kate Middleton has been seen wearing on multiple occasions, so you could say they come with a royal stamp of approval.

    Model's foot with the sneaker it white with a low-top style, white laces, and thick sole
    Instagram / Superga / Via

    "The design is classic and goes with everything. My go-to is a fresh white pair but they come in nearly every color you could think of and so many fun prints. They have an unlined cotton upper that's comfy and flexible, the footbed is perfectly cushioned, the soles are rubber and offer plenty of traction, and the platform gives you an extra inch of height." —Elena Garcia

    Get them from Amazon for $43.33 (available in sizes 5-9 and in 32 styles) or from Zappos for $48.75 (originally $65; available in women's sizes 5-11.5, men's sizes 3.5-15 and in white, light grey, and dark grey).

    18. Birkenstock sandals you can dress up or down because there really isn't an occassion that you don't deserve to have comfortable shoes for.

    The sandals in white with two big buckle straps across the top, a brown footbed and white sole

    "I finally bought new Birks and am kicking myself for not buying them sooner because they are truly the comfiest sandals I own!" —Melanie Aman

    I also own these sandals and can back up Melanie's statement that they're the comfiest sandals. I've worn them with athletic shorts, leggings, jeans, dresses, and more. You name it, and I've probably worn it with my Birks because they really are that great and versatile.

    Get them from Nordstrom for $99.95 (available in sizes 5-10.5) or Amazon for $78.36+ (available in women's sizes 4-13.5, men's sizes 2-11.5 and in 30 styles).

    19. Nike Joyride Run Flyknit sneakers that are made with pods of tiny beads in the sole that move around as you run, giving you the ultimate customized shoe that really ~goes the distance~ for you.

    Model wearing the black, white, and blue knit sneakers

    "These Nike sneakers are amazing. They're lightweight and feel like soft pillows on my feet when I'm running on a road or sidewalk. Plus the beanbag-like technology they have for cushioning is really cool." —Genevieve Scarano

    Get them from Nike for $129.97 (originally $180; available in sizes 5-12 and in 12 styles).

    20. A block heel sandal people will probably think you got from a fancy-schmancy store at a much higher price tag. But it's okay, your secret is safe with me!

    Side view of the sandal with a small block heel and ankle strap in a brown snake-print

    "I love a heeled shoe. I also love to walk. And in the summertime, with swelling feet, hot and dirty sidewalks, and 50 million lightweight dresses to match, finding a pair of sturdy heeled sandals that are *also* comfy can be a challenge and a half. With all the walking I do, I go through summer shoes pretty quickly, so they need to have a reasonable price tag (fall shoes can be repaired and resoled and are more investment-worthy IMO). So when I was in my favorite place (Target) and came upon these beauties, I immediately bought them. Then I wore them for a day and HAD to track down them in another color — I may have gone to four different Targets in the process, shhhh!

    They have a shortish (2.5 inch) stacked heel, which honestly makes them feel like flats. I can wear them with midi dresses, jeans, and shorts and mini dresses without feeling like they're too tall. I've walked miiiles in them, and the straps at the ankle and front of the foot are actually comfy! You know when sandals have that really scratchy stitching that just attacks your feet? These do NOT have that. And the arch is pleasantly contoured, actually supporting my feet as I pound the pavement.

    These are almost the only shoes I've worn this summer. I was recently in a ~fancy~ shoe store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan looking for a pair of fall shoes and the ~fancy~ shoe guy told me he loved my heels! Lolololololol bet he didn't know they were from TARGET. Seriously, I have gotten *so* many compliments on these from my coworkers and just from strangers on the street. When you're feeling sweaty and gross and everything just feels miserable waiting for the train, wearing lavender shoes just feels cool and breezy. And I didn't know I needed to match my lipstick to my shoes until I wore these red beauties! If the colors aren't your thing, they come in tan and black, too! The reviews on the actual site are glowwwwing, if you don't take my word for it — there are over 300! Wow, you guys. Now writing this has convinced me to finally buy another. Brb, gotta go check out! —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get them from Target for $24.99 (available in sizes 6–12 and in brown snakeskin, tan, and black).

    21. Waterproof leather shoes that are basically a cross between a sneaker and a hiking boot for a shoe that will take you that extra mile without feeling like you are being weighed down.

    The shoe with brown suede body, black on the heel, extra cushioning on the heel, brown laces, and a white padded sole

    "I wanted a sturdy boot to go with my floral dresses this summer. These are a GIFT for people with sweaty feet. They're so lightweight and breathable I can wear them when it's hot out and still feel completely comfortable. It's grand." —Mallory Mower

    Get them from Amazon or Forsake for $139.95 (available in sizes 5-11 and in five styles).

    22. UGG slipper shoes so cozy, you may wear them everywhere you go, which is fine because they have an open-toe design, meaning your feet will never overheat.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    "First thing that needs to be said is that UGGs are great! They're warm, they're cozy, and you can just slide them on when you're freezing — I won't hear otherwise! They're not exactly high fashion, but they don't *need* to be when it's a straight-up polar vortex outside. So when I saw these UGG slipper slides with an elastic back, I just had to buy a pair. I don't know what it is about them I find the cutest: the slightly sporty elastic, the Michelin man–esque plush rolls on top, or the chunky bottoms that give you a little extra height. AND they have all the comfort of a slip-on slide, but without the feeling that your foot is going to fall out any second.

