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    We Asked Our Readers What They Want For Christmas, And Here Are Their 25 Recommendations

    A Bluetooth record player, anti-fatigue kitchen mat, a Danny DeVito shirt, and more gifts people will be thrilled to open this year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they want for Christmas. Here are the items on the top of their wish lists:

    1. A Kopi mug and warmer set that's not only designed to keep their coffee cup around 135 degrees for hours but also doubles as a wireless cellphone charger when they're not using it. And how cool is that??


    "I want this mug warmer set from Nordstrom (my coffee is literally always freezing) because I never drink it fast enough. So this will be my saving grace to keep my coffee from turning to cold brew (LOL.)" —alifacc

    The chargers use magnetic induction energy to heat up the bottom layer of the mug so their coffee (or tea) stays at the proper temperature so they don't end up forgetting to drink it and taking a sip of cold coffee hours later. It includes the 12-oz. mug, lid, charger, and 12V power adapter. The mug is dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I just started using my new Kopi Mug, and I'm totally in love!!!! I drink tea every day, and this mug keeps them warm all day long. Plus, the wireless charger is also super convenient for my phone. I highly recommend it." —Vblu

    Get it from Nordstrom for $75 (available in seven colors).

    P.S. This item is not available for pickup, but it will tell you the range of when it should arrive under the free shipping before you add to your cart.

    2. Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum combining notes of orange, patchouli, and Turkish rose to make a classic and timeless scent they'll love to use for years to come, so it's definitely worth the splurge.

    The clear rectangle bottle with light pink perfum inside and a white cap on top with the logo in pink on the front


    Promising review: "This is one of my favorites, I get so many compliments on this perfume! I use this one as my fall/winter scent just because it’s on the stronger side, but to me, it’s not to the point where it’s unbearably overpowering. It lasts a while too, which is a plus." —xolaurenxo94

    Get it from Sephora for $80+ (available in three sizes).

    P.S. You can reserve this to be picked up in-store to ensure you get it before Christmas — just check to make sure your local store has it in stock before adding it to your cart.

    3. A Nespresso Vertuo to make delicious espresso (and coffee) at home — it's not only a luxury but a money-saver when they stop making a daily trip to a coffee shop.

    Reviewer pic of the machine, plus the aeroccino milk frother next to it and a drawer of pods under it

    "I want things I wouldn’t buy myself, like an espresso maker." —anda_panda

    I recently treated myself to this machine, so I can say first hand that this machine is a great purchase. The machine not only makes delicious espresso (with pods) but they can also make high-quality coffee with it. It basically turns their kitchen counter into its own coffee shop and makes it so easy for them to make coffee in the morning. All they have to do is choose a pod, place it in the machine, put a coffee cup on it, press the button, and they'll have a delicious drink in seconds. Plus, this comes with a milk frother, so they can make their own lattes and cappuccinos in a minute (yes, it really does work that fast). This makes a great gift and is perfect for any espresso (or coffee) drinker on your list.

    Promising review: "Nespresso machine is the best investment I have made in my kitchen. Since I tasted delicious coffee, I will never drink any other brand. I use to drink Starbucks daily, for which I would spend $6 a day, but now I ONLY spend a dollar or two (think of a long-term saving). I would definitely recommend this coffee maker. Thank you, Nespresso for making such a delicious coffee, I am in heaven each morning." —senada

    Get it from Amazon for $238.29+ (available in five colors, plus bundle options with the aeroccino (Nespresso's milk frother) and/or sets of coffee pods).

    4. An Allsaints mother of pearl tusk necklace designed so the pearl tusk can be removed — meaning they get two statement-making necklaces for the price of one.

    Chunky chain necklace with small tusk charm

    "This rad piece has a chunky gold chain, a lobster clasp, is set in a brushed gold-tone, and has a detachable tusk and classic Allsaints Ramskull pendant. Um...Santa? I want this. Bad." —Mal Mower

    Get it from Allsaints for $79.

    P.S. Purchase this before Tuesday, December 15th to get it by Christmas!

    5. A SodaStream so they can make delicious sparkling water in seconds at home and enjoy it while also saving money, the planet, and not worrying about picking up another case when they head to the grocery store.

