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    Updated on Jul 12, 2020. Posted on Jul 12, 2020

    Just 34 Pieces Of Home Decor Under $25

    Yes, it is possible to make your home look like a million bucks while only spending a fraction of that.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A matte mini vase to add a pop of color to your table without going ~overboard~.

    Small double gourd mini vase in blue with a couple of strands of dried flowers in it

    Favor is a small business founded by a husband-and-wife team that works with artists and makers around the world to showcase their home goods and accessories. The items are unique and handmade.

    Get it from Favor for $21 (available in blue and green).

    2. A fabric shower curtain designed with a resin coating on the inside, so the water slides right off the curtain and stays in the shower where it belongs.

    The fabric shower curtain with a triangle design across the bottom third and fringe across the bottom hanging around a bathtub.

    Promising review: "I have NEVER written a review. EVER. If you are on the fence about it just go ahead and purchase. It’s beautiful and true to the advertised extra-long length. It’s in a bathroom that my four kids use (ages 19, 17, 9, and 7). We use it without a liner and it wicks away water and dries almost instantly. I can tell the material is going to be perfect for frequent washing. If it doesn’t hold up long I will just buy another, that’s how great it is!" —Toyia

    Get a 72 x 72 size from Amazon for $23.99.

    3. A small catchall dish great for keeping small things, such as keys or lip balm safe so you know exactly where they are when you need them.

    A small dish in white with a lip and angular irregular shape
    Made By Rheal / Etsy

    Made By Rheal is a Black- and queer-owned business based in Oakland, California since 2014. The items are handmade, and this dish is finished with a food-safe sealant.

    Promising review: "This is perfect! I am using this as a catchall tray for whatever random stuff I find in nature, and it looks lovely." —Alex

    Get it from Made By Rheal on Etsy for $12.

    4. A bath mat that will look so nice in your bathroom, even you won't ~be-leaf~ you paid so little for it.

    A white bath mat with leaves in three shades of green in front of a bathtub

    Promising review: "Plants are abundant in my bathroom, and this mat is a perfect addition. It absorbs water well, and I can easily throw it in the washing machine when it needs cleaning. I am very happy with my purchase." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $22.48.

    5. An entryway organizer perfect to put by your front door so you have a place to store your mail instead of just letting it pile up on your counter or kitchen table forever.

    Mail organizer with perforated metal bin and five hooks with wooden knobs under it on a wall

    Promising review: "This is really handy. It really reduced my key hunting time. It's also great to stage your mail or small items such as sunglasses. It's good quality" —Jack M.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.54.

    6. A faux bouquet, because flowers are great, but buying fresh flowers is expensive, especially when they die so fast. These beauties will make you smile when you look at them for a loooong time.

    A bouquet of fake peonies in peach and red with green leaves
    For Love Of Pampas / Etsy

    For Love Of Pampas is a small business based in Brooklyn, NY that has the largest stock of Pampas grass in the US. They also offer a selection of dried bouquets, artificial flowers, and palm leaves. This bouquet comes with one stem that has eight flower heads.

    Get it from For Love Of Pampas on Etsy for $20 (originally $25; available in five colors).

    7. An LED light strip to turn your mirror into a vanity worthy of a big Hollywood star. Plus, you'll be able to do a much better job on your makeup when you have good lighting on your face.

    Vanity with a three-section mirror, each with a ring of lights around the outside, illuminating it

    Promising review: "It looks beautiful on my new vanity! The brightness is incredible, and I love the dimmer feature. To line my mirror, I used about half the roll, and I wish it came with another plug/dimmer for the second half! I’ll definitely be ordering them. The light is strong and shows you ALL imperfections (which I guess is the point, but wow, surprise!!) I am now hooked, and I'm telling my husband all the things in our home that HAVE to be lined with lights!" —Jenni P.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    8. A U-shaped candle-holder that looks like it belongs in a modern art museum rather than your kitchen table. And at this price? That's what we call a steal.

    A ceramic u-shaped holder in black with two long candlesticks in either whole
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "This candle-holder is as adorable in your hands as it is in the photo. It’s great quality, and I can’t wait to style it in my house." —jlynsteele

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $18 (available in black and white).

    9. A set of peel-and-stick floor tiles to make it super easy to redo your floor and in turn, transform the room, without spending a lot of time or money.

