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    30 Boots You'll Probably Want To Slip On Right Now

    No zipping or tying required.

    1. A pair of Chelsea Boots that are basically a closet staple. They're worth the investment because they'll pair well with basically everything you have in your closet.

    2. A Sorel waterproof ankle boot you can wear when it's supposed to snow an inch or two and you don't feel like putting on big huge boots. These will keep your feet warm and protected *and* they're cute enough to wear all day after you get to work, no shoe change required.

    3. A Chelsea boot you can wear straight out of the box and not worry about any "breaking in" period because nobody has time for that.

    4. A pair of blue suede boots because I can't be the only person who's wanted a pair for as long as I can remember???? I think we'd all rock the hell out of these babies.

    5. An ankle bootie with a fun ruffle detail to take your jeans-and-a-tee look up a notch.

    6. A cuffed clog you can wear two ways—with it folded down or not. So, it's essentially like you're getting two boots in one.

    7. An over-the-knee pull-on pair Ariana Grande would be proud of you for wearing...even if you wear them with actual pants and a top and not just an oversized sweatshirt. To each their own!

    8. A sneaker boot designed with the same comfy material you know and love in Rothy's flats, but now they're more appropriate to wear in the fall and winter without worrying about your feet freezing.

    9. Or a distressed bootie with a bit of cowboy boot flair—but not so much that you couldn't pull these babies off in any setting, no matter what part of the country you're in.

    10. A chunky heel you won't have to worry about wearing in the rain because these are designed to prevent you from slipping.

    11. A sneaker boot perfect to wear on your next vacation because you'll be able to comfortably walk no matter how many times you get lost.

    12. Or a stacked heel one made with stretchy material around the back of the ankle, so you can put these on quickly as you rush out the door because you forgot you had to meet your friend 10 minutes ago.

    13. A suede pair that'll be a ~mauve-lous~ addition to your fall and winter wardrobe.

    14. An ankle boot with side and toe cut outs, so you can basically wear these babies into the summer as you head to your favorite music festival.

    15. A mix western boot – not a single cowboy will dare mess with you while you wear them.

    16. Or one with a stacked heel comfy enough to wear apple picking – it's not only about picking apples, you also have to look cute doing it.

    17. A microsuede sneaker boot with a felted look because cozy is the new chic.

    18. A splurge-worthy pair of Jeffrey Campbells you'll be wearing for years because as soon as you put these on, you'll probably never want to take them off.

    19. Or a bootie that'll probably make you say, "There's a snake in my boots!"—oh wait, I mean *on*.

    20. A pair of studded ankle boots with a three-inch heel to take your style to new heights.

    21. A Timberland fashion boot so cute, it'll probably make you start think about planning a ski trip with your friends this winter just so you can show these off.

    22. A metallic chelsea boot that'll ~shine~ as bright as you do when you walk down the street like it's a runway because you love these boots so much.

    23. A Bearpaw Boshie designed to keep *both* your feet and ankles warm, and isn't that just one of the best feelings in the world?

    24. A scuba boot to make you the cutest fish in the sea. The sea of life, that is.

    25. A slouchy knee-high perfect for people with wider calves who have problems finding boots that fit. These are designed specifically for you!

    26. A suede wedge for when you want a little bit of height without compromising on comfort.

    27. A peep-toe ankle boot so comfortable, you'll be able to wear them as you go out and dance the night away because, well, you deserve it.

    28. A bootie you'll ~pink~ out to wear more often because there's just something so fun about wearing pink shoes.

    29. A distressed boot with pull-up tabs and a modern western look to really complete the vibe you're going for...whatever that is.

    30. And a mix sock boot that'll make you look like so much more of a fashionista than you probably are—but it's okay, your secret is safe with me!

    My face when someone tells me I don't need anymore boots:

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