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    47 Amazing Gifts To Get At Nordstrom This Year

    Plus, they offer you one of the best gifts of all: free shipping.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. A Crosley deluxe turntable to ~turn~ things around a little and take music for a ~spin~ in a different yet nostalgic way.

    The square-shaped turntable in silver open to show the black inside with a record in it

    2. A luxurious Ugg plush fleece robe they *may* just end up living in because who needs real clothes when they can wear something this cozy all the time?

    Model wearing the velvet fuzzy knee-length robe in dark purple

    3. A mini beauty fridge and warmer perfect for the person on your list who takes their skincare seriously (and has approximately 394,850 products to prove it). This small device will help keep their products at the proper temperature to keep them fresh and ready for use.

    4. An acacia tree board and cheese knife anyone will ~brie~ really excited to open because it will be a festive way for them to display their favorite cheeses, even if it's just for a movie night.

    The Christmas tree-shaped cutting board with a cheese knife with wood handle sitting on it

    5. A crewneck pullover made with quick-dry and moisture-wicking fabric that looks nice, so they can wear it to work out, hang out, or even jump on a work video call.

    Model wearing the pullover in blue

    6. A set of four cards you can give to four different people (with a nice note in each). Or you can give them as a set because they're so beautiful the recipient will probably want to frame them and hang them up on their wall as art.

    The four cards included in the set with illustrations of people enjoying the holidays

    7. A Fjällräven backpack made out of water-resistant fabric, so if it randomly starts downpouring out of nowhere, they won't have to worry that all the electronics inside their bag will get ruined.

    The square-shaped backpack with a zipper all the way around the front, front pocket, and short straps on the top over one shoulder on a model's back

    8. A pair of classic Ugg boots you can't go wrong with; they're just so soft and comfortable, and anyone will enjoy their warmth and coziness.

    The suede boots in brown that come up to mid calf-height

    9. A Phenomenally Human cotton-blend sweatshirt perfect for the ~phenomenal~ person in your life to remind them just how amazing they are.

    Crewneck sweatshirt in beige with the words "Phenomenally Human" written in red across the center

    10. A Melissa & Doug sushi slicing wooden toy set to make the kids on your list ~soy~ happy and their parents even happier because their little ones will be occupied spending their time slicing and ~maki-ng~ sushi.

    A box filled with all the wooden toys that look like sushi

    11. A plush blanket that will elicit a sincere thank-you immediately after the giftee opens it and gives it a squeeze.

    The velvet blanket in blue with fringe on the ends

    12. Sam Edelman riding boots more than 3,000 people have reviewed and loved, so you know they'll be a hit.

    The knee-high boots with a slight heel and rounded toe in black

    13. A PhoneSoap UV sanitizer with UV-C bulbs designed to kill 99.99% of the bacteria and germs on their phone in as little as 10 minutes. It's a thoughtful and practical gift they'll actually use.

    A hand putting a phone into the rectangular-shaped box with lid with purple on the outside and mirrored on the inside

    14. A pair of Spanx faux leather leggings enabling them to look super fancy and professional while staying super comfortable because, well, they're leggings that look good. And who doesn't want that?

    Model wearing the full-length leggings with a leather-look to them

    15. A BrüMate slim can cooler specifically designed to fit 12-once slim cans (like their favorite White Claws) to keep them cold *and* carbonated for a long period of time. No more drinking lukewarm seltzer just because they got distracted and ended up talking to a friend for 20 minutes.

    The tall and slim can cooler in black in a model's hand

    16. A nice cashmere turtleneck sweater – you might as well add two to your cart, because when you feel one of 'em, you're going to be glad that you can keep it for yourself.

    Model wearing the red turtleneck sweater

    17. A Dagne Dover duffle bag made out of neoprene and mesh for a super soft bag they'll be able to fit SO much stuff in that they'll never travel without it again.

    Model with the long strap of their shoulder and the square-shaped duffle in grey with shorter straps

    18. A bread making kit great for your friend who dove right into bread making this year and couldn't stop sending you pictures of their ~ah-mazing~ sourdough loaves. These tools will make things a little easier for them (and maybe they'll be so happy, they'll share their starter with you).

    All the tools included in the kit in grey and white

    19. A simple but breathtaking Kendra Scott birthstone pendant necklace that makes for a gorgeous and thoughtful present.

    Twelves oval-shaped pendents in different-colored stones on cold chains

    20. A Jack Black beard grooming set so your favorite person doesn't get into a ~hairy~ situation with a matted and knotted beard. These tools will cleanse, condition, soften, and style their facial hair so it looks so nice and professional.

    The three bottles and comb that are included in the set

    21. A pack of Food52 assorted airtight silicone lids designed to make an airtight seal on any pot or bowl — so they don't have to spend (what feels like) hours looking for the one lid that fits the bowl they're holding. Plus, the lids are heat-safe, so they can even be put in the oven.

    22. A North Face hooded water-resistant parka formulated with down and a fabric that actually repels water to keep them dry (and warm), which is especially great if they live in a place where in the winter, their weather app just says, "It's frickin cold outside!!!"

    23. A Slip silk pillowcase here to make sleep feel even more like a ~dream~, especially when they wake up with their beautiful curls still in tact and frizz-free. (Not to mention their skin looking great too!)

    Model hugging a pillow with the silk pillowcase on it in black

    24. A pair of buttery crew socks to keep on hand for that person you didn't know was going to buy a gift for you (and if you don't end up gifting them, you'll just want to keep them for yourself!).