    The tiles are water-resistant and washable. To apply, just peel the backing and stick to a clean floor. You don't need any special tools or even grout.

    Promising review: "I've only had these on my bathroom floor for a month or so, but they seem like they'll hold up. They were a bit of a pain in the ass to cut, but I didn't have the best tools or patience. The price is bananas for how good these look! They really transformed the room for cheap." —Amazon Customer

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $16.

    10. A wooden shelf with hooks you can put in your kitchen and keep the utensils and cookbooks you love close by.

    A wooden shelf with two sections in brown and a bar across the bottom with six s-hooks with random kitchen things hung on them

    Promising review: "This works perfectly for my space. It is sturdy too, holds backpacks, purses, and jackets. It's easy to set up. The only con was that it didn't come with screws like one of the other reviewers said. It's a beautiful piece of furniture though and will go with virtually any decor" —NickiC

    Get it from Target for $24.99.

    11. A set of five petite glass vases, because flowers in tiny vases are just so much cuter than they are in regular-sized ones.

    Five small glass vases in different sizes with etching on the bases in green, blue, purples, red, and orange

    Promising review: "These little vases look great holding fresh, artificial, or dried flowers or herbs. Alone or in groups on a nightstand or a luncheon table, you can enjoy their pretty colors and designs." —C. Gaj

    Get the set from Amazon for $19.95 (available in five styles).

    12. A terrazzo coaster set people will come to ~ex-spec-t~ immediately at your house because they'll actually want to set their drinks on them.

    Four square coasters made of terrazzo stone in tan with specks of browns all over them
    Sister Golden

    Sister Golden is a woman-owned business started by a mother and daughter in 2014 in San Diego, California. They offer one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces from artisans around the world.

    Get a set of four from Sister Golden for $22 (available in three styles).

    13. A set of velvet pillow covers to give your couch a luxury feel without a luxury price tag.

    Two velvet square pillows in orange sitting on a couch

    Promising review: "This is the second set of these I've purchased (bought two different colors to change out when one set is in the laundry), and I completely love them. They are so soft, easy to put the pillows into, and they come out of the laundry looking brand new. Get a couple of different colors and switch out for holidays, or when desiring a quick easy decor change. I highly recommend them." —Melanie Mastin

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in eight sizes and in 32 colors).

    14. A small octopus planter you can put an air plant in and add a touch of whimsy and fun.

    The small planter in red that looks like an octopus and has a green air plant in it
    Julie Richard Ceramist / Etsy

    Julie Richard Ceramist is a small woman-owned business that has been creating fun planters that make people smile from Montreal, Canada since 2017. The planters are handmade.

    Get it from Julie Richard Ceramist on Etsy for $23.02.

    15. A set of soap dispensers that just might make you feel like you're showering in a five-star hotel with luxurious products. Trust me.

    A reviewer photo of four soap dispensers in a shower filled with different liquids

    Promising review: "This is for those who have glass shower enclosures! We recently updated our bathroom, and then to my horror I realized how ugly it is to have all your bath products on full display in your gorgeous new shower. So I bought these great dispensers for shampoos, body wash, and conditioner, and I couldn’t be happier. It gives it a more finished and spa-like look to the room." —GayLynneRN

    Get set of two from Amazon for $21.99.

    16. A beautiful minimalist family portrait to hang on your wall for a personalized touch that's different from putting up a family photo.

    Portrait of a family with Black skin tones and simple paper as clothing in a room
    LouLou Art Studio

    LouLou Art Studio is a Black- and woman-owned business that has been creating art from Reston, Virginia since 2017. The owner, Jemma Morris, creates minimalist family portraits for families of all different races. You purchase a downloadable file and then choose from 20 different sizes to print it in on your own.

    Get it from LouLou Art Studio on Etsy for $15.98.

    17. A rectangle tray you can put on your coffee table or actual table and hold all your favorite trinkets and treasures.

    Reviewer photo of the black tray  with gold handles on the side with two vases and a candle sitting in it on a table

    Promising review: "I love this tray. It looks very expensive and seems to be made from durable material. I took a gamble by ordering the gold color because some can be too bright, but I'm so glad I did. This tray is beautiful and provides a nice accent color in my bonus room." —TDT74

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in eight styles all under $25).