    They have a hard sole, so you can wear them as indoor slippers, half-indoor-half-outdoor take-out-the-trash-shoes, or real regular shoes (aka what I'm going to use them for). When it's still warm-ish out, I'm going to wear them with my toes poking through, but they're also going to be *so* cute with socks (team socks + sandals 'til I die!!!!!). And they're SO SOFT AND COMFY! I'm prepared to live in these all fall. Paired with leggings and a blazer? It's the perfect 'Ugh, I can barely make today happen' work outfit. I honestly want to get another pair in another of the cute colors...or the leopard print. Oh, and just FYI, I ended up sizing down in these!" —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get them from Nordstrom for $99.95 (available in whole sizes 5–10 and in black, grey, and pink).

    23. Sam Edelman rain boots that don't actually look like rain boots, so you can totally still pull them off when your weather app lies to you and tells you it's going to rain, but it doesn't. *shakes fists*

    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    "I hate rain boots. They're clunky, uncomfortable, and just cumbersome monsters that take up too much space in my closet. And as helpful as they're supposed to be, I can never figure out when to wear them. It seems like whenever I put them on, the rain stops an hour later and I'm the one doofus wearing rain boots on a sunny day. As much as I'd like to swear off rain boots forever, I don't really feel like moving to Arizona, and I'm sick of coming home in waterlogged sneakers. That means finding a compromise: waterproof shoes that can be passed off as normal shoes.

    But thankfully, I found these Sam Edelman boots on Amazon. The matte boots are subtle and can easily pass off as normal shoes. They're comfortable, and most importantly, definitely waterproof. I have flat feet so there's a little extra space between my foot and the top front of the boot, but it doesn't make walking difficult or painful. They have little tabs on the heels, which make it easy to yank the boots on and off. Finally, I can wake up on a rainy day and not have a minor breakdown trying to figure out what shoes to wear." —Rebecca O'Connell

    Get them from Amazon for $54.37 (available in sizes 4-13 and in 10 styles).

    24. Greats sneakers you don't have to worry about breaking in because they're ready to go right out of the box and will not give you blisters.

    Greats, Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    I should know because the first time I wore these shoes, I walked 16,000 steps in them. Yep, you read that correctly, 16,00 steps and not a single blister and no foot pain at the end of the day. Soon after that day, these shoes became my new go-to's. They have a classic look to them and really do go with everything. I even took them on vacation with me back in January to Paris, and I wore them almost every day. They didn't look like tourist shoes at all, and I never had any pain while wearing them. The price point is a bit steep on them, but for the quality, I really do think they are worth it.

    Get them from Greats for $179 (available in sizes 6-10 and in four styles).

    25. Colorful Teva sandals because you deserve shoes that are as bright and fun as you are.

    The sandal with black foot bed and assorted-colored straps

    "I recently got these Teva sandals, and they’re basically the only shoes I want to wear now! Super lightweight and comfortable, and they’re easy to clean!" —Yi Yang

    Get them from Zappos (available in whole sizes 5-11 and in 16 styles) or Amazon (available in whole sizes 5-11 and in 20 styles) for $49.95.

    26. RS-X³ Puzzle sneakers for anyone that likes to make a statement with their shoe choice. This one says, I'm bright, fun, and ready for anything.

    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed, Puma

    "I love bright, bold color combinations and I'm all about comfort when it comes to my day-to-day style, which makes these perfect! They're supportive and lightweight and they show some personality." —Kayla Boyd

    Get them from Puma for $110 (available in sizes 5.5-10 and two styles).

    27. Everlane flats designed to mold to your feet the more you wear them so eventually it will basically feel like you're not wearing any shoes at all.

    Model wearing the flats in black showing off the rounded toe

    "I love these flats from Everlane! They're snug without suffocating my feet and are made of soft leather so no blisters!"—Melanie Aman

    Get them from Everlane for $118 (available in sizes 5-11 and in eight styles).

    28. Allbirds Tree Dashers specifically designed with natural materials that allow your feet to breathe as you run for as long (or as little) as you want.


    "Without access to the gym, I had to push myself to learn to run while safely social distancing (which is NOT an easy feat). I’ve had multiple foot injuries (I’m very accident-prone) so choosing the right sneaker has been a challenge. I’ve tried out manyyyy different pairs but the only ones that have truly won over my heart are the Allbirds Dashers. I got them in a stunning mint green color and get tons of compliments on them. They’re super supportive, lightweight, and have held up great against months of running outdoors. Honestly, I’m already looking into buying a second pair" —Heather Braga

    Get them from Allbirds for $125 (available in sizes 5-11 and in eight styles).

    The BuzzFeed Shopping team showing off all our cute shoes to each other during our meetings:

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