    Abby Kass / BuzzFeed


    I'm a huge fan of SodaStream, so I can personally say that this is a great gift. I got my Fizzi last fall and have basically been using it every day. I like this version because it's manual, which means it doesn't require electricity, so it doesn't have to be plugged into the wall. Instead of having to buy cans or bottles of seltzer all the time, I can make it in seconds in my apartment and never run out. I also love how much better for the environment it is — I've reduced my plastic and aluminum consumption by a lot. And I got my mom one for Christmas last year — and she has used it almost every day over the past year! This SodaStream comes with the machine, a 60L Co2 cylinder, and a reusable carbonating bottle. You can read my full review I Use My Soda Stream Every Day To Make Sparkling Water here.

    Promising review: "I thought this would require power or batteries, but upon opening the box I was pumped to find out nope! I’m mad I didn’t buy this sooner. TBH I thought it was going to be complicated and messy, but it’s SO simple. The water is so fresh and fizzy. I drink a few bottles of San Pellegrino, and it’s just so expensive but what’s worse is it’s terrible for the earth to use all those plastic bottles (whether you recycle or not!) So this will be paying for itself very quickly and tastes even better. I didn’t realize it doesn’t require any power! That’s a major bonus! I don’t know how long the CO2 cartridge will last but compared to the pallets of bottled fizz and time spent recycling, it’s sure to be a wash. The appliance and the bottle itself is quite beautiful too!." —DenMother

    Get it from Target for $69.99+ (available in three colors).

    P.S. Check the options on the left side of the page to see if you can pick it up from a local store or even have it delivered the same day you purchase. You can also ship it, but watch the date below that option to see its estimated arrival.

    6. A jumper worn by the one-and-only Princess Diana, so they'll feel like true royalty when they wear this super stylish piece.

    Rowing Blazers, Getty Images

    "If it's good enough for royalty, it's good enough for me. These are currently available for pre-order and will arrive after the holidays, but honestly, they're worth the wait. Each one is made by hand and love (obviously). If I were to receive this as a gift, I'd be more than thrilled to be handed the photo of Diana wearing it and a 'coming soon' note." —Heather Braga

    Get it from Rowing Blazers for $295 (available in women's sizes XS–XL and men's sizes L–2XL).

    7. A laptop great for anyone who's had to deal with online school with a less-than-ideal computer — this one is slim and portable but has everything they need to ~get the job done~.

    the black laptop with wide screen

    "Just a new laptop to do my classes without interruption." —faisalbakth

    This laptop weighs only 2.2 pounds, has an N4020 processor, slim display, 64GB flash storage, and 4GB ram. It has no frills, making it perfect for helping get school work done without having to shell out a fortune.

    Promising review: "I ordered one of these for my youngest son to do his schoolwork after the schools were all closed, so he wouldn't have to keep using my work laptop. It works really well. We haven't had any issues. I liked it so much I ordered another to replace my older son's 4-year-old laptop, and I got one for myself. We still have not had any issues with any of them. Set up was super easy. Both kids are able to do their schoolwork, and they're able to play some Steam games, so they're happy. I was able to download Skyrim, and it seems to work just fine. The laptops don't have a ton of memory so I also got some 128 GB mini SD cards to use and that was super easy to do as well. Overall, for this price, this is a really great laptop. I would recommend these to anyone that needs a laptop, maybe not for anything heavy-duty, but for personal use it's great!" —Miranda

    Get it from Amazon for $229.99+ (available in three styles).

    8. A Vioni vegan leather cross-body bag just begging for them to add it to their closet, because it is so unbelievably gorgeous and will be the perfect final touch to any outfit.

    The rectangle-shaped handbag with a silver metal chain strap with a soft part in the center and a front flap, two inner compartments, and front-slip pocket in grey

    I've been eyeing this bag from this Black woman-owned business for months now. It's just so incredibly beautiful, and the best part — it's made with high-quality vegan leather that's viable and cruelty-free. I love the classic style of this handbag and think it will be perfect for everyday use. Big enough to fit the essentials but not too big that it will weigh down my shoulder. Also, the brand suggests only using a damp cloth to clean it and not use soap.

    Get it from Voni for $65.

    P.S. Once ordered, it takes 3-5 business days to process your order and then another 2-5 business days to receive the order.

    9. A robe and slippers to keep them comfy and cozy all winter long — no cold feet (or bodies) here.



    This robe is made from soft fleece to keep warm on the coldest of nights. And it comes with high praise — more than 4,500 people have given it five stars. Plus, the slippers from Ugg are a fan favorite. They have a sheepskin upper and insole to keep toes toasty warm and come highly recommended with more than 3,200 five-star reviews. You can't go wrong with either of these.

