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    17 Of The Best Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Get On Amazon

    Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna.

    1. A set of five foldable bag designed to hold up to 50 lbs, which is especially great for when you go to the grocery store hungry and end up buy wayyyy more than what was on your original list.

    2. A collapsible extra large one you'll find to be so practical, you'll use it many different ways.

    rectangle bag with canvas straps and wire around the top, making it stand up and be sturdy

    3. A Baggu nylon bag you should always keep with you. You really never know when you're going to be out and walk by a Trader Joe's with no line that's just begging for you to come in and purchase at least three bags of the cauliflower gnocchi...

    4. Or a canvas Baggu tote you won't mind keeping with you at all times because it looks so nice.

    5. An extra-large one with a reinforced bottom so you don't have to worry about having your groceries spill out *of* the bottom (like they do when you fill a paper bag too full).

    two rectangle bags with a zippered lid

    6. A collapsible utility bag designed to look so chic, people won't even realize that you're carrying a week's worth of food inside.

    model holding the blue and white striped bag with brown edge and handles

    7. A set of five grocery bags made to be machine-washable *and* rip-proof because you know they'll take a beating with the number of groceries you stuff in them.

    Reviewer image of colorful bags full of groceries in a trunk

    8. A canvas tote that has a pocket on the outside to slip you wallet and phone into so you only have to bring one bag with you when you go to the store.

    white tote with black bottom and handles and pocket on the outside

    9. A pack of three that are made from recycled plastic, so you can feel *extra* good about using them.

    10. A jumbo thermal one to keep food cold or hot—it's also big enough to fit in an entire pizza to keep warm, so I know how I'm going to be using this....

    the black nylon bag with blue stripes on the top and bottom

    11. A pack of six mesh string bags – it may seem small, but they expand to hold up to 40 pounds.

    12. A pack of six totes made with a laminated woven material you can easily clean if something spills in it.

    rectangle bag with red straps and pictures of food on it that says "Bon Appetite"

    13. A pack of six made out of polyester so if it rains as you're carrying things in the house, you might get wet, but at least everything inside these won't.

    two nylon bag – one yellow with illustrations of a dog in black and white and the other with illustrations of cats in blues, oranges, and reds

    14. A set of 10 fruit pouch bags you'll be ~berry~ excited use because they're super cute and convenient to keep in your home, car, and anywhere else you might need one.

    15. A set of four bags designed to fit in your grocery cart – all you have to do it grab the handles when you're done shopping, and you're good to go.

    teal, white, light blue, and black bags with long arms inside a shopping cart being held up by the long arms

    16. A set of three biodegradable extra large cotton grocery bags that are basic yet will ~get the job done~.

    17. A set of three collapsible bags made with side handles and reinforced bottoms to make it super easy to move from shopping cart to car and into your home.

    reviewer image of three black fabric bags with red handles and straps in the back of a car

    You when you bring your reusable bags to the grocery store and reduce your plastic use:

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