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    27 Of The Best Earrings You Can Get On Amazon

    Listen to me, you can never, and I mean never, have too many pairs of cute earrings.

    1. A set of three big hoop earrings you seriously can't go wrong with because they'll match everything you own.

    2. A pair of square studs that are glitter-ly so fun. Add these to any outfit for a touch of glam and sparkle.

    3. A pair of layered tassel earrings available in so many different colors, you might as well add a couple to your cart so you can wear them multiple times a week.

    4. Oval hoops with glitter on the inside for a nice surprise – people won't be able to see this fun detail until they get closer to you.

    5. A pair of octagon hoops so lightweight, you won't even realize you're wearing such big earrings until someone tells you how much they love them.

    6. Non-matching drop earrings people will be ~bugging~ over because they are so unique and different.

    7. A statement pair you can throw on with a jeans and a basic t-shirt and have a cute, put-together look with minimal effort.

    8. A classic drop earring set that costs a fraction of your morning coffee but will last so much longer than that latte.

    9. A 14K gold pleated cuff so small and dainty, you'll probably start singing Taylor Swift's "Delicate" when you put them on.

    10. Some studs interesting enough that you won't even feel like you need to wear a huge pair – these little guys will do the same job as their bigger friends.

    11. Dangle drop earrings so eye- (and ear-) catching you may have strangers stopping you on the street to ask where they're from.

    12. A stone pair you'll feel like a ~stone cold fox~ wearing.

    13. A beaded statement earring that'll inspire you to have a photoshoot because you'll feel so good wearing these...and the world must know that.

    14. A pair worth the splurge because they are such a classic color and shape you'll wear them for years and years and years.

    15. A pair of pineapple earrings you can wear on your next tropical vacation, or just when you want to feel like you're on a tropical, every day.

    16. A lotus flower set for a small-scale look that still has a bit of an edge.

    17. A heart pair you'll ~love~ so much you'll want to wear them all the time, even when you go to bed.

    18. A crawler so you can finally replace the pair of studs you've been wearing for years with a new pair that's still simple, but a bit more interesting.

    19. A pair with a bohemian flair – wear 'em with your hair up to distract people from the fact that you may not have washed your locks in four's okay, your secret is safe with me!

    20. Teardrop earrings so simple yet chic, you'll want them to be your "something new" for your wedding.

    21. Some tropical leaf drop earring everyone will totally be ~jelly~ of when they see them – especially when they hear how much you paid for them.

    22. Ball drop earrings that'll get more action than the New Year's Eve ball drop, which only happens once a year.

    23. A pair you'll be ~over the moon~ to add to your earring collection as these are a perfect everyday style.

    24. Shield paddle earrings to help you block the haters who say you have too many earrings. You can't (and won't) be stopped.

    25. Triangle drop earrings you can ~tri~ to stop wearing...but probably won't be able to.

    26. A beautiful pressed flower pair more than 1,000 people have given five stars, so you know that they really are that pretty in person.

    27. A threader earring you can wear multiple different ways, so it's really like you're getting multiple pairs in one – that's pretty neat.

    I'm convinced wearing big earrings and sunglasses increases your confidence level by 7000%.

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