    Promising review (for the robe): "I LOVE this robe. It’s so soft and comfy, the pockets are roomy, sleeves are huge, a beautiful leopard’s awesome. Not too hot, not too cold. The hood hangs nicely and covers my head completely. No scratchy seams, as mentioned by some others. Just plushy softness that envelopes me completely in the most wonderful way imaginable. I actually ordered a size larger since I hate skimpy robes and like to have plenty of material. No regrets. This robe hits the top of my ankles and the sleeves go just past the palms of my hands. It’s beyond roomy and practically wraps completely around me. I can sit sprawled on the couch and still be covered, and no falling open. Nice long sash ties around easily. I wear this all the time and am already considering ordering another for backup. I never want to be without it." —AVT

    Promising review (for the slippers): "These Uggs are classic comfort in my opinion. They’re sturdy, warm, soft, and have a thick outer sole so they can be worn outside. The sole wears down very very slowly, so they’ll hold up for quite some time. I wear mine daily, and so far after four or so months, the inside hasn’t worn down at all as others have. My hope is that they last for many years like my other ones did, but only time will tell! They do run slightly large. I ordered a 10, and there’s about a half-inch or more of space beyond my heel." —Jess O.

    Get both from Amazon: $51.99 (for the robe; available in women's sizes XS-6X and in 25 colors and patterns) and $119.95 (for the slippers; available in women's whole sizes 5-12 and in 10 colors) or similar styles also from Amazon for $33.99 (available in men's sizes S-XL and in six colors) and $109.95 (avaialble in men's whole sizes 7-18, x-wide and in eight colors).

    10. A skateboard to help them ~roll~ into the new year with a new skill and way to get around quicker.

    Model holding a black skateboard with black and white v-pattern on the back and two sets of white wheels


    This skateboard is designed for both beginners and more advanced skaters — so it's great for anyone. It holds a maximum weight of 330 pounds and has an emery sand paper top to keep feet in place. Plus, it comes already assembled, so it's the perfect gift right out of the box.

    Promising review: "My daughter (10) wanted to learn how to skateboard. She chose this board because she liked the black and white geo design. The shipping was very quick, and it came fully assembled. We have only been using it a few weeks, but she took to it right away and is doing great with it. We are not an 'accomplished' skateboarding family by any means, so we don't have anything to compare to, but this has been a really great board for her to learn on being a beginner." —Karie Vigeant

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99+ (available in seven colors).

    11. A Soma luxury pajama set cozy enough to wear to bed and be comfortable (but not too hot) all night but also nice enough that they can totally lounge around in them all day.


    This style is great because it comes as a set — no need to find a matching top and bottom. It's made with rayon, polyester, and spandex, so the pajamas have a bit of a stretch, adding to their comfort level. The pattern is nice but not overpowering, so this is a gift anyone would love to open.

    Promising review: "When I tried these on, I did not want to take them off. I have worn them several times already and very comfortable and warm. They are perfect." —GR21

    Get the set from Soma for $54.60 (originally $78; available in women's sizes XS-XXL).

    P.S. Dec. 14 is the last day for standard shipping orders to arrive by Christmas. But you can also see if it's available at a store near you for pickup after selecting the size you need.

    12. An anti-fatigue kitchen mat made to relieve pain in feet, knees, backs, and shoulders in anyone who stands in the kitchen for an extended period of time. Plus, this specific style has a minimalist look, so it won't clash with any other kitchen decor.

    The rectangle mat in dark grey with a model standing on it, showing that it forms to the foot

    "We just bought a house, so a lot of my wish list is home goods. An anti-fatigue kitchen mat is on top of that list."—marialfeckestoudt

    This mat is 3/4 inches thick and is made to be durable, meaning it will rebound quickly, will not flatten with long-time use, and is not easily damaged by sharp objects. It has a beveled edge design, which gives it grip and ensures that it will not slide on the floor. Plus, it's waterproof and can be vacuumed.

    Promising review: "I have never thought that kitchen mat makes any difference until I feel so much better after standing on it for a couple of hours cooking, doing dishes, and preparing my baby’s food. I even noticed my back and shoulders pain got much less. This mat is so comfortable and easy to clean. It doesn’t slide and the size is just perfect in front of my sink and kitchen counter where I stand a lot. Now, I am going to buy another one for my husband since he stands a lot at work. I would definitely recommend this mat if you stand a lot on your feet. Your feet and back will appreciate you." —horolsuren

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in three sizes and three colors).