    18. A cotton area rug with a boho-inspired feel and also add a soft spot, which is great if you have all hardwood floors.

    The rectangle rug with fringe on either side and a boho pattern in black and red inside

    Promising review: "I love this rug! We placed it in the entrance of our home and it gives some pop to the area. The rug doesn’t slide or move much, so we didn’t use any carpet tape. I love the design, just what you see on the photos." —Diana Carolina Flecher

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in two styles under $25).

    19. A glass storage jar with a wooden lid that will be beautiful *and* functional sitting on your counter, so it doesn't get cluttered up with decor that won't do anything.

    Clear glass jar with a wood lid and an illustration of lips in red and the words "Gimme Sugar" in black above and below it
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "This is such a cute little sugar jar! The lid seals tightly, and it arrived in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with the purchase!!" —olivec

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $10 (also available in a small tea style).

    20. A metallic deer antler hook you'll be quite ~fawned~ of because it will act as art but also give you a place to store jewelry, coats, or even towels.


    Promising review: "We remodeled our small bathroom, and I was looking for some unconventional towel hooks. I'm glad we bought it because it's a beautiful piece, and we are using it for large bath towels as well as hand towels and wash cloths. There are just four antlers that extend as hooks, but they are sturdy. We got the white one and it's rich-looking, with some burnished black showing through. I'm thinking about where I could use another one!" —LizzieD

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in three colors).

    21. A simple, small table designed so you can actually remove the tray top and use it for other things as well.


    Promising review: "I bought these as nightstands and as side tables, and I love them! They are just the right size, and I love that I can remove the trays and bring them to the couch! They were super easy to assemble." —lorenaaa

    Get it from Ikea for $19.99 (available in four colors).

    22. A LED table lamp with a touch-sensitive dimmer so you can get the perfect amount of light as you work the day (or night) away.

    Wooded desk lamp with white circular base and cord running through the arm

    Promising review: "This is a great desk lamp. It has the highest range of illumination of the various LED lamps I've found, including a very nice low level. The one I got doesn't buzz or anything at different light levels." —Trurl

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    23. A soft stripe fruit bowl to hold whatever fruit doesn't need to be in the fridge.

    An oval bowl with a watercolor-style paint in blue and red around the outside with fruit in it
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "I love this bowl! It goes great in my kitchen and is the perfect size!" —sarakayg

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $24.

    24. An abstract art print people may think you bought at a gallery or something. Aren't you fancy??

    The art print with an abstract feel that looks like a light pink sky, and pink and green mountains and green meadow at the bottom
    Vintage Book Art Co. / Amazon Handmade

    Promising review: "I am absolutely in love with this print! I think I will be buying more from this supplier. The print itself is a great quality, on thicker paper, glossy finish, and no issues seen on arrival. It definitely completed this bathroom look!" —Sarah Wolfe

    Get it from Vintage Book Art Co. on Amazon Handmade for $14.99.

    25. Some sheer drapes to add a touch of greenery to your home without having to worry about having actual plants you need to remember to water all the time.

    The sheer drapes with what looks like green vines running down either side on a window

    Promising review: "I have extra tall windows in my sunroom. I decided to order ten of these panels because they were so inexpensive and because the print would add a nice touch to all the plants, white wicker, etc. I LOVE THE WAY THIS LOOKS IN A SUNROOM. The quality is what you would expect for the price, the print is great but the seams pucker slightly. But when I put the ten panels together, that all just worked together. My windows are now bright with leaves cascading down and the whole room is just fantastic because of these curtains." —Janice Briggs

    Get them from Amazon for $12.46.

    26. A mini painted wood clipboard that's a great way to display art. Plus, it makes it super easy to switch out the art whenever your feeling something new.

    A small clipboard made of wood with a block of pink at the top and a gold clip with a calendar page on it
    For The Host / Etsy

    For The Host is a partially woman-owned business that specializes in colorful handcrafted accessories for the home and office from Charleston, South Carolina since 2014.

    Get it from For The Host on Etsy for $20 (also available with a wall hanger or magnet for $25).

    27. A set of floating shelves to help you take advantage of all the empty space on your wall and give you a way to show off your plant collection that may or may not have grown a lot in the past couple months...