    The fuzzy socks in black

    25. A soy wax candle making kit guaranteed to make your friend who's always bragging about their candle collection squeal with glee. Now they'll have everything they need to make their own at home and feel proud when they light it at night.

    All of the supplies included in the kit and the box it comes in

    26. A Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (with high-velocity airflow to dry hair faster and prevent heat damage) so you can have luscious locks all the time.

    27. A convertible low-top sneaker designed with a collapsible heel, which is great for the person in your life who *hates* tying their shoes. This genius invention means they can just slide these sleek-looking shoes on their feet and move on with their day.

    The sneakers in black with black laces and a white sole

    28. A lightweight and roomy MX Wallace quilted nylon tote the world traveler (or just neighborhood traveler) can put all their essentials in and feel super classy carrying around.

    The quilted bag in black sitting on top of a suitcase

    29. A Mantl daily routine set ideal for the person on your list who thinks a good skincare routine is splashing water on their face and calling it a day. This four-step set is a great introduction to the skincare world with four easy steps to cleanse, moisturize, and protect their face and scalp.

    30. A pair of high-waisted leggings made of stretch cotton because you can never, and I mean never, have too many pairs of black leggings, and I think anyone on your list would agree with me.

    Model wearing the full-length black leggings

    31. A Diptyque candle worth the splurge because as soon as they light it, the scent will fill the room (and their home) with a beautiful aroma that may just make them take a deep breath and relax a bit.

    The white candle in a clear cup with a black and white label on the front

    32. A Levis faux shearling denim jacket they'll ~shear-ly~ love so much and that will make them think about you every time they wear it (so at least a couple of times a week).

    Model wearing the blue denim jacket with white faux fur in the inside and collar

    33. A two-in-one chess and checkers set for your friend who's been obsessed with chess every since finishing The Queen's Gambit. This set is great because they can also play checkers once they realize they're not quite as good as Beth...yet.

    The square board in blue with pink and tan checkered board and yellow and blue pieces with chess symbols on the top

    34. A set of six loose-leaf teas that are one of Oprah's favorite things last year, and with Oprah's stamp of approval, you know it's got to be good.

    The rectangle-shaped yellow box with six tubes of loose-leaf tea inside

    35. Some thermal pajamas comfy enough to sleep in but chic enough to wear around the house all day. We love a cute set that can do both.

    Model wearing the full-length pajama pants and long-sleeved shirt in grey with a darker grey leopard print on them

    36. Bose wireless noise-cancelling headphones truly worth the investment because they're basically an industry-standard — they'll never go back to regular headphones once these are in their lives!

    Model wearing the silver headphones over their ears

    37. A chic Vinglacé wine chiller that'll keep their bottle at the perfect temperature for hours (if it takes them that long to drink it).

    The chiller in white that's the same shape but a little bigger than a wine bottle, with a wine bottle inside

    38. A Fresh Sugar bestsellers ornament filled with cult-favorite products that'll give them the gift of nice and hydrated lips all year long. (And isn't that an amazing gift, especially during the cold months when our lips get chapped in a matter of seconds after stepping outside.)

    The six lip sticks sitting in front of the red ornament they come in

    39. A Notabag convertible bag created with pull-through straps, so they can carry it as a tote or a backpack. Plus, it folds up small into its interior pouch, meaning they can store it in another bag (or car or home) until they need to use it.

    40. A Darth Vader silicone baking mat you won't have to ~force~ any Star Wars fan to love because not only is it super cool, but it also keeps their cookies from turning to ~the dark side~ (i.e. getting burnt and stuck on the pan).

    The rectangle sheet in grey with black illustrations of Darth Vader on it

    41. A Fellow Stagg electric pour-over kettle capable of giving minimalists (and nonminimalists alike) heart eyes because it is not only super chic, but it also will help craft the perfect cup of pour-over coffee or tea with its variable temperature control and precision heating.

    The black matte kettle with matching base

    42. Saxx pajama pants the giftee will go ~bananas~ for because they're specifically designed with a "BallPark Pouch" to keep their precious cargo separated, thus ensuring ultimate comfort while they sleep.

    Model wearing the full-length pants in black with illustrations of bananas on them

    43. A three-in-one edge styler tool featuring a comb to separate and smooth, bristles to swoop and shape, and a pointed top for finishing details to make their hair look exactly how they desire.

    44. A Bose waterproof Bluetooth speaker so they can jam out in the shower or on their next grand hiking or camping adventure.

    The small square speaker with rounded edges in dark blue on bike handlebars

    45. A self-watering indoor garden providing a super-easy way for anyone (even people who live in tiny apartments and kids!!!) with a way to grow their own herbs and plants at home. The built-in reservoir holds a month's worth of water and the included LED light, ensures that the plants will grow with little involvement from the recipient. A hands-off approach to being a plant parent — I love it.

    The white rectangle-shaped garden with spaces for three plants to grow and a light above it

    46. A splurge-worthy Airwrap complete styler that'll make you the best gift giver *ever* because this will give them the gift of never having a bad hair day again.

    The silver base with a small oval-shaped hair dryer attached and all the interchangeable heads sitting around it in grey with pink accents

    47. And a Tushy eight-pack of bamboo toilet paper that'll be a ~cheeky~ gift to cap off 2020 but will also be incredibly useful for the giftee, especially when they realize it's a sustainable swap to their normal TP.

    The toilet paper rolls

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