    13. The Guardians, a five-book series that will keep them entertained (and reading) for weeks to come after Christmas. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

    The red box with thin rectangle pictures on the front with images of the five book included
    Atheneum Books

    "There's this book collection I'm dying to read called The Guardians by William Joyce. I've read the first book, and I felt exactly like a child at Christmas. Because of that, I'd love to have the rest of them to read by the week of Christmas!" —izabondora

    This series gives the origin story of some favorite childhood heroes, including Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, the Easter Bunny, and Jack Frost. Each book goes into a deep dive of the guardian's story and where they came from. The books included in this box set are:

    Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King
    E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth’s Core!
    Toothiana, Queen of the Fairy Army
    The Sandman and the War of Dreams
    Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning

    Get it from Amazon for $28.63+ (available in paperback and hardcover), Target for $58.99, or Bookshop for $38.63+ (available in paperback and hardcover).

    P.S. This item isn't sold in Target stores, so there's no option for pickup. Check the estimated arrival under the ship option to make sure it will arrive in time. And December 16th is the last day for Priority/UPS delivery for Bookshop.

    14. A handmade cara planter to give their favorite plant a new home with the coolest face-like design for an added piece of decor for their home.

    The terracotta pot with white painted face-like images all around and a plant growing out of it

    "TBH, I want anything from this site but especially these planters. They have lovely ceramics." —Christine Forbes

    This specific planter comes in three different sizes and is hand wash only. It is hand made though and will ship out in two weeks, or sooner if it becomes available. It's made by a Brooklyn-based female-owned brand that specializes in handmade ceramics.

    Get it from Franca for $48+ (available in three sizes).

    15. A backpack and pencil case set that'll help carry all the supplies they need while staying organized and on top of everything (or at least trying too). It may be a very practical and not fun gift, but it's one they will actually use (and think about you every time they do).


    "Most of my wish list is school supplies, such as a new school bag and pencil case. I know it's a very boring Christmas wish list, but hey, it's what I want, right?" —sugarquillstudying

    This backpack, lunch bag, and pencil case set comes in a coordinating pattern. The backpack fits a laptop up to 15.6" and has a built-in cable design so they can add a portable charger and charge their electronics on the go. The items are made from a canvas material and are waterproof — providing protection for everything stored inside. Plus, the backpack is designed with a padded mesh and breathability, ensuring they stay comfortable while wearing it.

    Promising review: "The backpack arrived in a timely manner, three pieces, sturdy material, padding for my laptop, roomy and comfortable straps. I've used it for a week and am excited about the purchase. I can carry everything in it, thereby avoiding having to have a purse. The lunch bag is a little small for my idea of a lunch bag, but can easily hold a sandwich keeper, bottle of water, napkin, fork and spoon, and chips. I am happy with the purchase and recommend it to anyone needing an all-purpose laptop/school bag. It also helps relieve stress from one shoulder." —Bobbiemcgee

    Get the set from Amazon for $26.49+ (available in four colors).

    16. A reusable tumbler so they can show off their love for the true star of RHONY — Countess Luann (while also keeping up with their caffeine habits).

    a starbucks cup that says "goodnight from the lower level" on it
    Love Bravo / Etsy

    "I have quite a few reusable tumblers but this one is so freakin' funny I can't resist. The only thing I'd be missing is an oversized fish to go with it." —Heather Braga

    This cup is handmade by this small woman-owned (Bravo-loving) business. The cup is 24 oz (or Venti size, if you speak Starbucks) and comes with a snap-tight lid and reusable straw.

    Get it from Love Bravo on Etsy for $19.99 (available in 69 colors).

    P.S. This cup ships free but might take a bit to get to you, so order ASAP and watch the estimated arrivals on the page.

    17. A professional backpack so they can carry their laptop (and anything else they need) in a sleek way while evening distributing the weight on both shoulders.

    Reviewer wearing the slim black backpack on their back

    "I would love a nice professional-looking backpack for work! —jordans338

    This backpack is made from 80% waterproof nylon and 20% microfiber. It has an adjustable closure and a specific case that fits laptops up to 15 inches. Plus, it has a concealed double-zipper, which actually gives it an anti-theft design *and* a back sleeve that allows it to be put over luggage handles for easy travel.

