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    25 Of The Best Light Jackets You Can Get On Amazon

    Let's just be thankful we can finally put our winter parkas away. *crosses fingers*

    1. A trench duster cape that will reveal to the world your true self: Superwoman, of course.

    2. A double-breasted trench coat that's been a classic for so long for a reason: it looks chic on everyone.

    3. A waterproof jacket to help protect you from the rain (if you remember to check the weather forecast before you leave home).

    4. A faux shearling teddy bear coat you'll be beary excited to wear every chance you get.

    5. A fleece-lined anorak for the days when it's rainy *and* cold because sometimes the weather likes to make us suffer.

    6. A simple bomber jacket you'll reach for in the morning when you want to put that nice finishing touch on your simple jeans and tee outfit.

    7. A faux suede jacket with a tie belt that'll make getting dressed a cinch.

    8. A comfy denim jacket you'll find any excuse to wear because it'll go with basically everything you own.

    9. A motorcycle jacket with an asymmetrical zip closure you'll take for a ~ride~ at least once a week.

    10. A faux-leather biker jacket you can wear out on the weekends and feel like a total badass no matter what you pair it with.

    11. A floral embroidered bomber jacket that will probably start ~sprouting~ up in your Instagram photos quite a bit.

    12. A tie-waist military jacket with four deep patch pockets because the more pockets, the merrier, right?

    13. A camouflage military jacket so cute, your friends won't even see your spring fashion game coming.

    14. A simple (and super-affordable) anorak jacket you're going to love so much you might as well order it in multiple colors right now.

    15. An oversized denim jacket you'll be ~over~ joyed to add to your jacket collection.

    16. A zip fleece jacket available in basically every color under the rainbow so you can wear a different one every day and always be cozy and cute.

    17. A rainbow sequin bomber jacket that's truly a show-stopper. Come on, just think about how many times you'll get complimented on this every time you wear it. It's TO. DIE. FOR.

    18. A hooded poncho with a fun pattern you can put in your backpack to have on hand when it starts torrential down pouring.

    19. A color-block windbreaker to help ~block~ all the haters who say you don't need another light jacket. It's spring, so it's time to show off some fresh styles, like this one.

    20. A moto-inspired jacket you can take straight from the office out to dinner with your friends. No simple day-to-night switches required.

    21. A quarter-zip fleece pullover to throw on on Saturday when you're running around doing all those "errands". Sorry, I mean shopping for more candles.

    22. A shaggy open-front parka to switch up your everyday look with something a little more frilling.

    23. A basic quilted jacket to have on hand for those nights it gets a bit too chilly for just what you're wearing. This is light, so it won't be hard to carry around if you're out and about all day.

    24. A floral bomber because I don't care what Miranda Priestly says, florals for spring are groundbreaking, especially the floral on this jacket.

    25. A color block hooded rain coat so you can be outside on a rainy day even if you've lost your umbrella...again.

    Now come on, I can't be the only one that had this quote running through my mind all the way through this post.

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