    Two floating shelves on a wall with a wood base and a black wire back with assorted plants and trinkets on them

    Promising review: "These are great little shelves!! I bought them for my bathroom and they look great! The size is perfect and they are nicer in person than the pictures!! I'm very happy with the purchase." —Nancy Iorio

    Get the set of two from Amazon for $20.99 (available in beige and brown).

    28. A set of pantry labels you can stick on jars or containers so you never mix up your flour and whole milk powder again.

    Assorted glass jars with square white labels ion the front saying what's inside the jar including "Whole Milk Powder" and "Flour"
    Paper And Pear Store / Etsy

    Paper And Pear Store is a small business that has been crafting labels, graphic designs, and packaging from Shakopee, Minnesota since 2017. There is a standard pack, but you can also customize your own based on your specific pantry items.

    Promising review: "These are so clean and pretty! These labels make my kitchen storage look 100x better! Thank you!" —Jaycee Ringle

    Get a set of 36 from Paper And Pear Store on Etsy for $12 (available in 12 styles).

    29. A two-piece pitcher and glass set you can fill with water and put on your bedside table, so it's essentially functional decor, which is the best kind of decor (in my opinion, at least).

    A glass water pitcher and small glass sitting next to it, both filled with water, ice, lemon slice, and mint

    Promising review: "I absolutely love it! We keep one by our bed and have put another in our guest room. The design is simple, elegant, and holds just enough liquid." —CK/MK

    Get it from Amazon for $23.

    30. A wood and copper wall hook with leather strap designed so you can put things over the hooks *and* through them, so they're doubly as functional.

    Three of the hooks on a wall with a purse over the top of one and two scarves in the straps of the other two
    5mm Paper / Etsy

    5mm Paper is a woman-owned business creating home decor, fashion, and lifestyle accessories from Lisbon, Portugal since 2017. This wall hook comes with two different types of screws to put it on the wall or door.

    Get it from 5mm Paper on Etsy for $22.90.

    31. A faux fur throw you can toss on your couch, a chair, or basically anywhere else you'd like to feel 10 times cozier.

    White faux sheepskin rug on a couch

    Promising review: "I bought two and love them, thrown over my leather furniture. They are easy to clean and look far more expensive than what I paid for. I would give six stars, if possible." —carlamari

    Get it from Amazon for $16.98+ (available in seven colors).

    32. A static cling decorative window film perfect if you live a little too close to your neighbors but don't want to sacrifice the natural light you get in the room.

    Bedroom with the privacy film with a rectangle design on a large window

    The film is glue-free and reusable. It blocks 98% of UV rays and glare and also provides more than 95% privacy. It can be used on any smooth and clean surface. And it's easy to apply. All you have to do is remove the backing, spray soapy water on the window you're applying it to, press the film on, and use a squeegee to remove any excess water.

    Promising review: "I was looking for something to provide privacy to our front door sidelights, without blocking the natural light. This looks great! It’s subtle and classy looking. It was very easy to apply as long as you get your measurements correct. I had to do six small windows, so after I made sure the first one would fit, I used that as my template for the remaining windows. The film goes on just like a window cling. So easy!" —SarahHK

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four sizes under $25).

    33. A folding storage ottoman you can fill with all the random stuff in your living room you're not sure what to do with and then use it as a footrest or extra seating. We love multi-purpose items.

    The ottoman in beige with memory foam top in a living room

    Promising review: "This ottoman is very useful. It doesn’t have a tray, but if you turn the lid, it can be used as a tray. It’s not very big, but I can rest and put my feet there. We can even sit to take pictures, and I store the blankets of the children in there. It's good for the price. I even ordered a second one." —marisa caballero

    Get it from Amazon for $19.98 (available in four colors).

    34. And a gem rubber bundle of various shapes and sizes that can be used individually as coasters or put together to form a cool geometric pattern.

    Top view of a set of five shapes on a table in black, white, and blue speckled with a glass on one and flower on another
    Slash Objects

    Slash Objects is a design studio that makes and sells furniture and decor in New York. They used recycled materials to craft beautiful pieces. This bundle is made of post-consumer recycled rubber. All of the sets differ in size and colors.

    Get the set of five from Slash Objects for $12.

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