    Promising review: "After going through reviews for 10 or 15 other laptop bag listings on Amazon, I finally settled on this one. I definitely made the right choice. It’s super slim, has enough space for the stuff I need for work, and it is super trendy. I love it. It holds my laptop, charger, iPad, and a decent amount of other stuff too. It doesn’t hold a TON of stuff, but that’s not what it’s made for. If you need a small bag that only holds the essentials for work, this is gonna do it." —Mike P

    Get it from Amazon for $56.

    18. An Our Place tabletop set perfect for anyone who has been using a mishmash of cups and plates for a few years too long. These sleek glasses and porcelain plates and bowls will make them feel like a full-blown adult when they eat dinner using them.

    Our Place

    "This set is simple and tasteful and includes some great essentials for someone who is finally leaving the nest and moving into their own apartment. Plus, they'll perfectly match the Always Pan I bought on sale lol." —Jasmin Suknanan

    The set includes four hand-blown stackable drinking glasses, four hand-painted porcelain plates, and four stackable side bowls.

    Get it from Our Place for $125 (originally $145; available in three colors for the plates and bowls and five colors for the glasses).

    P.S. If you need this before Christmas, watch what colors you select. Char Main Plates ship in late December, Char Side Bowls ship in early December, Clear and Multi Drinking Glasses ship in late December. There's also a handy chart in the FAQ to help see when specific colors will ship.

    19. An indoor clothes dryer to give you a super-easy way to help them dry their clothes without using an actual dryer. All they have to do is set this up, put their clothes inside, and they'll have dry clothes in no time. Genius!

    Reviewer pic of the rectangle dryer with front zipper open showing all the clothes inside

    "Both of my sisters got one of these last year, and I was super jealous!" —hobbitgirl96

    This dryer will dry clothes in 240 minutes max and can hold up to 33 pounds of clothes, plus when they're not using it, they can fold it up and put it away in the closet — so it won't take up much space at all. Plus, it has a remote to control it from up to eight meters away and as a function that will sanitize clothes against mold, pet hair, dust, bacteria, smoke, and more. It comes with everything needed to put it together, plus a remote control, heater, casters, fixed mount, and a few spare parts.

    Promising review: "I’m seriously so thankful for the person who thought to create this dryer! It's the perfect solution for me as a renter with no on-site laundry. The install wasn’t too much to manage and after a couple of uses you figure out how to load your clothes. It takes longer to dry, but I don’t mind avoiding a trip to the laundromat. In the comfort of my own home, I can’t tell a difference anyway. And my apartment smells lovely from the fresh laundry! Don’t hesitate to purchase if you’re interested in this dryer. It gets the job done. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (available in three colors).

    20. A Brevite camera bag that's compact, lightweight, and has a ton of functional features so they can store their camera equipment (and more) while still feeling totally stylish.

    The backpack in bright yellow with front pocket and zippered pocket on the top and sides

    "This is a tad niche but, I'd love this camera backpack so I can lug my camera, lenses, etc to gigs in style." —Taylor Steele

    This backpack is designed with a pocket that fits a laptop up to 16", a passport pocket, luggage passthrough, hidden pockets, and a top compartment, which is great for an extra set of clothes. It can hold all of this while also holding a full-frame DSLR and three lenses, which is great for any photographer (no matter their level).

    Promising review: "This backpack is the perfect size for my photo adventures with friends. As someone who likes walking around the city and taking photos, I love that this backpack protects my gear, gives me easy access to my camera on the go, and also includes space for my laptop or anything extra that I might need that day." —Catalina C.

    Get it from Brevite for $99 (originally $129; available in nine colors).

    P.S. Shipping usually takes five to 10 business days.

    21. A portable Bluetooth record player they'll have ~a-round~ for years because it's a modern take on the classic music player with three speeds and built-in speakers. Listening to music will never be the same for them again.

    Reviewer pic of the rectangle record player that looks like a suitcase in teal, open, showing the black turn table inside


    This turntable is in a vintage suitcase, so it has a carry handle. Plus, it has three speeds, premium sound quality, and can stream smartphone audio through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. It will also connect to other external speakers and has a headphone jack, for personal use. And with a range of styles and colors, you'll find one that fits their personality perfectly.

    Promising review: "This record player is amazing! I was hesitant to buy because some of the reviews were saying it was broken or the speakers sucked, but I got this for my boyfriend who is a musician, and he is in love with it. It sounds great and plays the records great! So happy with this purchase. I 100% recommend it." —Sabrina

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99 (available in 34 colors).

