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    26 Cheap Things That Will Make Your Home Feel More Expensive

    You may never be royal, but at least you can make your home can look like you are!

    1. An end table with a storage basket to artfully store your blankets so they don't end up in a pile in the corner.

    2. A decorative dish your guests won't be-leaf you got for so cheap when they see it displayed in your bathroom.

    3. A set of six bowls perfect for your morning snacks, afternoon snacks, night snacks, and every snack in between.

    4. A large cotton rope basket you can use to hide all the stuff that doesn't have a place — because it's a fact that every ~fancy~ house has a place for everything.

    5. An indoor planter stand perfect for a ficus (but I can't guarantee that it will help you keep it alive).

    6. A five-tier corner shelf that will help you take advantage of all the extra space you've been wasting.

    7. A set of apothecary jars to help organize your bathroom, because we all know cotton swabs deserve better than the plastic box they come in.

    8. A chic, minimalist desk that'll provide you a place to do all your work or studying.

    9. A bedside table lamp to ~illuminate~ the room better than the harsh overhead lights you're currently using.

    10. A garment rack you can display all your favorite outfits on and people will think it's purposeful — and not because your closet is the size of a shoebox.

    11. A geometric wire photo frame to give your photos some dimension and add a little personality to your desk or coffee table.

    12. A set of two velvet throw pillow covers because it's a fact that velvet makes everything look more expensive.

    13. A faux fur throw you can toss on your couch, a chair, or basically anywhere else you'd like it to feel 10 times cozier.

    14. A wood tray with nine votive holders that'll make the perfect centerpiece for your table and replace whatever you have there now.

    15. A set of gem coasters so beautiful you *might* be afraid to put drinks on them.

    16. A set of five petite glass vases because flowers in tiny vases are just so much cuter than they are in regular-sized ones.

    17. A macrame hanging wall mirror so you have an excuse to take another look at yourself as you walk on by.

    18. An hourglass accent stool with a removable lid you can use for secret storage.

    19. A decorative tray to display all your "nice" jewels on — you know, the ones that look fancy but that you actually got for super cheap.

    20. A desktop organizer so you won't have to sort through a pile of papers every time you sit down to do work.

    21. A macrame woven wall hanging to give your home that boho-chic vibe you've been trying to achieve.

    22. A gold table lamp people will probably assume you got from some fancy-schmancy boutique.

    23. A mini stainless steel trash can cheap and simple enough to keep in basically every room in your home.

    24. A double laundry hamper so you'll have no choice but to keep your clothes off the floor. (Plus, you can pre-sort them to make laundry day easier!)

    25. A stainless steel kitchen rack that gives you space to hang up your pots and pans and keep your counters clear.

    26. A three-tier shoe rack you can put in your entryway so you have a place for shoes as soon as you get in — no more trekking mud and dirt through your whole house!

    When people call me cheap:

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