    22. A Danny DeVito homage T-shirt to make any fan smile and laugh with glee because who wouldn't want to wear this out and about???

    Black t-shirt with an old-school design with pictures of actor Danny DeVito and his name above it
    Week Drop / Etsy

    "I really want this shirt, and I don’t think I have to explain why!!!! Ok, I will. It’s an amazing design of Danny Devito, and who doesn’t want a shirt with his face on it? Everyone does, surely!" —Kayla Suazo

    This 100% cotton T-shirt is handmade by a small business that specializes in pop culture-inspired graphic and slogan clothing. It has a unisex fit, so for a traditional women's size, it's recommended to size down. It should be washed inside-out and can be tumbled dry on low and should not be dry cleaned.

    Get it from Weekdrop on Etsy for $14.69+ (originally $20.99+; available in unisex sizes S-5X and in five colors).

    P.S. This item is shipped from the UK, so order ASAP to ensure it gets there by Christmas and check the estimated shipping on the page to see the range of when it will arrive.

    23. A Roku to ensure they can stream all their favorite TV shows no matter how old their TV is.

    A flat-screen TV with the Roku screen and the back of two model's head, with one holding up a remote to the TV

    "My old smart TV stopped getting updates and no longer connects to Wi-Fi, so a Roku will help me stream my favorite shows.—shortnsweeet3

    Plus, this is super easy to use. All they have to do is plug it into their TV with the HDMI cable, connect it to the internet, and use the remote to navigate to their favorite streaming service. Or they can watch any of the programs included with Roku TV, such as free TV, live news, sports, and more — all right on their screen.

    Promising review: "We LOVE this little streaming devise. I've dumped my premium channels in lieu of what's available on my Roku! It was SO easy to set up, and I love the availability of so many movies. I'm telling all my 'old fart' friends about Roku! Also, it was the great price that originally caught my eye." —Lynda Lowman

    Get it from Amazon for $27.

    24. Sony wireless noise-cancelling headphones so they can tune out the world around them (annoying barking dog included) and focus on their work (or even just the new podcast they're obsessed with). Either way, you might see these headphones attached to their head for most of the day.

    Model wearing the large black headphones

    John Mihaly

    These headphones are made with a dual noise sensor technology, so they truly tune out all the noise. They have 30-hour battery life and charge quickly (it only takes 10 minutes to get five hours of playback). There are also touch sensors controls to easily pause and play, while also answer phone calls and activating a voice assistant. Plus, the speak-to-chat technology automatically reduces volume during conversations so they don't miss anything super important. All these high-tech features make this splurge of a gift worth it. They'll be thanking you for years down the line.

    Promising review: "OMG, these headphones have awesome noise cancellation makes you feel like your in your own private world!!! The quality and sound are well worth the price!!!! They are the easiest headphones I ever paired!!! I love the controls with a touch of your finger and the touch to talk is hands-down the greatest feature so easy to talk then go back into your own private world again!!! These are by far the best quality earphones I ever owned!!! I owned a pair of Bose headphones, and they could not hold a candle to these headphones!!! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to these headphones you won’t be sorry... these even work with your phone, and I must say these are my favorite I don’t regret my purchase I’m so pleased!!!! Wireless and comfortable!!!!" —Elizabeth Anderson

    Get them from Amazon for $278 (available in three colors).

    25. And a pair of Alohas two-tone lilac boots to help them ~stand~ out in the best way possible. Watch out world, there's a fashionista here who cannot be messed with.

    The two-tone purple boots with black soles

    These bad boys have been on my list for a while now. I got served a sponsored ad for them, and my life was forever changed. Are these the most practical gift? Absolutely not. Are they fun, and I'd wear them all the time? Absolutely yes. Plus, the design is made with a zip along the side to help make the legs look longer and will be a super fun addition to any wardrobe. These boots were def made for walking.

    Promising review: "One word: obsessed. I have been looking at these for months and got them as an early birthday present! I am usually between a size 39 and 40 and was given a 40 since I have wider feet. I have enough room in the back of the boot in case I wear thicker socks if needed, and they fit perfectly around the shoe point. If you’re debating on what size to choose from, sizing up is the way to go especially with wider feet. The craftsmanship of the boot is beautiful! If you are leaning towards getting these, do it!" —Maggie

    Get them from Alohas for $272 (available in European sizes 35-42).

    Me opening my gifts knowing exactly what I want is inside:

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